EVGA SuperNova G2 Series Power Supply Unboxing & Review [750W – 80+ Gold!]

In today’s GeekaWhat video I’m going to be unboxing, reviewing and overviewing the EVGA SuperNova G2 series of 80+ Gold Certified Power Supply (PSU). This video is relevant to all wattages of this PSU but will focus specifically on the 750W model. The power supply is very reasonably priced, features fully Japanese capacitors, a 140mm silent optimised cooling fan, with hybrid fan control. The ECO mode on the PSU ensures no unnecessary energy is wasted (especially at lower loads) to ensure silent, stable performance.

As well as 750W output the power supp,y is also available in 850W, 100W, 1300W and 1600W outputs, so whatever your system there’s enough juice! 😀

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Amazon (US): http://goo.gl/zwvbJ6
Amazon (UK): http://goo.gl/6fgqyi
Amazon (CA): http://goo.gl/8Ha4M4
Amazon (AU): https://goo.gl/f3XTFF

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Choccy Milk Lord says:

Would this fit in my Corsair air 540?

Cyno says:

I’ve heard people say it’s very loud. Did you notice that?

Resonant says:

Im thinking of getting these and was just double checking if they all work together:
Case- Storm-p27 Mid Tower Windowed Case- Black USB 3.0
RAM- Kingston HyperX Fury 2x4GB DIMM 240-pin
CPU- AMD FX8320 8-Core 3.5/4.0GHz
PSU- EVGA 600 W 80+ PC Power Supply Unit – White
GPU- AMD Radeon R9 380
MotherBoard- MSI 970A-G43 AMD 970 ATX Motherboard (PCI-E, Socket AM3+)

Please tell me if they all work together

Verified says:

holy shit, i honestly couldn’t watch the video. that music made me want to blow my fucking brains out, like, goddamn.

supa dupa says:

Now the question is, EVGA 750 G2 or Corsair 750 RM?

M.I. Black says:

Nice video. Since you got a new PSU, can you do a setup tour?

Joel F says:

Considering buying this to replace by current CX600M due to the bad things I have been hearing about the CX.

Jonas Nielsen says:

stop talking so fast

GeekaWhat says:

Hold tight! 4K will be with us once YouTube processess! 😀

lightningsmokerXx says:

pause at 5:13 – the upper left plug in area …..What is that for? Not labelled

Todeskommandant says:

Is that a Molex to 3 pin adapter on 1:56 ? I need that for my Watercooling

Moon_Breaker says:

this kid speaks like someone is holding a gun to his head 😀

TerrificArts says:

Do you use ae to edit you video?

Wiktor Tunski says:

geeka can you give some tips of starting a YouTube channel please

Jihadi Jamal says:

did you film this while on coke?

J Sub says:

This or Seasonic x series 750w?

RedTieAgent says:

Ahh, finally a review. I went to look up this power supply and i got a page full of powerman5000.

Luka Eardley says:

does this psu have 1×8 power input for a gpu?

Josh Tennant Productions says:

Some great shots! Nearly as good a Linus…Well done mate,well worth watching!

AsianAbomination says:

Pls make a £350-£400 build in the near future!

Mystic says:

0th ;D

KyZur says:

will it fit in the s340 case by nzxt?

Danny F says:

I have the 550w version of this, awesome PSU.

Lionel Alanguilan says:

Will it fit with ATX cases?

AsianAbomination says:

I’ve never built a gaming pc so I’m not buying parts crazy expensive so I want to ask you : does dedicated/integrated graphics matter and at what point do you use it?

JJesse Glaser says:

But what if i want white cables? I have to pay an extra $100 just to get them?

Fsjalll says:

+GeekaWhat Is this a decent pc build? Only part I have so far is the case xD.

BearticPlayz says:

So Will Be This Be Enough For A GTX 1080?

Mario Naccarato says:

is it quiet?

Vecna Skull says:

Picked this up for my build during the black Friday sales, got it for £65 while it was on offer! Awesome PSU, it feels really good quality and doesn’t have those annoying multi-coloured cables like a lot of others, also it is part of the tier 1 PSU list!

jason born says:

whats the differences with this an the GS

Cam Par says:

i just bought the 650w, good?

zionlee1004 says:

How is this build?? Im looking for a compact but somewhat decent build.

Toby Walters says:

PC Specs

A10 7700k OC
500w Power
8GB 1866Mhz Ram HyperX
CIT Atlantis Case

ONLY £427

Ramsay Memes m9 says:

Hey, just built an epic build in my PC hardware shop for a client.

Intel i5 4690k
Asus z97 a
PSU in this video.
Enthoo Pro

Afro Warrior says:

what brand of PCU’s do you recommend because I can’t decide between evga and corsair?

Noah Baumgaertel says:

When is the $300 pc build coming out… love the vids!

TruceUpYoungMan says:

what are you’re pc specs. Sorry i’m pretty new to this channel so yea Just wanted to know

Sepand says:

So does a Sata cable come with it to install a SSD like the 850 evo? Btw nice video!

Mike Roy says:

What’s up with the audio? Very hard to listen to. Seems to be rapidly fading in and out.

Other than that, nice production. Quality content. Keep it up!

Henry Jiang says:

Maybe turn your camera to manual and turn off auto focus?

Chloe Louise Brown says:

#BlameHaaroon! xDD

Gmoney says:

Nice i got it also it’s good so far had it for like 2weeks 🙂 btw what will happen if i never screw in my gpu?

Jensen(Old) says:

When is 2016 builds coming out

Simon Rosseel says:

Great video! You deserve more attention 🙂

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