EVGA 500 Watt 80+ Bronze – $40 Power Supply – Review

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Itz Clutch says:

Can a intel i5 6402p rx 480 run H1z1 kotk with high fps

Sawowner says:

Does anyone know if a 550w would be enough for a heavily OC’d 980ti and 6700k?

Retour says:

If I bought the standar EVGA 500 (80+ but no bronze) I will be good enough with a gtx 1050ti and i5 4440 processor?

Raul Lopez says:

Can you do paladins on acer aspire e 15 940mx please thank you? Like if you agree.

Kuchen LP says:

How long is the wall-cable?

What Comes Around™ says:

You should do infomercials

soldierofsoul86 says:

Will the EVGA 700B fit into the corsair spec 1 case?

Eyeless says:

hi tech deals! question. My PC has a gtx 1050 ti, a Intel i5 6500, 8gb RAM, and the evga 500w power supply. I’m thinking of upgrading to the gtx 1060 6gb, is my power supply good enough?

Mohammed Essam says:

Do you recommend me use this with a gtx 1070?

mopore says:

Hello! and Thank You for Welcoming me to Tech Deallllllzzzzz!

bbecht says:

Thanks for the review! I’ve been looking all over the internet for images of the EVGA “Power On Self Tester” which is essentially just a jumper (I could use a paperclip). Long time subscriber, keep up the good work!

Hugs says:

the fan is on the top not the bottom if you look at the label

flav gaming says:

is compatible with the 1080 and the r5 1600?

King Lucas says:

This is good I have it

Joepz says:

please review g4560 next ✌

Alen Ajanović says:

I have this psu with ryzen 5 1600 and 6gb 1060. If decide for some modest overclock in the future, will this psu be enough?

قاشع says:

will this fit in any case??

Robert Knight says:

Would this power supply be good to add to the $400 PC you talked about a few weeks ago? I ask cause I’d like to get this power supply and an affordable RX 470 to add to that PC to have a cheap but good gaming experience.

Diamonddogusa says:

This is molex. odds are you’ll never use this…. I wish i could say that, I really, really do.

Vivek Vhatkar says:

This Video was very informative. Thanks.

Supaaman says:

I just bought a PowerColor RX 480 4gb asking for a 500w PSU, will this one work with my Dell 3847 i5 4460?

Nitish Bangera says:

Amazing Video again. I am from India and usually, my builds are budget rigs(non sli) with GTX 1060 for which I use Corsair Vs550 which has worked pretty well. Now I am going to build a rig with GTX 1070 and I think Corsair Vs550 won’t be that efficient. Getting a EVGA 500W is really difficult in India and hence considering the budget, I have chosen to go with Cooler Master Storm Addition GXII 500W.

Rig Details:
CPU : Core I7 7700
Mobo : Gigabyte Ga B250M D3H
Ram : Corsair 16Gb 2400MHZ
HDD : WD Caviar Blue 1TB 7200rpm
SDD : Samsung 850 Evo
Cabinet : Corsair Carbide Spec 01
GPU : Zotac GTX 1070 8G Extreme Edition
Monitor : Dell S2216H 21.5 inch * 2

The other PSUs that I am considering is Corsair CX600 and CX650M. Please do help me in finalising a PSU for this rig. Any other suggestions on the Pc Rig is highly appreciable.

LAKings4TheCup says:

Hi, at my local shop I have to choose between a 650W Platinum2 and a 850W Bronze2 (both EVGA supernova) for a i7700K GTX 1070 both overclocked. Both PSU’s should handle the PC but would the 850 be much quieter/cooler? If not I’ll go with the 650.

mujjuman says:

i have this is great

João Guilherme Moraes Amendola says:

I really like your videos, they are entertaining, informative, simple and fun. Thanks for uploading content for us!

Ola Lilliehöök says:

Dont be a cheapsakte buy a modular PSU.

Knight Fox says:

hi tech deals , did you saw 500 watt psu for 80+ gold ? if have can give the link ? pls and thx

Diego Rodríguez says:

could you do more vids on peripherals(headsets, keyboards, mice, etc)

HemmarHaert says:

I must say with power supply works great

Krishna says:

can i run
” i7 7700k
asus striz rog gtx 1080 oc
16gb 2400mhz ram and
asus z270k motherboard ”
on 500w ?
beacuse i already bought a 500w 80+ white and i dont have any problem with this but will it be ok ??
need support

Jesse Silliman says:

What do you mean “black sleeve cables, no ketchup and mustard” ??? that is not his power supply… xD

Billy Jean says:

I have the 550w supernova G2 gold 80 evga for my sky lake gaming pc fully modular

Daniel Leung says:

I know this has nothing to do with this video but its about a video you made before. The dell 7559 gaming laptop, the 1080p version, that you showed playing League of legends, you got about 150-200 fps, I only get 45 fps while at the medium preset

smokeydops says:

Yo Techy, could you consider PlanetSide 2 for your benchmarks?
It is, of course, a game that is difficult or near impossible to “benchmark”, but it is an example of a typically CPU limited game.
You can even hit ALT+F in the game to show an FPS counter that indicates whether or not the CPU or GPU is the bottleneck.
It is also an example of an incredibly demanding game. Exact performance varies patch to patch, but it is “optimized” in the sense that it responds well to having better hardware.

Gynnos G says:

Hello Tech Deals.. Will this PSU fit in Dell Optiplex 990 MT..? Planning to change the PSU. Thanks.

ashen perera says:

Please review asus strix gtx 1050ti 4gb vga

Mohammad Ripon says:

Wow amazing very nice your video,, I Liket,, and I am Looking this & same Powersupply for my PC Computer,, thanks Sooooo.. much

TrenoInCasa e Arcade Channel says:

i looking for your great video… it’s enough for :
-Intel Core i5 6500
 -EVGA GTX 1060
-H170M-E D3

IAmLeaf says:

Can you do a benchmark in plant vs zombies garden warfare 2.Love the videos btw.Thanks

Never Enough Dirt says:

Very interested in hearing your thoughts on the evga 550 80+ gold psu.

Flashteenz says:

Hey guys, I’ve never built a PC before so I’m really curious. How do people internationally fix the issue of PSU power socket / wall connection compatibility? I mean I live in Singapore and we use UK standard power sockets so if I buy a PSU like this straight off of Amazon will the PSU be incompatible with my country’s power sockets? I mean would the Amazon sold PSUs be of US standard? Would I need a power socket adapter etc?

I’m really wondering why no one ever brings up this topic and how it’s solved.

Welky Liwe says:

I don’t understand that three people (at the time I was typing) that are disliking this video. I can’t find anything to dislike on this whole channel. like seriously.

Ultrawide Head Gaming says:

Will this handle even something like the Sapphire Radeon NITRO R9 Fury 4GB? A lot of places say you should have a 750w power supply for that.

Everything in Arabic says:

i have strix 1060 and msiz170 gaming m3 and 6600k is this pus works good for me ?

turbofanlover says:

I put this PSU in my latest build a year and a half ago………………she’s a honey!…..so far. 😉

iPervy says:

Bought this for a new computer for my dad and worked great and very happy with it! Only wish it was modular but for the price theres no reason to complain haha.

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