Does Phantom Power Improve Your Condenser Mics Audio?

WARNING: I no longer recommend using a USB soundcard to connect a microphone to your computer. It has become too unreliable due to manufacturers altering the components used in their products as well as alterations to operating systems causing additional problems. The only method of connecting a microphone to your computer that I recommend is with a USB AUDIO INTERFACE that is designed specifically for that use case.

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Alexander Wiand says:

3:32 Jeez man, don’t forget to breathe!

Georgina Golden says:

so where did you get the hat

Tawan Nansin says:

I have the exact same microphone, but it’s way too quiet. Do you have any solution? I really need help here. Thanks in advance. 🙂

PanzamaGaming says:

Wtf is the difference?

Rahul Gogna says:

i want mic for recording highy pitch voice and also want to record bass sound . which mic is better for me ?

Anil Shukla says:

Can nw 700 will work without phantom power in laptop

Clark Jingco says:

hey guys, so i bought this cheap condenser mic BM800 with Gino and a phantom power, as i follow some steps and tips how to install this, still I got some noise and hiss sound. I’m using mac and garageband (tried tweaking my vocals in garageband, equalizers n stuff) , need help! :O

Unbelievable Gaming says:

Put ur phone speaker next to ur ear

Tenzin Price says:

Why aren’t you using the audio jacks that are integrated on your pc’s mobo? Are usb audio adapters better?

ScottOne says:

that mic HURTS MY EARS – anyone else cringing listening to him talk through the different connections? at 2 min now.

KoalTV says:


Ashwin Nair says:

can you tell me which mic should I get between
blue yeti
Samson co1
zoom h1??

Eroj Aimoc says:

for those who wants to buy BM800 and asking if theres a need for Phantom Power.. i have a sound recording test for it. open this link to my video and listen to my test

JMZIE says:

Would the USB adapter work for ps4???

Gabriel Rousset says:

love the hat

KILLER xBO Clash Royale says:

In my PC it has a lot of background noise after adding a sound card… Is it sure that the noise will decrease after using a phantom power???? PLZZ reply

Ashwin Nair says:

if I buy an at2020 mic do I need this phantom power ? or focusrite solo?

Bob Miller says:

You might want to consider cutting back on the coffee.

Fahim Alam says:

thanks..but i use remax ko2 microphone for this which sound adapter i use ..??? please help

Myselfsama says:

Hi Podcastage, what do you recommend to provide phantom power to a mic such as the Antlion Modmic? They recommend using a USB adapter, but I’d like to hear your thoughts on that.

TAMPGaming 1216 says:

How do you setup your Neewer NW 700 on to your pc?.pls answer

Anjan Shomodder says:

I have a neweer nw-700 microphone
I want to buy a usb sound card
Which should i buy???

Mr. Gaming pp says:

all sounds same

Seth Saturnalia says:

Watch out when buying a Neewer interface. There are ones with XLR to 3.5mm output which are crap. At least get the one with the USB output.

Sunny Guha says:

without Phantom Power supply can I use the mic directly to my smartphone and desktop? will it record the sound? i don’t have much budget, please suggest

G.Y Films says:

Can i use BM 800 without Phantom power supply and without audio interface

Jerald Mamangun says:

How can i install it When i wanna record to my iPad?

wiiztec says:

Can you test these with 3.5mm instead of USB?


What to get for BM 800? Phantom power? Same price as the mic or any other mic setup in 500 dollars?

G.V Records says:

I bought a bm 800 mic from ebay but its not working with the soundcard that i bought also i tested the soundcard with my headphone mic and its ok.DO u think its a mic problem. Answer please

Rock Rana says:

Plz help me too.. Plz Subscribe

andyvia68 says:


Sean Moran says:

I love the Zoom H4 and H4N. Recorder and phantom in one. They are versatile. See my video comparing them.

BrenyBoy says:

ur glasses r fake

Rahul Gogna says:

I want to connect this mic with my Samsung .will it works

Vincent Laurensius says:

my bm 800 without phantom power become very silent and very noisy if i increase the gain. pls help

Crazy TNT says:

Can’t u just plug the mics in straight into the mic jack on the pc

Shivam Singh Tomar says:

Sir mene bm 800 microphone flipkart se mngaya or phantum power bhi mngaya jb mene leptop main connect kiya to kuch bhi awaj record hi nhi ho rhi sir ab mujhe kese pta chle ki mic shi hai ya kharab. Pleasesir help me

Pizzangels says:

i got a roccat usb soundcard wood tht work as well?

muthu raja says:

For Mk F 100 TL do we need a phantom power

erix100100 says:

I just ordered a Neewer NW700 kit with a phantom power included.

I did not buy a USB Interface though? This should be fine right?
Since I would have a phantom power? (I have a pretty beefy motherboard, ASUS Prime B350-PLUS)

Thanks in advance.

Dude Amazing says:

Can i connect my bm 800 directly to pc. ?? Will it not gibe proper results??

Myx Ponce says:

LOL.. love the hat man…

GodlyGreenYT says:

Hello please answer! Please make a review on the new USB sound card it’s called vention

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