HDPlex 300W PSU: Explained

The HDPlex 300 DC-ATX PSU is one of, if not the best option for small form factor power supplies. It is the upgraded version of the older HDPlex 250. I took a look at how it works.

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HDPlex 300: http://amzn.to/2kgVxen

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HP 230W: http://amzn.to/2kHO2tA
Dell 240W: http://amzn.to/2kgwzf4
Dell 330W: http://amzn.to/2jFJshT

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Gargar Bad says:

Subbed, keep up the good work man..

bizzy247 says:

I recently purchased this and the 24pin cable is too long. I can’t close my s4 mini case properly. Where can I get custom cables made for this or a tutorial on making my own?

JackIronheart says:

Hey I am building a i7 with the gtx 1080 mini. will the hdplex 300 provide enough power? I plan on gaming and video editing at the same time.

TisEsMe says:

I have a prebuilt SFF dell machine, namely the 390, that I’m thinking about getting this small PSU for. Would I be able to mound the DC input the same way as usual?

Matthew Allen says:

Wow, a whole new world opening up here – love it, thanks!

Kuntal Ghosh says:

Why you didn’t put the cover over that lga socket if any of the pin bends your whole motherboard is ruined and that motherboard is a high end motherboard from asus and i am sure it cost more than 200$ for sure!!

Pedro Flores says:

Does this work with 1080 and i7 8700 non k

SashNone says:

Hi. You said that it’s work from 16V…. I need do convert my home PC to RV power (12-14v) can you give me some advice?

rebelpoxy says:

Sorry for the noob question, but I’m planning on building a compact gaming PC. When you say DC input volume, how different is that from your standard ATX psu?

Tom Brown says:

Would it be safe to use this power supply with an i5 4690k (non-overclocked), 8gb of ram, a gtx 1060, 1 ssd, and a 1TB hdd? I currently have a gtx 970 and a 500 watt psu but there is not a lot of room in my case for air flow so I want to get this PSU and hopefully that should fix matters. Many thanks in advance!! 🙂

Mark Wright says:

Can this power a gtx 1070 and i7 6700k with 2 SSD and 1 HDD? If not could I maybe power the mobo and cpu with a 200w and have the 300w for peripherals and gpu?

hardcoremofo says:

Sounds like you will have to drill somewhere to hook up the powerbrick plug.

AirRookie says:

this is mind blowing OwO, awesome video

name last name says:

Does it support any laptop charger

samsungnz1 says:

cover those cpu pins!.

AdvancedBretty says:

Ok. So you use a laptop charger, DC, then plug in the coverter cable and it allows AC? So basically you can use any laptop charger to power the 300w PSU? I’m not sure if im understanding this right?

Dojo Games says:

Hello! I found This Guy Very useful. I Wonder How many Ampers Go to 12v in?

Andy Webbook says:

9/10 – 1 point for those cables under the desk = 8/10 Watch worthy.

JeepTravels says:

When are you going to review the 400w version?

Kehinde O says:

are you gonna review the hdplex 400w?

Randall Lawkin says:

man I need in my life for my Silverstone sugo sg13 build I want to build

Kindakool says:

It’s out of stock on Amazon, and I can’t find it anywhere else. Anyone know where to get one?

MURD3R3D says:

you are awesome. I have been on the hunt for tiny power supply information and your channel was my one stop shop with all your pico psu and HDplex videos. you got a +1 sub for your quality content.

keep up the awesome work.

Albert Chang says:

G-Unique Plug-N-Play is another option over the HDPlex 300 as the modded 330w Dell power brick is included with the G-Unique for $110-120 or so.

Andy says:

Would you need a laptop power brick that’s 300 Watts to supply that much power to the pc? Or does it supply 300 on its own and the power bricks wattage is added to it?

Kehinde O says:

so that can actually run a 1070 and a cpu?? do you have to downclock at all? im making a custom pc case and have been really annoyed by the sizes of power supplies. If this can run a graphics card also then its perfect for what i need.

