How to choose a Power Supply


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Ali Awan says:

would Corsair Vs550 be enough for i7 3770k and Saphire r9 290 tri-x ?

p3tr0114 says:

Guy says if you only got 1 GPU, you rarely need anything over 500W.
But, you don’t leave yourself much room to work with. What if later down the track you want two GPUs in the same computer? That’s why I’m getting myself a 750W power supply.

Matthew says:

I have an FX 8350 (no OC), Gtx 750 TI and Corsair VS550 PSU.
What would be the most powerful GPU I can upgrade to without changing the PSU?

johnny.bastos says:

Would 500 watts be enough for a gtx 1060. This is a serious comment.

Anthony Clauser says:

“I’m going to try to keep this as simple as possible” – Ya. Good luck with that. This stuff is stupid complicated. NOt the most complicated thing in the world. But still stupid complicated.

the grinch says:

if you have alot of money and you don’t know what to get……. just get the most expensive power supply

ToXiC Splitz says:

Hey can someone help me choose a power supply for MSI Gaming X 1080? My other specs are kinda crap I have an i5-3450 and a 300W power supply right now.

Job says:

is Jay really gay?
I read that he has a husband named Mike Walsh

ahmed benghezala says:

hi what needed amps to run 4 pr 6 graphic cards


This is my build that I am trying to buy atm. What psu would u recommend for this build?
Asus strix b250f gaming mobo
I5 7500 cpu
Corsair vengeance 16gb ram
Gtx 1060 6gb
1-2 tb hard drive
240gb ssd
Corsair spec alpha case
And I don’t know which psu to buy………….

Herman Becker says:

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atorres4732 says:

Thanks for the info. This helped to point me in the right direction.

Silverwolf Gaming says:

Would A evga psu (430 watt) be able to run a 2 gb vram card with 4 gb ram and a Intel dual core cpu with 2 fans and some led back lighting

Nelson Lee says:

is thermatake a good brand for psu?

Ramon Sinnema says: please tell me if this pc is well balanced.

kendall john says:

500 watts |14amp| it good to use in your computer ?

BrodyCanuck says:

If you plug your computer into a cheap surge suppressor, does that mean your power supply is getting less power supplied to it than its rated for? In other words…do I need one of those expensive surge protectors to get me the amount of power that my power supply needs?

Wake me up inside Cant Wake Up Inside says:


josh lackowitz says:

what is a good power supply for a power supply that needs around 500 w

Manu says:

when your dumb as friend buys a 750w gold power supply for a system consisting of an i5 6400 and gtx 1050 ti

GameMonstet 19 says:

I’m getting about 938w but I only have a 700 watt power supply what should I do

Rick Cash says:

Where do I find continuous power? Does 85% mean 85% continuous?

Jussi Aho says:

Will corsair vs650 be enough for a i5-7400, rx 480 build?

Djd Dd says:

600 watt enough for gtx 770

Childish_Arc says:

Just put all my PC parts together on PCPartpicker and it says compatible but it’s only 301 WATTS.

Mr . Caucasian Moon says:

so what size power supply for a single gpu msi 1080 pc with i7 processor and 4 sticks a ram and 3tb hdd and water cooling I’m was thinking 750 or 800

ZPERO says:

hey I’m doing a pcpartpicker list because I’m looking into building my first PC, an RX 580 for the GPU, and the total wattage is 351w, and yet I’ve heard AMD recommends a 600w power supply for the 580. Why?
here’s the list, maybe you can help me choose an inexpensive power supply for the build…

Vendil _N says:

Bro,my pc start restarting after i played a game like farcry4/cod aw/ and also homefront revolution around 10-15 min, but im a little bit a confused coz when i play battlefield 4 and battlefield 1 it didnt restart,btw this is my specs :
AMD FX 8320
GTX 960 2GB Palit Jetstream
RAM 8GB Team Elite
PSU Corsair 550 VS
well the point is,my heat are good,none virus,never got bsod. is the problem my rig restarting coz jackass PSU? if i change it,whats the recom for the good psu?

Will C says:

I was scrounging from an old pc bc im in highschool and my parents are only gonna give me enough to scrape by (and by give i mean let me work for) and i was looking at the power supply and it was extremely underwhelming so thanks for helping me actually getting a good power supply

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