EVGA 450BT – 80+ Bronze Power Supply – Review + Install Guide

Great Deal on a PSU for a Budget Build, OEM System Upgrade, or Replacing a Failed Power Supply!
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Jesus Moreno says:

I’m wondering to buy a new PC, a Ryzen 1600, a EVGA GTX 1060 SC (1 fan), 16GB DDR4 and a Seasonic S12ii 520w 80+ BRONZE.
Do you think I will have any issues in terms of power in the future?

moses molina says:

Hey tech i got the nex750b will this work with the Cadillac i8700k build

snapmatic_photography says:

tech deals, i love your videos and you’re the reason why i started gaming on a PC. i love how you never curse and keep it family friendly and state EVERYTHING that has to do with the product. keep it up and happy new year!!!

RMC Videographers says:

I assume that’s your kids art work being reflected in the case at the end! Great video straight forward and simple! Great for beginners! Good job keep it up! Makes me want to rebuild my new pc again.

Captain Future says:

I really have nothing to build right now…but I come here for therapy. Your voice is like a good teacher’s, soothing and assuring. Thank you so much.
Now…how much do you charge for a full session?

Obie327 says:

I bought one these for a Dell i3 4150 system, 16 gigs of 1600 mhz ram, MSI GTX 970 gaming overclocked. Ran fine on this EVGA 450 watt PSU. Thanks Tech Deals for the video.

Miron Liu says:

Does anyone know what the BT stands for?

Mile Siljanovski says:



Great video

Spectator says:

i respect Acer cuz the only OEM brand which u can upgrade parts easy, all part is stander compatibility

Josh Slone says:

How long is it?

Josh Shewfelt says:

Jumpjive3:I have this psu in both my kids computers. I5 6500 gtx 1060 and i3 6100 gtx 1050ti. Works great!

James Chambers says:

Not related to this video, but have you used the MX 300 525 gb m.2 (part # CT525MX300SSD4 on Amazon) in a Asus b 350 Mobo? ASUS says it isn’t compatible and could damage the board if used. Any thoughts?

StanicEnemy says:

EVGA doesnt make their own power supply they simply rebrand it and selling it,their power supply isnt really great,i would get seasonic for fsp at least.

IDMooseMan says:

I saw an FSP Group PSU was initially installed. That’s cool, because I have won a couple of prizes from FSP Group.

Also, excellent video, as always. I enjoy seeing these “simple upgrade” types of videos.

AERGXUYOS SaulValdis says:

I watched you’re other psu video guide, but I am still not sure how big psu I need.
I wanna have: Ryzen 1700;
GTX 1070 Ti
3 ssds and 3 hard drives.
Probably less, but I intend to record/ edit so might end up with several information storages.
Also I experience electricity spikes and cuts, like for a 3 seconds, rarely but happens a shutdowns.
Ik I probably need a ups, but would bigger psu help for few second or millisecond electricity outage.

Keifer Kelly says:

tech deals explained things the best ways i built my first Desktop because of his channel

Gopal Dhar says:

Sir I have bought a msi a320m pro-vd motherboard ryzen 1300x processor and a ADATA 2400 MHZ U-DIMM model no AD4U240038G17-B. But unfortunately my pc is not booting. So where is the problem I am not understanding. So plz tell me sir what should I do now

Lucas Casco says:

Great video, this is seriously as easy as you said, you just need to lose your fear to do things first.

AERGXUYOS SaulValdis says:

It really seems almost like he is selling this stuff, but he is explaining in amazing detail and I really like it. Keep up the good work

Ash Gupta says:

I just recently did a budget build and used a cheap Corsair PSU. I’m beginning to think I made the wrong choice because all the Youtube build videos I’ve seen since are using EVGA or other brands.

F Qop says:

BTW, PSU are more efficient on the higher voltage. so If you live in USA and Japan, your efficiency is way less

Bill Stelling says:

You sir, are the Mr Rogers of tech review.. It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Don’t change a thing..

StackemUp says:

We should be mindful of encouraging too much plastic being used in packaging, most of it ends up in our oceans and landfill. We should be promoting minimalist packaging to save the environment, and reducing the price of these quality components. Who wants to spend 20% of the total price just on a flashy box and lots of plastic?

Steven Williams says:

Great video! I really like how you are always there for the budget gamers, as well as top end enthusiasts. Your sound has gotten a lot better!

Valeera says:

people still use sata 3 today?

King Makaveli says:

Can you make a vid on amd new mobile and desktop apu”s they look great for laptop and budget desktops

Markinpuff says:

Are u at CES? If not, why not?

Justin Rivera says:

Can’t wait to see that new shirt you got for belated Christmas 😉

Prathamesh Patil says:

Ketchup and mustard I like it
Just kidding
Love your videos man

Eric Phomthevy says:

Came here to like the video. Have to watch this on my lunch break.

Yume says:

I got this EVGA 450BT for $15 after rebate on Amazon about 6 months ago. Great deal for the money, even at regular $30 price.

Alexander Radev says:

Why would anyone pick this PSU over EVGA B3 unit, that comes with fully modular cables, eco mode for no fan operation and a 80+ silver operation, even though it is branded as bronze (according to Jonnyguru when he examined the B3).?

Jason says:

What in the world amazon gtx 1060 3gb for 400 dollars. Gtx 1070s not the Ti’s for 700 to 1000 dollars. This is getting way out of hand.

LiveFreeOrRIP says:

AWESOME!!! I just put two gtx 1050s in 2 dell optiplex i5 2400 machines. Now they can play most games and they are Blown away. The dells I got were factory upgraded with GPUs and 8 gigs of ram. They both only needed the Gforce experience to get the drivers and boom instant No more lag. DAD my PC is working so good now. TY Mr. Deals you have helped me so much and my boys LOVE to game on the pc. I now have 5 desktops set up and one more to be lol… I have 5 boys 1 is only a year old but the other 4 play games with me. She didnt want our boys out in the neighbor hood a muck so I said well if they are going to be home most of the time why not let them have something to do… =) I will become a Patron after I pay off xmas bills……omg we overspent this year. I hope you are doing well and you continue youtube!!!

mclightning88 says:

Nice. Using a Seasonic 550w 80+ Gold in my crappy (yet does the job) HP prebuilt with a 2GB GTX 960 OC.

James DePriest says:

Love the real talk about wattage needed in a power supply. Too many of the mid-range builds I see on tech videos are running 850 or 1000W PSUs and it makes no sense to me.

Jeff Morse says:

Got that last summer for $9.99 after rebate from Amazon. I couldn’t believe it (and EVGA actually paid the rebate with no issue). Absolute steal.

AERGXUYOS SaulValdis says:

Man, I really enjoy this video, the opening part: _shiny_, but most importantly detail and the way information is explained in here

Toby Hines says:

17.xx bucks from Amazon last Nov.for an AMD APU HTPC 5800K.

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