How Many Watts Does My Computer Power Supply Need?

How Many Watts Does My Computer Power Supply Need?

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So the age old question of how much watts does a gaming PC really need? Well we will be taking a look at a older Dell Optiplex 7010 DT, but they make other versions like SFF USFF and MT.

Many people want to buy SFF small form factor computers because they are cheap. You can pick them up for as little as $100 with a i5 or i7 processor in them and 16 GB of ram. You will need to upgrade the (GPU) graphics card so you can play games, but then lies the problem of the profile of the case and small power supply output. Nvidia GTX 1050ti is the go to card for most people using these small form factor cases. The (PSU) power supply is generally around 240w, 250w to 270 watts.

Watch the full video to see what best for you. the information I give is some general, basic information which can be used along with your own research to find the best solution for Choosing the Right PC Power Supply (PSU).

So Which Power Supply Should you Buy? depends of the computer parts. some PC hardware require a lot more power and need bigger PSU. Don’t just look at Watts, you need to also look at amps on the 12v rail and how many 12v rails there are. Try and buy a branded PSU with at least 80 Plus Bronze certification with a little more buffer in power than you need. So if you need 500w PSU maybe treat yourself to a 650w or 700w, why? So you are not running your PC at 90% to 100% capacity all the time and gives you a bit of room for upgrades. The PC will only draw the power it needs to run efficiently. So never cheap out on your power supply.

Warning: Never run power supply over its maximum recommendations, always stick to the recommend recommendations for that computer and power supply.

This video is meant for educational purposes only, I Britec will not be held responsible for an damage to your computers hardware.

Here are some useful sites to help you choose the right (PSU) power supply and understand how the work.

What Do 80 PLUS Bronze, Silver, Gold & Titanium Signify?,news-58246.html

How Many Watts Does a Gaming PC Really Need? Exhaustive PSU Usage Benchmarks

Cooler Master: Power Supply Calculator

Dell Optiplex 7010 MT, DT, SFF, USFF

Power Supply 101: A Reference Of Specifications,review-32338-3.html

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Josip Cmrečnjak says:

Thanks, I saw some time before another youtuber performing the same tests. He has top notch PC, approx 7.000 Dollars setup. And at max his machine took 420 Watts from wall socket while playing games. Basically, he made that tests to show how you don’t need 1000 W power supply for gaming. Anyhow, thanks for sharing, it’s much appreciated.

Noel Dowds says:

Very useful Vid Brian .,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,. Many Thanks

Yehia Adel Abd Algahny says:

Very useful video… Thank you

Kadas Galal says:


mike97525 says:


Jana Ebert says:

Mine needs 40W under full load.

Aggelos Bountos says:

Very nice video,actually that was something i was interested for. Thank you for your informative content.

Nigel bob says:

My computer gets loads of watts every time i use it. Mostly due to me saying watt the hell are you doing now. !!,

Tomy Power says:

Yes! Helios is mine! I will be the one to merge! The one to see and know
everything, to rule, to rule everything.

Eric Caguioa says:

very informative! thanks brian!

Britec09 says:

T H A N K Y O U F O R W A T C H I N G !
P L E A S E L I K E A N D S U B S C R I B E !

George Z88 says:

Thank You Brian. your info is right on the money.

Darren Burke says:

Wicked Video Brian, you are just a mountain of knowledge and you share without fear or favour to your subscribers, that’s the best caring for your fellow tech i have seen on all the channels ,,,, cheers Mate

Griphiny * says:

Really enjoy these reviews, thanks (,”)

J0hn Senchak- says:

Computer uses 1.21 Jig-a-watt Great Scott ! A better way is to put a current meter in series with the 5+ , 3.3+. and 12+ volts rails and the motherboard / hardware devices Bye for now Cheers

nick poverman says:

Great video as always Brian.

Abhishek Roy says:

Irrelevant and out of context comment . But Brian , the thumbnail ballerina model is … a dreamgirl princess . Cinderella ?

J Fz says:

who are you going to believe? well, dell once said to people that they were using wrong their pcs and that is why those pcs were dying but in reality they bougth cheap capacitors on their motherboards that blew up on load, same for hp, you don’t have to believe the manufacturers blindly, you have to consider that information and ask on other places, but don’t blindly believe one source, the era of internet is here to help, mostly

UNN NERD says:


SteeL Shark says:

for some reason you sound like Jim Browning to me

mohamed shifan says:

Will there be a difference if a UPS was used? Thanks

dzidzabidza says:


Andy Kashu says:

But what most people don’t keep in mind is the efficiency of all the different PSUs. Like in this example 16:21 it’s only 80+ (certified 85%), thus this PSU provides only 270+ Watt, not 300 W. You pay for up to 300W, it’s what your electric company charges you, but your PC will only get about 270W. And this efficiency depletes over the years. The longer a PSU is in use the less efficient it becomes.

Hence you have to multiply the max. needed Watt for your PC by the according factor 1.2 or 1.15 (85%) or 1.1 (90% efficiency) and so on and so forth to correctly dimension the PSU for your purposes.

A 700W PSU with only 80% efficiency provides only 560W. But nonetheless it sucks up to 700W out of your wall socket, and you have to pay for these 700W, but you will get only 80% of it (according to PSU’s given efficiency), thus 140W will be eaten up and wasted by the PSU itself (transformed into heat). Keep that in mind.

That’s why you want to make sure you buy a PSU with the highest efficiency possible, or you will pay for a lot of electricity in the long run which you’ve in fact made no use of (except for heating your room, maybe). 90+ efficiency should be normal nowadays, everything less than that is crap, especially when it comes to large PSUs.

Dan Friedman says:

In terms of longevity over the life of a laptop battery, is it better to always keep it plugged in or let it run down and recharge it again? Thanks.

ZemoXmPLam says:


theylive23 says:

How often should you buy a new PSU if you use a PC on average 10-12 hours every day (non-gaming, just general use)?

Rounak Dutta says:

how many watts? ALL OF THEM!!

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