EVGA 400 Watt – $30 Power Supply – Review

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Wrestling Fan says:

Does this have 6 pin connector

Sean Eredia says:

Is my G4400 and 1050 2gb good for this psu?


umm…..i have a cooler master 350 plus psu……………….will the gtx 1060 work???
i5 4460
b85m d3h a
8 ddr3 xpg adata

Games Lover says:

Your videos are awsome In-short Love IT…can u suggest me a SSD drive or SSD M.2,
I am using asus z170 pro gaming kindly advice at the soonest….Thanx & Regards

Sergei Mednikov says:

its not quiet, its louder than my hyper t2 lol

pm6550 says:


I was tossing up between a 500 watt Silverstone and EVGA psu for my recent build. Regret not getting the EVGA.

vanillagear2000 says:

Hey I was just hoping to ask a question about a motherboard I bought recently. It has some age to it (I bought it for £10 afterall) but I was baffled by an engraving around the CPU socket that said 115X LM. I have no clue as to what that means (I’m a beginner when it comes to building PCs) and I was wondering if a LGA 1155 Processor would fit here. Thanks.

jlo686 says:

it is safe leave this psu unlpug from wall? i see evga 400w have no power switch on/off

Tech Deals says:

*NOTE* – If you just need a basic power supply, this does the job… I now have this installed in my i5-4440 Acer Aspire mini-tower and it runs the Gigabyte GTX 1070 Mini just fine, I’ve already recorded benchmarks on that card using this power supply, so you really don’t need more, if you’re on a budget.

*UPDATE* – Some of you will notice that back in December, I posted a review of the EVGA 400 watt power supply – That was a different video, this is a new review filmed to bring it up to a better standard including close up shots of the various cables and plugs, I hope you like it!

Dave Satay says:

This must be sponsored.

A power supply will often last for years, across multiple PC builds.

Why pay 30 bucks for a supply from EVGA, a graphics card company? What does EVGA know about power supply engineering?

Better to get Seasonic or Antec, they are the experts.

Benjamin Cheng says:

This channel actually explains shit.

Alex Castillo says:

Just bought one on sale on EVGA’s site for $17 total shipped. Gonna pop it into a prebuilt with an i5 2500 and I’m gonna add in an HD 6870. Should work great for a minecraft machine.

Andrei Andreev says:

400W quite healthy watts for ONLY 30 dollars?!

mclightning88 says:

Tech Deals, what do you think of this computer?
Probably going to throw in My GTX 960 2GB until I upgrade to a RX 470.

Alessandro7432 says:

Hey Tech what is the difference between the Samsung 850 PRO and the 850 EVO? I wanna buy an SSD for my PC games

DonknDave says:

I’ve enjoyed your videos. Any thoughts on the best setup, and cheapest one, for video editing? Should I be looking at a gaming computer instead? Lastly, what video editing software do you use? I’m using Power Director 14.

ComeAndPlayWithGames says:

The 430W looks to be the better deal with sleeves ,higher temperature, and 80 plus certification for $5 more.

Joshua says:

Yes that’s all great, but what of the important things like ripple control, voltage regulation, hold-up time, component quality, PFC correction?

Ak47 says:

Should it be 400w psu evga or ANY psu would the trick?

DaKing Gaming says:

Hey could you please do a performance video on FPS with and without PCI Express 3.0? Thanks

hansjaru1 says:

I follow your videos as they are accurate, to-the-point and informative …… keep up the good work 🙂

Cairo Murphy says:

Didn’t you already review this.

ubbgn says:

Great PSU for sure, man they need to stop putting floppy disk connectors, is someone needs it just get an adapter.

Blue Seiko says:

This is flawed like most PSU “review” should not say review but overview…if you wanna review a PSU you have to open it, check the components, test it under load and take data from that. Thank god for Johnny Guru and them guys.

TbonePlays says:

You should do some PC giveaways for poor people like me =)

gdfschimpi007 says:

Might as well just get the 500W version for $10 more as it has 2x PCI-E 6+2pin.

LifeLongLearner says:

Great short review!

Matthew Lopez says:

tech deals is it ok to put a gaming PC on ur hardwood floor (does that get it too dirty) in the corner (does that make it hot)?

Dave O says:

The Stud is Back!

armaan maan says:

sir I folloWS your videos I wanna know about the Acer aspire e15 battery backup & also will it be better to use Acer laptop for long run approx atleast 7 to 8 yrs. thanx plz suggest me.

