How to Build a PC! Step-by-step

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1:02 – Introduction
2:09 – The Parts
7:15 – Setting up / Things you’ll need
9:26 – CPU Installation
11:53 – CPU Cooler Installation
15:11 – Memory Installation
18:17 – Prepping the Case
19:53 – Motherboard Installation
25:34 – Power Supply Installation
30:33 – Front Panel Connectors
34:47 – Fans
37:12 – Hard Drives and SSDs
45:28 – Power Cables
47:38 – Video Card Installation
51:42 – Cable Management
54:27 – Outro – Build Complete!

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How to Build a PC! Step-by-step



Naim Asnawi says:

1:02 – introduction
2:09 – the parts
7:15 – setting up
9:26 – CPU installation
11:53 – CPU cooler installation
15:11 – memory installation
18:17 – prepping the case
19:53 – motherboard installation
25:34 – power supply installation
30:33 – front panel connectors
34:47 – fans
37:12 – hard drives and SSDs
45:28 – Power cabels
47:38 – video card installation
51:42 – cable management
54:27 – outro=build complete

Adam Weight says:

nevermind he says at the beginning

myth mims says:

Thats easier then i actually thought,tnx

affou oj says:

Standoff, infinite rotation, like if you get it

Dylan Wise says:

whats his SSD

Tilted Cowards says:

video starts at 7:04

Phazelight says:

Im trying this out cause I want to get in the IT field. Heard a lot of good things and I’ve never been too good with computers but I really want to change that. Been studying random study guides online trying to work towards getting an A+ certificate. Was told building my own PC would be excellent practice so here I am.

Ashen One says:

Because of you!! I built my first pc!

begone THOT says:

Bitwit I acsadentally touched the top of my cpu while I was Inspecting it can I see a visable finger print do you think this could have broken it idk cuz my mother board has not arrived help me plz

Office San says:

how much it is ?

Joanna says:

Should I worry about static damaging my power supply? I have an anti-ESD wrist strap coming, but I read you need to have the PSU plugged in but switched off to use the strap

Punch A Dragon says:

Can it run Crysis?

Gabriella Tekle says:

interesting…love it!!!!

Fadi Yacoub says:

seasonic gets a c-

The Muffin says:

For some reason my 1 terabyte hdd, and yet it only says I have 223 gigs of storage on my pc

david mckenzie says:

i missed something and i am very new to all this . Can someone explain why there is a mechanical drive and an ssd ? Why not 2 ssd ?

Rhys Harvey says:

Anyone else hear a weird ass woohoo at around 8:33

Szubin Lee says:

I need some help the front panel connectors didn’t come with the bundle of cables running down the left of my h700, but came separate with 6 pins (4 down, 2 up) pointing at the end. What should i connect the pins to?

Rhys Harvey says:

Anyone else hear a weird ass woohoo at around 8:33

Nathan Perez says:

Everytime he changes to a southern accent, i REALLY wanna stop watching this video. But at the same time, still very informative 🙁

d.T_T.b says:

1. watch video 1 hour
2. wait for part for 2 – 6 month
3. watch the video again for 3-4 time

Julian Tu says:

Wait when he was connecting the fans he only connected the two extra NZXT Fans, how about the Pre-installed case fans? Where do they go, are they already plugged in as a Front Panel Connector or did he just skip it, im confused…

Chestnut says:

Hey, I was thinking in making a Gaming PC but i’m kinda stuck when it comes to price. Does anyone know how expensive common yet GOOD PC pieces ,to use?

Mr Trigger says:

If I do a similar build to this, are all the wires and cables included with the parts or will I need to order any of them separately?

Adam Weight says:

also what graphics card

PabNess says:

Great video! Starting my first build this Saturday morning and will be using this as a guide. Thanks bro

The12thasterisk says:

thank you for this guide it was very helpful in building my first pc

Andre says:

If you are using the included wraith cooler would you put it in the same way as bitwit did?

Bailey Cortright says:

You have saved so many computer parts from destruction

Romebroz says:

Thank you! Very helpful in my first build =) Appreciate the hard work!

Hubba Bubba says:

Can u build me a 150$ pc???

Custom Comps says:
Custom Desktop PC’s Built Your Way with Unbeatable Transparent Pricing

FlyingMonkies325 says:

Great video i’ll say it but it’s more complicated since there’s different types of motherboards i don’t think i could remember all this even by watching this video and i’m gonna be starting some free training at my dads work and i don’t know if they’re going to have any manuals, diagrams or lists of different parts and the numbers of them, what they do and what they’re compatible with geeze… i’m thinking to make my own but i don’t know where to start because of the different types of motherloads except for the fact the motherload is simple to screw in and the CPU, Memory, Cooler, Audio, Video Card and a few others always go in the same places but when it gets to more complicated stuff they can change places as to where they slot in and require different wires for different graphics cards and other things… i do not know what to do there because there’s so many different parts out there.

Pbknowall says:

Watched video start to finish, I really liked this tutorial. My friend making a PC soon and now I know the basics of building them. Hope this helps me.

BMG Ermain says:

Two things. Will I need to install more fans I’m buying the “thermaltake view 32 RGB 4 tempered glass panels” case. And for WiFi. My motherboard says it has WiFi but what does that mean? Do I start up my pc and I can connect right away? Or should I have a Ethernet cord instead

Harry Tucker says:

pc wont power on… and I completed all steps to a tee (large gulp) help

VVN T says:

I just wanted to express my gratitude for this video. My computer broke this past weekend and I had a choice to either buy a prebuilt desktop or build one myself. I’ve never built a computer before and was really nervous, but your video had very helpful tips. The build was a success from the first try! Thank you!!

Dank Harambe says:

Why didn’t the Verge use this video instead? Verge makes no fucking sense to me…

DIE is Singular says:

throw some eggs

Rhys Harvey says:

Anyone else hear a weird ass woohoo at around 8:33

Nick Holt says:

Great video, about to do a bargain build with GeForce gtx 1060 3gb with Windforce 2x is there a reason you avoided it? Running an ryzen 7 1700x. Was already thinking I’d get the MSI tomahawk 350 but this video did make my decision for me on my case for install ease (get thee a sponsorship or discount code). Any issues with the build, specifically the Windforce?

Jay Greentree says:

Velcro is better then zip ties. its easier to fix things.

Adam Weight says:

what ryzen cpu is that

Mohan Raju says:

Bitwit MF

R19 Gaming says:

You missed some important things:

-Static Protection Wrist Band
-Swiss Army knife that hopefully has a screwdriver
-When you only have 2 ram sticks, be sure to insert them in the channel close to each other
-Only a dumb person will put fans in the AIO cooler
-Put the thermal paste like putting an icing in a cake
-Cable Management sucks even your case is the most amazing super duper cool in the World
-It’s called braces, not IO shield

Mr Trigger says:

I learned alot from watching this. Soon I’ll be trying to build my first pc and this tutorial gave me the confidence I needed. Thanks for the tips!


please tell me overall prize OF THAT items in pkr rupees

Gaming Channel says:

Can someone please give me a link to all these parts in this video. I would love to build a new pc for myself, but I am new to the building so I need recommendation for parts.

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