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Seasonic 650W PSU – @NewEgg – @Amazon
Seasonic 850W PSU – @NewEgg – @Amazon

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Carolyn Lin says:

autually Apexgaming is a joint venture of OEM Solytech and Apextechusa. Solytech is doing the power/case biz for more than 30 years. Solytech is also the OEM for many world big gaming brands…

Tech Deals says:

BackBlaze ($5/Month Online Backup) –
ApexGaming 650W PSU – @NewEgg – @Amazon
ApexGaming 850W PSU – @NewEgg – @Amazon

Enter the Giveaway –

Seasonic 650W PSU – @NewEgg – @Amazon
Seasonic 850W PSU – @NewEgg – @Amazon

Full Playlist of All Power Supply Reviews —

Andrew says:

I hope I can win the power supply at least 650w ; iam building new PC for the first time.

Games With Nic says:

Nice hairstyle, not that I have the same one or anything…

TheL0nelyD3vil says:

Nice haircut man!!

Sakib Ahsan says:

Hello. Thank you for your great work and honesty. Will you consider making a video on how to build a NAS using a mini itx motherboard? Your component recommendation is spot on!

Christian Bailey says:

Telling a company to lower their price by 20 bucks xD *truth slap*

David Lopez says:

Im currently in the market for one. I just don’t know what to get

Satan says:

i love red and black, my favorite colors:)

Michael Eaves says:

Great video as usual! I am glad to see Fem get the good press she deserves

Bobby Bobman says:

Really tech? Float plane ? and you didn’t tell me first …. must have been nda or something … Im so excited.

Clint Ronnow says:

@10:05 and….. now we know why ApexGaming isn’t providing pictures of the cables in their Ads? Red connectors aren’t my thing.

wizzie says:

that’s cool and all, but i dont buy psu’s until i see JonnyGuru’s review of it.

Nutella Cat says:

New hairs ♡

Ukyo82 says:

I got question maybe good make some review and stats about that how much Watts need 1 HDD that much speculated main information is around 12 W but that is it really true because there is info HDD can take around 22 W and if use several hard drives how that will make impact over power supply.

Mark Thomas says:

Dear PC marketing community: Black and red aren’t the only colors used by gamers. Great review!!!

Celeste Fredericksen says:

Upvote if you came here from linus tech tips!

Saxie81 says:

Who is the OEM for this Apex power supply….? For power supply I’m not worried about price. I’m worried about ripple suppression and the ability to keep those rails at the correct voltage under load.

Abiola o says:

Why are there so many ways to enter the giveaway

Just Anoman says:

I’ll have you know I always LOOK at the menu, I mean I don’t read them but…

Anshuman Walvekar says:

Apex is really good I’m using it in my rig rn 😉

Peter Sutton says:

“I’ve got to be real with you my audience” the sole reason I visit this channel every time a new review comes out!

hri doy says:

I am building one this semester break

Peter Yen says:

At least I start to learn something about Apex Gaming. Thanks.

Jorno says:

Red PCI-E connectors are a deal breaker, even if this unit was cheaper than the Seasonic.

Mike Cunningham says:

Actually looking at a new PSU! 😀

Matt Shwitz says:

This channel is gonna kill Linus Tech Tips!!! Jk, but your videos are interesting.

Dkoy Koala says:

meh i never win anyways. good luck to the contestants.

shkelzen bajrami says:

full modular cool giveaway

jawnTem says:

Hi TD. I’m about to make a move on some of your “Deals” for a build for one of my grandsons; but, the PS I have in line is a Gamdias unit on NewEgg. One of the few with RGB lights other than Thermaltake and I boycott their products due to their “knockoff policy. Maybe you can do a review on the Gamdias before I purchase? I like to purchase things from/through your links to help support you and your channel especially if I am going to be buying a product anyway.

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