Dojo Games says:

Can i use It without another pico psu, only with an psu like Raspberry pi’s

Troy Hartnett says:

Would I need a 300w brick for it or will any brick would do, aslong as it outputs 12v?

blasko229 says:

Are you planning a review of the new 400 watt version?

Anatoliy Alvari says:

Great explanation! Thank you!

reg83ny says:

Sold out everywhere!!!

ndgo says:

Holy shit I love you I’m buying one I didn’t even know these existed

peter geary says:

Looking into upgrading my rig within the next 3 months, I really like the idea of having an extremely compact system capable of running everything I throw at it in 1080p with ease, my current setup is a i5 6600k running at 4.4Ghz and a stock speed Zotac GTX1060 with 16GB of 2133Mhz RAM, I’m looking at switching to a i7 preferably a 7700 (non-k) or a 6700 with a GTX1080 mini from Zotac (if it’s small enough to fit) or a GTX 1070 mini, along with a 5TB Seagate 2.5inch HDD and my pre-existing Samsung SM951 M.2 SSD and my Samsung 750 EVO 2.5inch SATA SSD, my question is with the above mentioned highest spec configuration (if space allows) would I be able to power it all from the PSU in this video (under-clocking components if needed) or would a GTX1080/i7 7700 combo or i7 6700 combo require too much power? I’m looking at either the NFC S4 Mini or the Logic Supply MC600 as the case for it all and either an Asus Z170 Impact ITX motherboard or a Asus Z270i Gaming Motherboard for it all?

김준현 says:

hello I’m a new guy to hdplex. can this actually run gtx1070s?? how does that work??

grey hound says:

don t see the point of these psu as an sfx is smaller (doesn t require a powerbrick)

Wonder Tech says:

Why I can’t find one in eBay? Something wrong lately and they don’t have it anymore ?

Nyazine Niz says:

I’m considering using this in a build with an lcd controller board plugged to a laptop screen. Do you know if it’s possible to make the monitor it draw power from the hdplex with a molex ?

iPodgeek44 says:

Do you think that in could powr a GTX 1080 Ti with it ?

Carlos Raúl says:

it can move a i7?

LonghornTom says:

Make sure you throw in a CPU in your mobo when messing with it so you don’t accidentally bend pins.

Rockford Hipp says:

Thanks for not having any stupid-looking thumbnails *cough* Linus *cough* .

ImThatThomasch says:

So I’m pretty new to pc building, just built my first pc last month. Now I want to do a sff in the future and I’m very interested in this HDPlex, but I’m still confused about how this thing can handle a 7700K and 1070. Because added up a system with this combination mostly consumes more power than 300W. How does this work? (again I’m new to this)

Sebas says:

Great videos man, just found your channel and I find it very cool and informative. Subbed.

John Doe says:

Will the hdplex work with Asus Prime z370a motherboard ? I see that hdplex has voltage 16v-24vdc and this is my motherboard’s requirements: http://i63.tinypic.com/2zzssuv.jpg i cant understand it myself

Daniel Medeiros Lima de Paiva says:

Can you make a review of the new HDPLEX 400W? thank you for your videos

glen lawrie says:

Your channel is awesome my friend. Keep this up 🙂

Garyth Mardellis says:

Hey great video thanks for sharing. I plan on pushing the boat a little would this thing power a xeon at 145 watt plus an aftermarket 1080ti at around 240 watt. In the description it says handles 400 watt peak would this be enough for that setup?

Joe says:

I like your videos, I’, also a big fan of small but powerful computers which look good. One thing that I’d like to say is, for someone who obviously takes pride in keeping things neat and tidy….. why the cable mess under your desk?? really need some cable management there especially if you’re using that angle to record your videos, gives a direct view to under your desk haha. Anyway keep up the good videos.

re:Rimuru says:

can i use it with a gt 1030?

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