How many watts does your power supply need? Wattage Guide

Just how BIG does your PSU need to be anyways? We take a look to try and help you out –

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Dominik Calvesbert says:

So i have a 1080 and I’m at minimum recommended psu and some times I feel t doesn’t preform according to benchmarks, if I used the recommended would the card constantly run better?

Alias-elpiton says: will 500w be enough

xed alpha says:

In all fairness 2 HDD’s away from failure isn’t really that much headroom IMHO.

Yvan Karma says:

I will build a Ryzen 5 1600GTX 1050 TI 4GB16GB DDR4 2400hz250GB SSD / 500GB HDDWill a PSU 450 from EVGA be good enough?

Daniel Horne says:

mine is a i7 3770 3.4ghz gtx980 4gb 32gb ddr3 cheap 500w atx psu

krzys ja breadfan says:

I have a chiftec 400w with apu no graphic card hahahah

Ýuley says:

I have a 500watt psu and i want to buy a gtx 980TI but NVDIA Website says that you Need 600Watt psu. My whole System (included the 980ti) is taking like 430 watt ist that okay?

Ricky Fleir says:

1:58 Oh SHiT tHe POreEcEE R hERe

UltraZelan says:

Add config setup to description, dude…

Neil Joseph says:

Please help, I have i5 8600k and 1060 gfx card .. corsair 450wts psu is enough ??

Aneesa Dania says:

How to check my PSU wattage.. i didn’t know what brand it is

Shovon Anis says:

can i use 450w corsair ps for a gtx 1050ti?With core i5 8400 and z370aorus mobo wid 16gigs of ram?

YoUR NiGhTMaR3 says:

Force 450w psu 28A, I5 2400 and gtx 770? Without overclocking?

Michael Gusevsky says:

New psu
Wrong question – how big?
Right question – how’s the ripple?

Dorito Dust says:

idk watt you are talking about in this video

Love4theGame says:

Hello everyone,

Im upgrading my old pc and i changed the ipgu to a GT 1030 (30 watt) , added 4 GB Ram, and changed the CPU E5500 to a Q6600 (50 watt increase). Also using one hard drive, will the 230 PSU keep up with it?

Thanks 🙂

DeadlyArmaGH says:

Can i put in this build a gtx 1060 6 GB GAMING X+?

FX 6300 4.1 Ghz OC
8 GB Ram DRR3 1333Mhz
Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2PT
PSU: GameDaemon 400W

Anthony Hawk says:

i5 7600k 3.8ghz
Gtx Superclocked 1070
120 ssd
1tb hdd
16gb ram will 500W be enough

JimmyV12 says:

my build on pcpart picker says it will use 225w is a 400w psu ok

RexPax Nault says:

Can i use a 380w psu on this build
Gtx 1050ti
8gb ram

19DRC93 says:

Awesome vid I was so paranoid about my 500w psu since I got a rift but after watching this I’m all good just to be sure hhere is my pc specs
I5 6500
Evga gtx1060 6gb
8gb ddr4 ram
Msi b150m motherboard
Nzxt light strip things
Nzxt fan controller thingy
Hdd and ssd am I actually all good for power

AdikMusic OfficialTM says:


huy bv1998 says:

Can i replace gtx 1070 with gtx 1080ti in my rig ? If possible, can my psu handle a 1080ti at full load ?
Core i5 7600k
Gtx 1070 (current GPU)
16gb of ram ddr4 (8×2 avexir led)
Cooler master g550m 550w 80 plus bronze

Joe Gibbs says:

Not sure why anyone would be surprised. I just upgraded my PC, which for the last couple of years has run a GTX 960 with a 450w PSU. I thought that was plenty.

