Fractal Design Edison M 750W Power Supply Review

Review for the Edison M 750W power supply from Fractal Design. The Edison M series uses 80+ Gold rated power supplies with high quality Japanese capacitors and a 120mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing fan, along with a semi-modular design.

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Edison M 750W –
EVGA 750W G2 –

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Nostalgisten says:

I got the Edison M 650w PSU and i’m very happy with the performance, and when I bought it on the first release it was way cheaper than the EVGA one, so it was a no brainer :p And since I don’t really care for the looks (with an closed case (Corsair 230T Black with no window) so all that matters is performance imo. if i had the extra dough I might have spent alittle more for them looks, who knows :p

Liam Yule says:

Hey man, I just got my self a new psu, and I’m finding that it can “tick” and make weird noises. Is this normal? it is an evga 750w and I’m running 2 970s & an i54690 off it.

C Rojas says:

Hey joker, it might be me but you look very yellow? Great review i gave you a thumbs up.

BadroLRN says:

is Joker the only youtuber that is honest about his reviews ?

Hueborn says:

I myself have the EVGA Supernova G2 750W 80+ gold fronts niggu niggu. 5 year warranty glock glock.

Fractal Josh is cool as a mo-fucker, I can say dat. Seen his ass all over that tech community and you gotta love a mo-fucker out there representing his set. You feel me? That’s why he be hooking up my boy Joker here because he knows whats up in a mother fuckers neighborhood. You can believe dat.


Tryte says:

Nice video, Joker! 😀

Powpow says:

I’ve got my OCZ Fatality 750 watt bronze certified power supply now with the red led in the fan for three years now and still going strong :). Best power supply I’ve ever owned and plan to get back another one if this one finally goes. Have a looksie at this sexy power supply :

Btw, great video Joker keep em rolling man.

Jesper says:

Well i’m a rebel, so i never wear protection.

Saulo Calesso says:

Your audio is awsome.

Skyler LaVey says:

I feel like I’m going to have a seizure with all the pans in this video.

Floris Heinen says:

Nice shots of the cables and PSU, very easy on my eyes to watch.

thereddog223 says:

Yeah ive had the same power supply for 5 years back  before there were to  many fully modular power supplies I would not get another one that was not fully modular

Epic X says:

Great honest review brother would you recommend this over a corsair cx series

Tiki Thorsen says:

This is more like an “overview” then a “review”.

Lee Schlosser says:

great review, and good on you joker, thanks for an honest review on a sponsored product.

Miguel Sensacion says:

PSU’s are so hard to review by Youtubers without proper instruments. Jonny Guru still an essential source.

Михаил Найденов says:

Thank you for the fan comment – the thing stopping me to “upgrade” my CX750 to this one.

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