EEVblog #509 – Rigol DP832 Lab Power Supply

Dave gives his initial impression on the Rigol DP832 triple output 195W lab power supply.


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Nevets says:


Chuck Norris says:

You bang on about how crap everything about it is, then at the end you say GO BUY IT NOW IT’s AMAZING! All the videos you’ve done say it’s shit, it breaks it’s not accurate, it over heats, you think the buttons are ‘wanky’. Is that just typical Aussie impression? Try and slate it but it’s actually pretty good.

Rahim Aziz says:

nice tshirt!

Garry Williams says:

Dave, you will have to please forgive me, I have autism and some other problems, one of which is Non PC thoughts and a sad sense of humour. As such I was sat here watching when you did your review of the knobs and the dial and it went through my mind … your laying in bed and the missus prods you in the never regions going eew no , it sticks up around there and is at the wrong angle and well, it just feels erm well you know, just , NO – FAIL.

Why do I exist ?, no idea. I just have a messed up mind that kind of cant sit still or on topic.

João Ferreira says:

Rigol should release a 150$-ish single output programmable power supply.

Sergio Andrés Sánchez Sanjuán says:


Dave L says:

Dave you should – 3D print a better knob – would be simple to create, cheers

Son of a Zombie says:

Pay-to-win micro-transactions in a power supply???

Thanks for the video, really appreciate it.   but this chinese PS sucks.

Tessa Mccan says:

Isues due to user error

Wes Z says:

What’s with that Power Up Voltage Spike? Seems kind of tragic depending on if you had something connected. Possibly could take out that high end processor on that $100K proto board you mentioned. But maybe no current flow at Power Up? I don’t think you checked power up current with the load, just the voltage.
Thanks for the review.

Ben Biles says:

Hi, can anyone tell me if this power supply has tracking serial mode ? I’ll be doing a fair bit of testing op amps using split power supplies +/- 5v up to arround +/-15v. It would be great if I can change the two channels +/-V with one input contoller. sorry in advance for this newby question. I am assuming it is possible to link 2 channels !! ? Also can anyone recomend a more reliable power supply for around the same money. I watched dave diagnose channel 1 blowing a transistor after shorting with a relay and think it does’nt seam like the most reliable unit ? I dont need too many bells and wistle, just possibility of tracking split +/- power supply and some standard voltages. Perhaps I’m better off with 3 used single channel power supplies ?

1959Berre says:

I agree on using a scope standing vertically on the floor. Way less magnetic influences from surrounding gear on the bench. I noticed even a magnetic screwdriver lying around on a bench can influence the trace.

MatrixOfDynamism says:

What alternatives exist with similar features?

Jan Kirchner says:

I have the power supply PPS2116A and I like some of the functions – especially the memories. Unfortunately there are some bad sides of the PPS2116A. The rotation knob is made with low quality encoder and after a few months/years it is really not reliable – very difficult to operate. But the worst is that the PPS2116A can easily damage your circuits. It already destroyed a few of my electronics, mobile phone, AM meters fuse etc. How it is possible? When you turn off the PPS2116A and you do not DISCONNECT your circuit, the PPS will send cca 30V for 200ms to the outputs. They can be ON or OFF it does not matter, the 30V is sent to the outputs. Realy bad design!!!
I can send a osciloscope screenshot for all the cycle: Power on – out On – Power off. There the pulses are clearly seen.

Photonic_ Induction says:

i think its stupid and overpriced its ok for 200˘dollars but 400 fkn dollars ?!

Jim Griffiths says:

One problem I can see is that the 5V rail ground is common with channel 2 ground. This means that if you’re using CH1 and CH2 to provide dual rail power for an op amp circuit, the 5V rail will be biased to the negative rail rather than circuit ground. You would have to use CH1 as the negative supply instead, so you would have to use a longer cable to connect the positive of CH1 with the ground of CH2, just so that you could use the 5V rail for logic (instead of having to rely on an external 7805 reg).

Michael Brown says:

I really dislike the software upgradable features. They are basically saying the hardware cost is trivial, but we’re going to squeeze you if you want to use it. Not because we have to, but because we can and will.


The circular key pad is for the old geeks who still remember ye olde dial fone. 

Branton Davis says:

Come on, guys. I know it sucks psychologically to buy hardware with features disabled, but the alternative is multiple hardware versions with higher manufacturing costs and so higher cost to the consumer. I’d much rather the overall prices being lower and be able to buy an upgrade instead of buying a completely different model at higher cost when I need to upgrade.

