How to choose Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) Tutorial

Curious about uninterrupted power supplies and how they can protect your devices such as computers, servers and routers? John, takes us on a walk-through on how they differ and will give you some basic pointers on how to choose the right one for you. We are excited to introduce you to TigerDirect’s brand, Ultra Xfinity and family of UPS’s.


BoxxerRose says:

Very informative, thanks for posting!


im getting one of these soon because i live in a place were every once and a while the power will cut out for about 5 sec and ive lost so much information.

The Tech Lover says:

refers to computer as cpu… i know its technically acceptable but its really cringy

Tanja Lavrenčič Zgonik says:

i dont have on

SLuGGLe says:

Great video Jack I’m so happy I can pay attention to you and not the fucking tiger that’s blinking for no reason because it’s not like I have ADHD anything

Interdimensional Gamer says:

I want 2 know how much power should I look for for my gaming rig…..I live in India where powercuts are very common

modfreaks says:

hello guys great video can i askif a RELISYS 700VA UPS is a good one? a friend give it to me cous he had two of theme but am hesitating to use it on my desktop pc thank you.

Hells doderia says:

Thx alot i didnt understand UPs’s till now. Thx for sharing:

Gordon Chen says:

Im selling UPS, a Chinese one, i wonder if there is market for my dear UPS,OMG

Makoto Alexander says:

Useless. Does anyone know where I can see a review/demo of different UPS’s used in different situations such as Brownouts, Blackouts, Spikes, etc?

Simon møller says:

does that mean i can plug in my pc with a 850 watt power supply with a 480 w ups

Robbie Carter says:

good for the u s a but not down here in  australia

Konichi Wawa says:

That’s funny I was sure word and most of the other components of microsoft auto-save every now and then.

Naeem Ahmadi says:

thanks it was an informative video,,,i have a question though,,,i heard ups units make noise ,i wonder if they have noise only when the main power goes off or they are noisy even when the main power is on?

Jim Morgan says:

Jet propulsion engineer.

Dario D'Aversa says:

ah, those are not on . too bad…

Eren Unsal says:

Did he say “perifrial”?

Bryant Pate says:

I can’t even hear what he’s saying all I hear is blah blah blah blah blah. I’m starring at the tiger wondering why the hell hes blinking.

vorkev1 says:

this guy is not smart at all. they are not intended to be used in a outage they are intended simply for a computer to be able to save its data and power down correctly to prevent damage to equipment from sudden power loss and to give time for a user to save any open stuff on their computer so not to loose it. The biggest thing they wear invented for tho was to prevent damage to sensitive equipment during a power outage or voltage change and a device to be shutdown in case of a outage to prevent damage.

LiuProduction says:

so how many va of a UPS do i need if i have 1000w PSU in my pc

Mark Lee says:

I would like to know how to open the exact 2000VA Xfinity UPS that is shown left and right in this video.  I have 2 of these and need to replace the batteries.  It has 4 holes that seem to have no “bottom” accessible from the bottom of the unit (Blind Holes).  It has only one screw holding the front bezel at the bottom.  The bezel does not come off easily after removing this screw.  I do not want to break the bezel.  The Ultra Models have 2 screws and are easy to replace batteries, within.  These models, not so much.

Andrei Constantin says:

For a PS4 Slim and 32 inch (81 cm) Full HD Tv from LG

Cameron Atkinson says:

Good video, the blinking tiger background is kind of distracting.

Timotius Aditya says:

Why dont ups hold longer than gaming laptop battery?

Chetoos1982 says:

Hi ups also works with the ps4 and the router?

Praveen Sampath says:

Skip to 03:55 for the answer to the question in the title

DR H says:

Pure commercial, not a review or a good “how to choose” guide.  Very basic Info about ups’s, then shows the features of one of their high end units.  Shuold be titled more accurately and for that I give this a thumbs down.

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