EVGA 430W Power Supply Review

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mike hunt says:

nice find

Pete Morse says:

I haven’t bought any EVGA stuff but what I’ve seen of theirs looks really nice.  I think I might do an EVGA build in the future.

dildodickgollum says:

Why is everyone saying not to pair with a high end card? I was planning on using it with a i5 7500 and 1070, the build would only be at 310 watts

RiceControllers says:

Can I run sdd and hdd?

TheTemest says:

One has to assume that your review is heavily slanted toward the gaming world. For someone who doesn’t have dual graphics cards, dual CPU’s, 3 HDD’s and 2 SDD’s and require an 80 gold, 10 billion gigajoule, $300.00 power supply, and doesn’t even own a game, this seems to be a good PSU….or is it still just above the garbage level?

ig33ku says:

I put it where the sun don’t shine – way at the bottom of the case under the 12cm gc 😛

connly33 says:

i have one powering a non overclocked fx 6300 a gtx 770, 1 HDD 1 SSD and 4 120 mm fans and 2 months  later its still going, although to be safe i want to get a 550-600 watt psu sometime soon and this will go into my file server to replace the stock HP psu 

T.E.D. de Medici says:

The disciples of Tim.

Jimboss99 says:

Great video!

Kingdom Of Mog says:


John Doe says:

that intro man soo funny. Btw what keyboard and mouse do you have/use?

Richard Graves says:

would you use this for a gaming pc ?

Ion Basa says:

Hmm, this would go perfectly with an AMD APU build, or even with that 8 core atom server board that Logan and Wendell recently reviewed. Might need to get that board + this PSU and have a kick ass yet budget friendly media server…

Gabriel Leiva says:

This is a good psu, i’m running an A10 7860K and a 750ti with no problems, my only complain is the lack of more sata power molex

Jake O'Quinn says:

Now that’s a cheap power supply

PhuckHue2 says:

not designed for gaming but great for everything else. if you game with this it’s always going to be on 10 and it could either die or catch on fire depending on the quality of the capacitors

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