HDPlex 160W PSU – Pico PSU Killer?

HDplex has a new small form factor power supply that looks to take on the Pico PSU. The HDPlex 160W looks to be the power supply solution for systems up to 200W.

Full Article: http://tekeverything.com/hdplex-160w-psu-explained/

HDPlex 160W: http://amzn.to/2kLSQ1G

—Quality Power Brick Options—
HP 230W: http://amzn.to/2kHO2tA
Dell 240W: http://amzn.to/2kgwzf4

—HDPlex Site—
HDPlex Website: http://www.hd-plex.com/HDPLEX-160W-DC-ATX-Power-Supply-16V-24V-Wide-Range-Voltage-Input.html

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Rizwan M says:

Would this fit inside a m350 case? Or would this be a bit too large?

Dieza Vlog says:

Im using
i5 2500
Biostar h61 itx
Id cooling halo dk 03
Gtx 660 with 6 pin power
4 gb ram
240gb ssd

Can i use this pico, especially the chinese version not hdplex (the yellow 24 pin)
With ac power 19.5v 12.3 A ?

Not overclock for sure

Sceancrotty Nesi says:

I have a question… didn’t really understood how these little psu work. Till now I know that, in order to work, you need a power brick and the Pico. But I saw, at HDPlex website, that the wattages in combo between Pico and powerbrick are not equal. The first combo: 80W AC/DC + 160W DC/ATX, the second combo: 160W AC/DC + 160W DC/ATX how that’s affects “performance”? My other question is: I’ve already a laptop brick rated at 90W, if I match it with the 160W pico, how much juice can i extract from it?
Hope that all this is understandable 🙂

Emil Johan Majani says:

I have a 160XT but the constant power figure is 8A only. I would like a constant 10A and above. It’s for a NES PC project with gfx card. I know the old i3 4130T worked fine with the Nvidia x50Ti of the time.

Joe Ramos says:

Hey Jay and others, any one know if this paired with the hp 230 watt brick is good enough for 16gb ram, 4690k(not oc) and 970mini?

Shantelle Adeline says:

Go to Avasva webpage if you’d like to know how to build it. Good solutions for everyone I think

Michael Cerda says:

Is anyone selling their cases? I will buy them

Daniel Medeiros Lima de Paiva says:

Can it run with a i5 7600K + GTX 1060? thank you

Danny Arroway says:

Hey man, great job on these SFF videos, very informative!
A small question… I recently picked up an old iMac G4 (dome: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IMac_G4) computer, removed all the inner components, and will be installing OS X 10.12 Sierra (hackintosh). I have a Gigabyte GA-Z170N-Gaming-5 MB, a 256Gb Samsung 950 pro NVME SSD, 16Gb Corsair 2400 DDR4 memory, and another Samsung 2.5″ SSD (No dedicated GPU). The HDPlex 160W + internal 160W DC ATX PSU (combo) needs to power these components + a new 17.3″ LCD that is replacing the old one (converting the internal LVDS cable to HDMI). Will the HDPlex 160W be good enough to power these components? Thanks for your help!

kastiel says:

Is this a old hdplex 160? there is a amber looking box while in the hdplex site there is no amber looking box..looking to purchase one but in doubt of its width..thanks..

Lions XI says:

Do you know where can I get extra wires for HDPLEX 160w.

George K says:

Nice PC build!

Jester12036 says:

Could i hook this up to a car battery???

Chris says:

looks like these are sold out… I wonder why?

V says:

I just watched a few of your videos on building a mITX system. I clicked your links to find some items on Amazon. I just made a $450 purchase so I hope you get credit for that using your affiliate link. Keep up the good work, Cheers 🙂

Matt G says:

So a ryzen 1600 and a GTX 1060 could work on that?

Michael Street says:

Man you really do like these pico power supply ideas don’t you? (ppssstt you should totally give me one of your computers) hehe

LegendaryVegeta says:

what is that case?

John Doe says:

This is rated at 160w, so what does this 160 must include? The motherboard+cpu+ssd+ram? Also the graphics card?

Cyril Zabala says:

Hi, I purchased the hdplex 160 with the hp 230w power brick, currently running it with an underclocked and undervolted 6700k at 3.4ghz and an evga 1060 sc. When I run uniengine valley benchmark, my computer sometimes turns off and resets, does this happen with you as well?

Jeppe Ebbesen says:

Awesome video and PSU!
I recently made my own build using the awesome S4 Mini and a HDPlex 300w, and I’m finding it difficult using the default Sata power cables that came with the PSU – I can’t seem to close my case. And I noticed you’ve fixed that!
How did you do it? Some kind of extender in between?

Pratith Kanagaraj says:

Hey will the HP 230W brick be sufficient for i5 (65W) + Zotac GTX 1060 mini? PcPartpicker shows total requirement for the system as 240W, so I’m not sure.

Thomas Riddell says:

They are out of Stock Right now on Amazon.com and don’t have it on Amazon.ca

Elsa of Garendel says:

HELP! DO YOU KNOW WHEN HDPLEX WILL RESTOCK THEIR 160W PSU? Or another alternative that will work with the S4 mini case?

eug3nius says:

I’m going to buy one, thanks Jay!

Wemerson Morais says:

This suport i7 3370 and gtx1050, 2x DDR3, 1 SSD, and 1 HD 5400rpm?

JonasTheKing says:

I don’t understand how this 160W PSU is supposedly capable of supplying a typical i7 with mid-range GPU. When I simulate my current system ( http://outervision.com/b/YGtvt2 ) it requires at least 270W, while it isn’t particularly demanding (GTX960 and cheap i5). Should I be able to use this HD Plex 160W? With additional SATA drives it estimates 290W… almost double the 160W. Could you please advise?

TF Stormii says:

Is a 20V Laptop charger too much for this to handle? I’ve got an old one laying around from my old laptop which i recycled a while ago

Nikolas Kurnia says:

Hi there, I’m interested to build a SFF pc, I have a question though. Does this PSU take more than 12 v as input? e.g. the 19.5 v HP power brick you linked?

Derek B says:

doesn’t look like this particular unit exists anymore. new version doesn’t have the screw terminals.

MaddoxInc says:

Any option with removal Molex and SATA plugs for those that have no need?

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