EVGA 500W/430W Power Supplies!

Introducing the EVGA 500W and 430W Power Supplies. Learn more at http://www.evga.com/articles/00810/


demonjunkie says:

Hi. I’m a second-time builder. I previously used the EVGA 500B PSU, and am wondering if the 430-watt version would be equivalent to the 500-watt version (not by wattage, smartass) from a quality standpoint. I am building a PC with the folloring part list: Intel i5 7500, (stock cooler), MSI B250 Gaming Pro motherboard, Corsair Vengeance DDR4-2133 MHz 2x8GB kit, and the EVGA Geforce GTX 1060 6GB GAMING video card. Would either PSU differ in quality, or would I be fine to go with the 430-watt version to accommodate my budget of around $850. Please help! Edit: I may go for the EVGA BQ 500-watt semi modular PSU, but am debating whether modular PSUs are neccesary. Any ideas? Thanks!

TravisCraftProductions says:

what’s the difference?

renato muu says:

this is using chinese capacitors and not such a great componets ….something like the 500b… a reputable review says this psu its ok for budget gaming but dont go crazy on it or dont get a gpu that needs anything above 500w….. or better jet nothing greater than a gtx 960…just saying…i also have it right now but in the neer future i will get a rosewill or earthwatts psu…. i just dont have the 80 bucks for it right now .

Just do Hype says:

20+4 pin cable cm????

Thrilling Hazardous says:

will the evga 500w will be compatible in i3 4170 and especially in GTX 1060 6GB (MSI Gaming X)

jimlink88 dgrs says:

how long is the 24 pin for the motherbord 55cm???

Invaled says:

will this work on a mini itx mother board

DestroyCode says:

I have 2 opticial drives and 1 hdd. 500w has enough SATA connections?

Awesomebread says:

just got the 430w for $15 with a $20 rebate rofl

ExkuzMi says:

would the 500w be compatible with this computer: http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/desktop-pc-monitors/desktop-pcs/desktop-pcs/hp-pavilion-500-319na-desktop-pc-10016083-pdt.html


You can NEVER go wrong with SilverStone PSU’s, top enterprise quality power supplies of any kind!

Ark Central says:

that doesn’t make sense… the 430w comes with 1x 6+2 Pin PCI-E connector… yet the 400w comes with 1x 6+2 Pin PCI-E connector AND 1x 6 pin PCI-E connector.


Hiya teamevga.
I have just been given a old amd 4.0 bulldozer FX-4100 gaming pc, which had a 500mb bog standard graphics card in it.
Iam new to pc gaming and recently i decide to upgrade the graphics card and managed to get a old ati radeon barts hd 6870
for nothing of a buddy of mine, also the psu that was already installed in my pc was incompatible for the card, and i have now
found out it was extremely cheap and verry dangerous.
So i decided to upgrade that to, and i heard that your company are a verry reputable brand, so i ordered 1 of your 600W 80+ white editions of amazon.
I have tried to find out some information about it of your web site. but there doesnt seem to be any and i was just wondering what type of capacitor they use, and is the unit 600w of continues power, and will it be ok for a basic gaming set up of a hd 6870, 1 hard drive ,1dvd cd disk drive , 4fans ,.8gb of ram, usbs, keyboard mouse etc etc.
Thanks for your time

Assassin5953 says:

How well is a 500w power supply with an intel i7 6700k and a gtx 1060 6gb? I already own a 500w psu and want to know if I need a better psu.

ChillSessionZ says:

Thanks helped alot buy one for my new gaming pc

The first undisputed champion says:

Can i use this psu (430W) for microtower pc ??? Urgent

IKH TV says:

Is the 500w good for gtx 1080?…..spend the entire budget on better specs rather then better psu or ssd….so will it work just fine?? Im no overclocker…cpu is ryzen 7 1700

Mitchell_ says:

Will the 500w fit in a nova case

Crazy Emu says:

i live in australia and im going to buy the 500w from tigerdirect will it come with an australian power cable wall socket or it wont please help

Akrillix TF2 says:

I can’t get mine to work properly. With most Power Supplies they have ports on the side, but this doesn’t. This is the first computer I’ve built and I’m stuck, please help. Thanks.

BossTekGaming.com says:

Going to be using these in some builds soon !

Paulo Daniel says:

What happens if I connect my psu 430w (1 6-pin power connection) to a single graphic card that requires 2 6-pin power connection?

VeDoOo says:

the evga 430 power cable it’s very strange? Just where to plug it in. not the psu inside cable the other to put in in your house power ? Thx

Anthony Magrene says:

Just picked up one for my little bros build with my old 460. Haven’t installed yet though. I myself have the 750G PSU with u 770 ACX and my evga z77 ftw mb. All with my evga poster above my pc on the wall.

Rabnud Species says:

what are the sata cables like, I herd they weren’t right.

- Sensei - says:

So i live in NZ, and the electricity volts are 230-240. Im guessing i need an plug adapter and a power tranformer?

PhuckHue2 says:

the capacitors inside are junk. Capxons and Teapos are not good. thats why the prices are so low

Ryan TheRadical says:

I have a 430w PSU with an i5 cpu and a gtx 1060. am I screwed?

Nelson Velasquez says:

500w can connect to my grphics card that needs 8 pin right?

Christian Dopazo says:

Does this psu can do with a fx 6300 3.5ghz and a r7 360?

Thrilling Hazardous says:

how many pcie connectors does evga 500w have?

Turk8iGames says:

Is the 430w is better (for like gaming and how speed and strong is) Than the 500w?

Thrilling Hazardous says:

will the evga 500w will be compatible in i3 4170 and rx 580 (Sapphire Nitro+)

choplass says:

Which is better, this or the Bronze series EVGA 500 B1?

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