Guide to PC Power Supply (PSU) Cables

Hi guys, as per requested by you guys, today I’ll be bringing you a guide on PSU cables, covering what they look like, and what each of them do. As always leave your comments below! Enjoy guys!

Corsair CX500M –
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Up To Date System Specifications:

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Sentlee says:

Anyone know where to get a cheap sata cable?

Carbon says:

If im going to purchase custom cables, (have a fully modular psu) will i only need to purchase a 6+2pin gpu connector, one 4+4pin cpu connector, a 24pin connector and two sata ones for a ssd and hdd? Correct me if im wrong (maybe need to add a cable or two). And fyi, i have an aio cooler and have 3 case fans which have individual cables attatched to them already. Thanks for the informational video, help is greatly appreciated 🙂

Enter The Game says:

so the cables come WITH the power supply?????

Elijah Vega says:

Hey I just wanted to ask for a pcie connector like the one in 4:40 should i use the first 6+2 pin or the 2nd 6+2pin if my gpu only needs 1 8pin

Hachi says:

I actually get how to cable now, really informative thank you.

Marsalkka Mannerheim says:

Thank you so much! This helped me a lot!

Magnus Likes Tanks says:

If I order a psu from, will It come with the right type of wall power plug? I live in Norway

xyxy yxyx says:

so where did you mention about their max wattage ? 🙁

Mr Razor says:

I realize this is late but I can’t even find the CPU POWER on the motherboard

Chillivata says:

Hi Dan, I have one PCI E out of my power supply supply that is 6 pin, and just got a GTX 1080 FTW graphics card that is similar to yours in the video that, requires 2×8 pin. Is there an adaptor that will go 6 pin to 2×8 pin? And is this what you would recommend?

I appreciate your videos, they’ve been very helpful. Thanks for any info

Flights of Odyssey says:

Thank-you. This was very useful.

GrahamtheTitan says:

Thanks a bunch

Lotus says:

Thank you, this video helped a lot

Boumez Anouar says:

your accent is very hard to me 🙁

TheSpiikki says:

Here is a question. Can i use my old psu cables with new psu? So I’d only have to take out the psu itself. Yeah I’m lazy like that.

Ca510 says:

That told me nothing where do the plug into

The Viewer says:

I know where to connect them but idk where on the psu they should go. Do i just put them where the pins are the same amount. Need to connect a audio thing to the psu. Its a 6 pin connector, but there are three places i can connect it, up with the peripherals and sata or just an unmarked 6 pin place.

tyler torp says:

So does every power supply work with anything ?

HolyMoly Times2 says:

How to do you use the retention clip on the 24-pin connector? I dont get how to press it. Please help

Stannis Baratheon says:

Hey, I got a 970 gtx GPU that requires 12 PCI-E pins however my PSU only have 6+2 pins, it’s modular and 450watt. Can I buy some cables and use it or should I buy a new one?

Sleiman El Hajj says:

all these cables are found in all psus and every psu will work lile all cables are there nothing ia missing?

Loïs Qutob says:


Pieismylove says:

I have been having trouble with my pc, it just constantly turns off, not when I turn on a program or anything, but randomly. I bought a new power cable, thinking it would fix it, but it didn’t. What do you suggest I do???

Glaiydan says:

Thank you so much super informative! 😀

Clorox Bleach says:

HELP, just opened it up and there’s two 4 holes heads not plugged in. Is that normal? Should mention that my PC turns on but nothing connected works like monitor etc

Kalipityu horváth says:

be quiet modulár cables?

Ashwin P says:

PS the power supply CX500M is not modular it is Semi-Modular since the 24 pin and 8 pin cannot be removed.

Randomdood says:

thaaaaaaank you man saved my arse

Speedlapse says:

This video is legendary.

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