TwisseN [Inactive] says:

Hello TechDeals! I am really sory to my irrelevant comment to this video but i have a big problem. I have been following you for 3-4 months and yo’re doing very good and understandable videos. Congratulations about that. I watched your Asus X99A-II motherboard videos and i pretty love that motherboard. Nearly 1 month ago, i built a x99 sistem and i bought Asus X99A-II. I didn’t build it, i mean i just bought it, the store did it. Everything was pretty well. I bought system without graphics card. 1 week later i found nearly new, second hand gtx 1070 and i bought it. I installed all drives and stuffs. I enabled “Ez Tunning Wizard” and cpu was working at 4.0ghz (i7 6800k) and it was not stable so i downgrade the CPU ghz to 3.8 with same way because i wasn’t know how to disable Ez Tunning Wizard. Actually, still i don’t know. Anyway, it was working very good except boot time. It was so long. I mean bios screen was coming in 10-15 sec. 2 days later. I was AFK. The PC was open. Then i came to look something on internet but it already closed. I tried to open it. It didn’t work. There was a red led light and Error code 00 on code screen. I really scared and next day i go to the store (which’s i buy computer, in Turkey) and they waited me like 2 weeks. They was going to change motherboard with a new one but they said CPU came early and we installed the CPU and it worked. I wanted to show them CPU Fan Speed Error which i had since i built this computer. They could’t figure it out. In that time we tried Ez Tunning Wizard and it overclocked. I mean it was. It was openning but there was same clock speed (3.4ghz). Then they said me left PC for one day more here and we’ll look that problems. They didn’t call me. 2 Days later i went to store and this time they said; “We tried everything to solve this problem but it didn’t work. (He said we manually overclocked too) We made a phonecall with Asus and they said We don’t recommend overclock. The problem can based on software(bios).” They offered me to change Motherboard to new one or Another brand with same price. I asked someone with my cellphone. He checked the motherboard on internet and said go with Asus and I did like that. Today i read so many bad comments on Neweeg and lots of problems was same with my problem. The motherboard didn’t replace yet so i am really consider about replace with new one. I’m looking for another brand X99 motherboards. What’s your thoughts about that happen? Should i go with Asus? or Do you have any recommendation? Which motherboard do you recommend for me?

My Specs:
-i7 6800k Processor
-Asus X99A-II Motherboard
-2×8 3200gb Kit RAM
-250 GB Samsung 750 Evo SSD
-1 TB WD Blue HDD
-Corsair h110i GTX
-CM MasterCase 5 with 750+ Bronze PSU

Aquila Adrian says:

Hey i want to move from my gtx 1060 3gb evga sc to this rx 480 reference
the reason is my friend wants to build new pc and he wants to buy my
card, also i realize 3gb is not enough for me
my power supply 400w be quiet System power 8 80+ , i look at table i can find 387 at 12V rails,
my current rig:
i5 6500
2 x 7,2K rpm , 1 SSD,
2 x 120mm , 1 x 80mm, 1 x 92 mm cpu cooler fan

is it ok if i move directly without changging my power supply? i
calculate my power consumption in outervision’s powersupply calculator
with rx 480 and resulting recommended psu 350W(90% tdp, 1120 rx 480
clocked, 24h utilization)
what is bugging me is that several people say in forums that i have to
change my power supply to 450 or even 500W

AVRge Gmer says:

I been looking into your guides and I plan to get an acer aspire t i5 6400 model with either a gtx 1050ti sc or an rx 470. The only issue is that i would need a 6 pin connector for the rx 470. is it worth it to get the rx 470 over the 1050ti and how much of a hassle would it be to install and upgrade ? btw ty!

K2 Gamer says:

I got the ASUS h110m-a/dp lga 1151motherboard and pentium G4500.

Ali Konakçı says:

This guys teeth is brighter than my future

Oliver Falk says:

Hey can you make a video of a msi gs73vr i7 6700hq gtx 1060 with fhd screen please 🙂

Gurjit Gill says:

Can someone help me?
I am planning on buying a laptop that I can use for university and that will occasionally let me play games as well. The notebook that I am currently looking into is the 15.6 inch HP 250 G5 laptop with Intel i5-6200U@ 2.3GHz with 8GB RAM and 256 GB SSD. In terms of price, I am on a budget and this machine in Canada will cost me 730 Canadian Dollars. Do you think that this laptop will be any good for me. I am also considering the exact same Acer E15 laptop that you have reviewed which I can get for 800 Canadian Dollars.Which one do you think will suit my needs? I am hesitant towards the Acer as it is 70 dollars more and I am on a strict budget. Although, the acer’s dedicated graphics card, back-lit keyboard and 7th gen cpu sounds nice to me.

This question is open to anyone that is willing to read this significantly long comment. Please share any thoughts and knowledge. Thanks.

Jaraxxus The swedish Eredar lord says:

Is it worth to sell my asus strix 1060 6gb for 290$ and then buy a sapphire rx 480 8gb for 250$ and spend those 40$(+30$) on a mechanical keyboard?

Martin J says:

Can you do a 800$ full setup with windows and wifi?

Thoribas says:

Are you planning to make a video about AMD CPUs? I thinking on biulding an AMD PC (budget) but I think I need some guidance.

Coopa1oop says:

could this run a core i5 4590 and a gigabyte gtx 1060 G1 and a htc vive?

jose juan andrade says:

3 days without a new upload and the twitter seems to be down, is everything ok Mr. Tech Deals?

Liam TanCock says:

Great PSU review for EVGA 400W

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