Donna Moore says:

try watching this video on setting 0.5 and it’s sounds funny LMAO 

Narwaro says:

I wonder if they really use a monochrome display. I doubt it. I think they actually use the same hardware for all models with 3 channels.

Hyxtryx says:

You probably already figured it out, but the reason you’re seeing 0.001A when nothing is connected, is because you need to manually calibrate the thing.  The same thing happened to yours that happened to mine.  As soon as you ran it through some paces, the calibration went off.  You already had CH2 showing .001 when you unboxed it, and CH1 started doing that after you hooked up the big load!

I have a 5 digit meter that’s just barely adequate for calibrating this, but I managed to get CH1 of mine to within +/- .002 volts throughout the range; at many points it is dead-on. I had to run through the calibration a dozen or more times before I was satisfied.  If you have an expensive bench meter (I used a $250 Chinese handheld DMM), you can probably get it right on the first try.

I love this power supply.  It’s gadget heaven, and a great power supply to boot!  I have a 100W 1 ohm resistor I could try the 30V 3A test on, but I’m afraid to go that high. 🙂  Looks like yours wasn’t keeping up.   …or maybe you had a limit set elsewhere on the device?

LeiserGeist says:

Might be neat to try and edit the firmware to change little quirky personal things like that stupid speedometer mode thing button. If the firmware was open source it would be fantastic, but seeing as you have licenses and shit to buy, probably not.

Elecifun says:

I have had mine for few months now. Its awesome a I haven’t managed to kill it..Yet. I have killed three other PSU’s in less than 1 year. This is great and works really well handling all sorts of circuits I make it power. I love the rotary control as this make thumb spinning real easy. Got all the upgrades. No Cloud though. Only 2 complaints, 25 watts of power while its quiescent. If you lock the keypad you have to network into it to unlock it.


Nice, but is it worth it?

hansonsux says:

Nice power brick.

Greg Agnew says:

Thanks for the review Dave, just purchased this power supply.

Rasle500 says:

Oooh that is expensive… So please let me know what super cheap alternative you bought in stead.
Thanks in advance..

Le Hoang Hiep says:

Is the output channel isolated from each other ?

Chuck Norris says:

So this PSU can only supply up to 3A? or max 195Watt on a single channel @ specific voltage?

EETechs says:

You should investigate why shorting a DC motor across the output of Rigol made power supplies always blows the pass mosfet and the fuse. It just does not make any sense at all.

Nicholas Lee says:

I always find it lame when companies try and charge you extra for software to enable functionality that is physically present in the hardware you already bought.
Deliberately software-crippling kit before selling it is a really horrid sales technique.

Ser Shem says:

Сразу купил себе такой, аппарат отличный!
Спасибо за обзор.

Ian Holland says:

I can’t stand products that are crippled by software and you have to pay for an unlock code. I fully understand the reasons and if I were in charge of making those decisions I’m sure my hand would be forced by the market as well, but I still hate that shit.

James Bond 007 says:

anybody notice his voice is shrill and goes up and down the octives.. ughhh i can only sit though 2 minute of his vids

SaeligCompanyInc says:

Helpful review!

Denis Kobozev says:

Thanks for showing the features of this PSU, Dave, very helpful.

Dominik Wujek says:

Why would anyone buy something like that? I mean what kind of geak you are? Cheers

MatrixOfDynamism says:

Does this thing still have the turn on voltage spike on it?

Dave Blane says:

43 minute first impression??

david galeski says:

thank you

tj rileyc says:

this Power Supply suck 

elemenohpee33 says:

DP832 sucks i lost my channel 2 and 3, thanks rigol.

Harry Stevens says:

Thanks but no thanks I will keep my Farnell and HP power supplies…..Something tells me they will still be working when this OTT machine is in the landfill.

Ultra RC says:

first impressions, video is 43 mins long

Ben Biles says:

accurate to within one least significant digit !! love it 🙂 thanks so much for these reviews !!

Duane Reilly says:

yeah i love that PS, but the biggest suck of it is the rotary dial and that rediculous kepad that feels like its made from bubble gum…. otherwise… bang for buck, best PS on the market..

Duane Reilly says:

how did it smell when you opened that box dave….. mmmmmm i bet it smelt gooooooood… love rigol gear… and love your vids man,,,, keep em coming i watch em all!!!

Joseph Nicholas says:

I don´t much like the add-in, tied to the cloud thinking on this device. After a year or so the company can lock you out of you own property.

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