Daniel Horne says:

n the gtx980 burnt a hole in my pocket costing £200

Victor Arnett says:

1050ti ONLY uses 75 watts in case you wanna upgrade from your old card pulling 200 watts or more

Payne Hoss says:

i have a 550 evga gold plus running a stock fx 8350, 16gb of g.skill ram on a gigabyte 78lmt usb3 board. Im currently saving money to build an 8700k system with a 1080ti, so the first part im going to buy will be the 1080ti just to get the most expensive thing out of the way. i originally was going to save that to buy for last because i could get more of the other parts first rather than just one, but then i thought about just getting the 1080 ti and slapping it into my current build to boost the performance while i wait to get the rest. obviously i am well aware of big bottlenecking issues with such an insane gpu being paired with such an old cpu, but im not worried about that, my current gpu is just a 750ti so i know ill still get a good performance increase regardless of the bottleneck, but im just wanting to make sure my 550 watt psu will be enough for my current system with a 1080ti in it. oh and the specific one ill be getting with be the gaming X version from MSI.

Victor Arnett says:

You need 200 watts less than what people online say

Myrex says:

i have 350 watts and i want to buy a gtx 1050 ti twin frozer is 350 enough?
cpu FX4300 3.8 ghz quadcore
ram: 8gb

James Adam says:

Please someone help me i need help my pc shut down when i playing games my pc tempture is about 30-37 when playing games,but im not sure is it problem with overheating i mean idk why its shutdown do i need new power block :/ or something else whats is wrong with my pc its actully new pc spec i5 rx460 4proccesors 8gb
Please help me someone 🙁

Adam Begley says:

Hi, What psu would I need for this?

Gigabyte aorus z370 ultra gaming
Gigabyte aorus act 700 cpu cooler (200w tpd)
G skills trident z rgb 2x8gb sticks
Gigabyte aorus gtx 1080 8gb
Samsung 850 evo 250gb add
1tb Seagate sshd
3x be quiet 120mm case fans (pwm)

Any help would b good. At mo in thinking be quiet pure power 10 600w cm.

Reece Paine says:

I need some help I’m buying a

Core i7 7700k
Gtx1060 6gb
2×4 DDR 4 ram
MSI Intel Z270 motherboard

Will a 750 watt power supply run all of this

IJU nfsw says:

Is it okay to run gtx 780 on seasonic 520w bronze ?

My specs

i5 2500k
Mobo Msi Z68ma – G45
PSU Seasonic 520w Bronze

Dope. says:

hi im gonna buy a ryzen 5 1600 1050ti i have a 280w total psu would it handle ?

Arrowhead2426 says:

I have a gtx 1050 ti with a Corsair 550 power supply and the fans start spinning but then stops help plz

Pepper // CS:GO & More! says:

guys tell me if my power supply will run these specs.

PSU: 350Watts
CPU: AMD FX-6300 3.8 GHz
RAM:8 GB ddr3

E man says:

Finally the best advice on YouTube

ryan newnham says:

I’m needing help I got a pc bundle just need a psu I have 2gtx 770 in sli a i7 920 24gb ram triple channel 6case fans 1tb hdd and a 320gb hdd and a few accessories

Patrick Mediodia says:

Do you think my fsp 450w can handle a gtx 780 and a i3 4170?

Rownak Hasan says:

Can gtx 1050ti
8gb DDR4
H110 motherboard take it?

Daf Darkling says:

Does that mean 250 power supply can handle it

Doginstine says:

Is 350w of power good enough for a GTX 1050?

Encepence says:

Thanks for this video 😉

SambabaL says:

It’s true that you don’t need a 850watt PSU for a mid to high end rig like this, not even a 750watt, but 450watt is cutting it a bit close when it’s pulling 430watt max. in a stress test. Just like with HDD’s it’s never exactly the amount of gigs as discribed on the box, it’s slightly lower. The same goes for PSU’s. So that 20 watts headroom is too close for comfort imo. Not to mention that it’s non efficiënt in power consumption. I would recommend a 550 watt and maybe a 650 watt.

Daniel Horne says:

plus my psu squeels lol

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