EVGA 600 Watt 80+ Bronze – $50 Power Supply – Review

Buy EVGA 600 Watt 80+ Bronze @ Amazon – http://amzn.to/2h9ApTy – @ NewEgg – http://bit.ly/2g386EI
Full Playlist of Power Supply Reviews – http://bit.ly/2fWImtS
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EVGA 430 Watt 80+ @ Amazon http://amzn.to/2iCnJDO – @ NewEgg http://bit.ly/2jjKbDy
EVGA 500 Watt 80+ Bronze – @ Amazon http://amzn.to/2jKjXMW – @ NewEgg http://bit.ly/2kdsDfL


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GameemaG says:

Hello! In the future I want to upgrade my computer. Now I have LGA1155 mobo, i7-2600 cpu, GTX 1060 6gb gpu and 8gbb ddr3 ram(soon 16gb) and some OLD 550w psu. Should I upgrade in the future whole mobo to lga 1151 and buy new memories ddr4? And of course maybe I have to upgrade psu as well so this one should be good or can I use that old 550w. I think it’s Silvershield psu. THANKS! Great videos man! Keep it up!

Rogerrogerboy says:

5:09 is probably a little mistake. Im guessing you meant to say “one GPU”. Great video! But i feel like those PSU Reviews are really really similar!

Passive Aggressive - Importer says:

Your videos are so relaxing, I swear no other Tech channel has this effect of calmness. Thank you 🙂


dude you are awesome dude…. your videos are just amazing ……but some videos are long enough but the way you are expressing the information was very amazing… never got bored of watching your videos…….

EnGerzard says:

I love your channel reviews, they make me wanna upgrade my PC so much. xP

mopore says:

Hello! Thank you for welcoming me to Tech Deeeeeeeeeeeelz!

Ashmeed Mohammed says:

great video! i would not say its awesome, but they are simple, easy to follow, relevant, and comprehensive. those bullet points are what i mainly look forward to.

keep up ur standard, i appreciate it man.

raimo marto says:

von eVGA
EUR 134,46neu(1 Angebot)
Elektronik & Foto:Alle 3 Artikel ansehen

feralshad0w says:

I like this guy. he is here to work. if gives you what you need and doesn’t mess around.

Saints Row says:

will this overheat with i5 4.5ghz and r9290 giga g1?

Comment_User says:

I have 80w 500+ titanium its awesome.

Felino Amarelu says:

would you recomend this psu for lite overclocking?

Brian Colet says:

Hey tech deals I believe this psu have a sleeve bearing fan not a 2x ball bearing 🙂

Isaac Lok says:

Built my first PC with this PSU. Highly recommend this PSU only drawback is that it’s not modular

Javier Meneses says:

Loved this vídeo, what if the fan it’s facing the top of the case. can it breathe?

Walter White says:

When you saw your psu reviewed on youtube and you actually bought it for 39$ 🙂

Corey Harden says:

Will the EVGA 450 watt bronze be able to power/handle the gtx 1070 fine or not?

NoSkillzJustGillz says:

i went mad after building a pc and had to build more =] i got an ebay build with a evga nex 650g but saw a review claiming they are horrible?

Ricardo Casillas says:

What if I’m will to splurge a little bit? I want this system but modular. So I was thinking the evga 650 GQ. Is that a good power supply too?

I’m running a i5 6600k with a gtx 1060 rog strix. Because it’s the only 1060 with a backplate. I want to put that 650 GQ into a NZXTs340 Elite. I’m having a very hard time finding if it will even fit.

I love your vids btw. You’re the best! The quality and information is unreal, thanks in advance.

Its Neight says:

Great video +Tech Deals
I have the 600B in a secondary system and its been a great!

Will you do a best gold rated and/or platinum rated psu video as well? I managed to find an EVGA gold GQ 650 for $70.99 minus a $20 MIR ($51) and am wandering if its a good one or not.

wowmagic wowmagic says:

This channel is so underrated, excellent work!

John Kannis says:

You’re doing very good reviews. I like a lot yours vids and help me much to understand some things. Thank you so much. Keep the good work. Greetings from Greece!!

Amit Sangwan says:

if my pc only uses 500W but if i buy a 1000W PSU will the extra 500W always be used and wasted or will the 1000 W PSU only use 500W that the PC uses???

Paul says:

Do you think a GPU which recommends 300 watts will run with 180? I know this is a stupid question

Shadi Alafenish says:

do streaming cpu usage with 7700k~8K youtube streaming, 4k 60fps , 4k 60fps HDR,

raimo marto says:

you don,t get the price in Germany.

von eVGA
EUR 134,46neu(1 Angebot)
Elektronik & Foto:Alle 3 Artikel ansehen

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