EVGA 430 Watt – $35 Power Supply – Review

Buy EVGA 430 Watt 80+ Certified Power Supply – @ Amazon http://amzn.to/2iCnJDO – @ NewEgg http://bit.ly/2jjKbDy
Full Playlist of Power Supply Reviews – http://bit.ly/2fWImtS
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EVGA 400 Watt – Buy @ Amazon – http://amzn.to/2h8N5wr – @ NewEgg – http://bit.ly/2hnkpMp
EVGA 500 Watt – Buy @ Amazon – http://amzn.to/2gF63XP – @ NewEgg – http://bit.ly/2gYKW5M
EVGA 600 Watt – Buy @ Amazon – http://amzn.to/2h9ApTy – @ NewEgg – http://bit.ly/2g386EI


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Hello tech Diller xD

killercat268 says:

Tech Deals, i really enjoy your content. I prefer the professional style over other tech tubers. keep up the good work!

Amiga Wolf says:

A good 430w PSU can be more then enough to drive a MB with 16GB, and a M.2 SSD 256GB, and a 2,5″ HD 1TB, and a Intel Core i7-5775C OC to 4.0GHz, and a George GTX 1080 all water cooled, my hole computer never comes above 300w playing 3D games on 3440×1440, like FarCry 3 or Metro: Last Light Redux or any other game I played, and I use a 600w PSU, and use a wattage meter to see how much my hole system uses.

Kieran Wright Photo says:

I’m glad you made this review! when i first saw this, i thought: damn this will probably be pretty dodgy but as you’ve explained, it’s not too bad at all! especially for the price! (speaking of: I’m assuming this is USD?)

Fish says:

my case fans need a molex as power for some reason (not even old case)

TheRaellz says:

Tech Deals, you should check out Planetside 2 for high end gaming tests. The game looks beautiful and has a high demand at peak hours for high population. Also, it’s free to play. You should look into it.

YoMomma 7 says:

Love your vids! You deserve more subs! When I wanted to know more about this power supply I immediately thought of you and sure enough you have a very detailed, thought out video. Keep it up man!

charles rylatt says:

I got the 500w version of this delivered for £38, thanks for your review

Nicolantonio De Bari says:

i have a gtx 1060 ftw edition, an i5 6500, ssd, hd, b150 gaming m3 mb,
is it fine to get this as my power supply? i took a look at pcpart picker saying that everything (including fans etc) would use up like 340w,
what do you reckon i do?

spoNaris TV says:

Hi Tech Deals! your reviews really help me deciding whether buying a gaming laptop or building my own PC. I am a no brainy tech and your reviews really really make sense. Works for me.

Wrestling Fan says:

Would a Corsair VS 450 be better?

DJ Distonic says:

The cables are sleeved but they are still ketchup and mustard color. Please get it right man. All black cables show no color but black, these clearly show yellow and red everywhere… These cables also wouldn’t look good with an open side panel man, red and yellow just don’t work anymore.

Christopher Dimmick says:

if you watch the EVGA ones change price constantly, I got a 500w bronze for 35

Subramaniyen C says:

Awesome Video Tech deals! Just wanted to know if I can buy the Corsair VS 450 PSU as it’s the only PSU available in my country easily

Knight Fox says:

Hey tech deals , is it corsair vs450 80+ white same as evga 430 watt ? or which one is better ??? pls answer me , i need to decide to buy

Exon says:

Tech deals, Can I add a gtx 1050 on an Optiplex 790 MT? with the default PSU and or this 430 EVGA PSU?

App Treeline says:

Could you do a Gigabyte Z270 Review, please? 🙂

Matt w says:

Just about to buy this for a low cost build, thanks for the review

Carlrosie says:

love how you talk to the viewers, very easy to understand. hope become the nex5 linustechtips or even bigger!!

Arkangel Salazar says:

I can’t find this in my country philippines can you compare that EVGA430 and Corsair VS 450? Please thanks !

Trevor R says:

I have the Corsair 430 CX series. Should’ve got this.

Weighted Wombat says:

When is the hour long Vlog for the upcoming build video being posted? I’m looking forward to that one!

LeuiQi Zee says:

ive learned so much from this video

DUpanda ShAN says:

Only time when this psu will prowide 80% of the power from the wall is (evga say: “under tipical load”). Under tipical load for any psu mean best efficiency (around 50% load) or for this psu 215W load! Every psu has efficiency curve. If you push your psu too far first will be loud and second will be inefficient!

Tropcopter says:

Been using this PSU for nearly 3 years with no issues. Great product, well worth the money

Josh Arnold says:

Got my EVGA 750W G2 for $45 and it’s fully modular

Sandeep Dhull says:

Is corsair vs450 any good.. I am running my pic on it.. and is it 80+ 230V certified..what is the meaning of it.

Neon says:

hello tech deals!.
so i know you bought that cyberpowerPC on amazon. did you use Express shipping? if not how much time did it take to deliver at your door step

NovaStorm1101 says:

I have a question: While I was looking at graphics cards to buy, mainly the GTX 1050 Ti card, it says a 300w psu is required, is that referring to the psu’s peak wattage? Or the psu’s continuos wattage? The reason I ask is because my pc’s psu can run 150w continuosly, but can put out up to 300w peak

Tech Stuff says:

You guys need more subs and views! The quality of these videos is brilliant 🙂 You are the first notification i open in the morning when i wake up 😉 Great job

wizzgamer says:

Can’t fault this power supply had it for over a year currently using the 500 Watt version with a geforce 970 and i5 6600k oc to 4.4ghz with no issues so far.

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