Enermax Digifanless 550W PSU – My New Favourite Power Supply?

In this video I take a look at a new power supply from Enermax! 🙂
It’s digital.. It’s fanless… It’s Digifanless!! 😛


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Thanks for watching 🙂


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Scott Joyce says:

Dayyyyammmm that cost more than a hooker for 1 night lol, Still are really nice PSU though I think Ill take two 😀

Azerock Gaming says:

I’d like your (and the community) opinion on my plans for upgrading my GPU.  Currently running the original 6gb Titan that I’ve had since launch. Not had any issues with it and it still performs really well but being an upgrade whore I want to replace it but unsure as to what will provide the biggest leap in performance. Possibly looking in the direction of the new Titan X but also interested in 980 sli setups.  Thoughts?

p jg says:

105deg C

TexasTimelapse says:

I’m sooo happy I found your channel! A beautiful woman and tech! What a perfect match. Subscribed!

weinfin says:

what negative part when you say the wire isnt heat? sorry i didn’t manage to catch it.

Mr. Clean says:

marry me, don’t ask why just do it

Simonarne Myklebust says:

what i look for in my dream powersupply… hmmm if it wore glasses was kinda dorky and short.. sure i will keep with that here too

Tredfull says:

You have a great sense of humour! Nice video

VRODRIGUES1983 says:

Hello Lauren! A few days ago I received an email from your channel warning of a new video … I started to watch, but had an internet connection problem and could not finish it … But when I returned to the channel, not found more! What happened? PS: It was a review of DDR4 memories with white heatsinks … 

By the way, Congratulations for your channel! I love the videos and I confess that I watch a lot to improve my English … Not to mention the help to choose the hardware, of course …

Marcus Vollans says:

Great review as always lauren.I really enjoy your channel

luncent Cy says:

fanless psu ?… will it be hot ?

Conenion says:

105 degrees Celsius = 221 degrees Fahrenheit 🙂

Robert Loyd says:

Hello, once again than you for the great coverage. I may consider one for my slow migration to a “fanless” configuration, and eventual core system upgrade. I currently use the Corsair Link Commander. Which reminds me I need to install my other thermistors and create new cooling curves for the fan change ups until then.

Garduno Angel says:

Me likes video and seeing lovely looking LAUREN

ParadoxPotato says:

What just happened to one of your videos? I got a notification about a new video but turns out it was deleted :c

Ghost says:

LOL I love how I ended up here from watching videos of PS4s and Xbox Ones getting smashed.

+TastyPCTV  Nice videos btw, I subscribed for whenever I decide to upgrade to PC gaming haha

DDhide14 says:

I want to taste your PC so bad…..I want to lick it for hours, then pound it

Parker says:

lol Nice! Educational and with bonus ASMR! lol

chasiu75 says:

Why was the actual voltages so low?

HockeyDay says:

I have enjoy your video, thinks for the info keep it up.

kf7jonny says:

230$ For a 550W PSU? Shure, I´m goin to boy it with no doubt!!!

Mr Rishi The Cookie says:

Hello Miss. I have a question.
How do you earn all the money to get this stuff to review?

CaptainPrice889 says:

I’m Building my first PC 🙂

David says:

Why do so many people feel the need to take this person’s looks into consideration when typing a comment? It’s so petty and comes of as desperate.

greg thescaleymanfish says:

Please!, read me a story!!!, your voice is beautiful!

Tareque Khan says:

R u single?

Atrax R says:

No one can ever say “floppy” without chuckling. lol

The Holy Father. says:

Running that cheap Antec HCG 600w Psu, PRIDE!

Mtaalas says:

How full of lonely guys the internet can be… like you have never seen a woman 😛

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