How To Choose a Power Supply

Choosing a power supply (psu) for your gaming PC or workstation isn’t easy since there are so many options out there. Let’s take some of the guesswork out of the process.

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zaphrodbox says:

Another comercial brought to you by HardwareCanucks!

Taras Buria says:

I treated myself with Dark Rock 4, PureBase 801, two PureWings 140 mm and a Straight Power 11. Man, I love be quiet!

Giffany says:

mean while my psu is 8.4 years old 1000watt 80 bronze and still powering my life away just fine. but with my pc being on 24/7 most of the time it probably creeping up 70k+ hours by now

Pierré Grobbelaar says:

I usually go with brands i trust and know.I have an antec 600w in my pc and an coolermaster 500w in my second pc

nullgator says:

Can’t wait for Gallium Nitride power supplies to enable a new wave of small form factor pc’s

Birki gts says:

Don’t forget to pay attention to the warranty.

PowerGlove says:

My choice for today is Hyper Power 9000W 80 Plus Unobtainium. Highly recommend.

zeone311 says:

Clearly you got paid by be quiet. Completely unobjective. Biased and unfair. A disgrase….sellout! boycott this Dimitri sellout. This is an advertisement for be quiet. How much did they pay you Dimitri?

Nonameslol says:

Tidbit not Timbit :p

Bionicle16 says:

1030-1060 400watts 80+ bronze,
1070-2080Ti 600-800 80+ bronze,
SLI: at least 850 80+ bronze…
Always go with well known brands and fully modular cables if you can.

There`s absolutely no reason for such a long video…

Gundurr says:

im not sure what happened but when I attempt to turn on my pc it didnt turn on, the front light worked, but the fans didnt spin up or anything to indicate that it powered on. the psu didnt come with the pin things for the bottom of the motherboard, which is odd. I got the Antec green psu simply for its high reviews. and im worried that it didnt boot either.

Hector Domino says:

In case someone’s wondering how that 1000 Watt PSU providing 1100 Watt Power,
High End PSUs have a Peak Power system, which can provide additional 200 Watt more or less power when its necessary. But it doesn’t mean this PSU should be rated as 1200 Watt PSU. 1000 Watt is rated for this particular PSU for continuous 1000 Watt Power Delivery. Additional 200 Watt is for Extreme Cases and OF COURSE NOT FOR Continuous usage. Utilizing Peak Power for long time Will make the PSU Hot and Degrade its service quality.

Neopentan says:

“use the psu calculator” then pls link it

Guillermo Casanova says:

in coolermaster’s site you get recommended an 850w psu for a 450w system, just saying

Yujiro Hanma says:

I found a 1300 watt EVGA G2 for 150.00 bucks on sale online do you think this is a good price?

Autronic says:

the extra 10-30$ difference compare ti other PSUs are the be quiet fans.

Zeus54321 says:

I was hoping one of my questions about PSUs would but answered, but it wasn’t exactly answered.
I was looking to build a system with a Vega64 but I was looking for the right PSU. I read on Reddit that someone had trouble with their Vega64 because they used a single cable to power both 8-pin connections. When he used 2 separate 8-pin cables the problems he had where gone. Now I’m wondering, how do you know these kind of things? Do you have to look at the connections a PSU has and what power they can provide?

Autronic says:

0:54 crucial doesnt make PSUs.
Dimitri this is a be quiet PSU video, isn’t it?

ShikiKaze says:

Old forum of JonnyGuru has a huge list of PSU that he recommends, more for enthusiast. The old guy is a legend among PC (PSU) component reviewers.

Eldo Eldon says:

Your every video is commercial…unsubscribed…

Matthew McSparren says:

avoid RGB?!?!?!? HAVE YOU GONE MAD!!!!

Pseudo Soul says:

Make sure it’s a VR Ready Gaming RGB PSU!

lord of kings YT says:

What is a good headset or heaphone for gaming open back

иїѕмөғяєдк says:

Jonny Guru.

nurakhvi rizky says:

How to buy PSU

Buy Seasonic

N. Roy Singh says:

Pretty sure im ibras neighbor lol >.> Won’t say online.

weston tucker says:

I like fully modular for custom cables so you don’t use extentions

Luap Ahcor says:

nice be quiet commercial, the subliminal colors of brown/orange all over the place, lol even your sweater is the color of the brand, Hilarious!

Martin darlington says:

great video, very informative, thanks.

Fedor Forafonov says:

Any Seasonic, any Enermax… Other brands I would not touch… Unless they will start doing something REALLY uniq & special

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