DIY – Lab Bench Power Supply

In this episode I will show you in great detail, how to create your own bench power supply from a PC power supply.

This is the diagram for the voltmeter/ammeter and rotary switch:

These are the components I’m using:

dc panel voltmeter/ammeter (0-100V & 0-10A)
rotary switch with 12 positions + switch knob
double rocker switch (or 2 simple rocker switches)
3 red binding posts
3 black binding posts
USB port
10W 43 Ohm resistor
one LED
470 ohm resistor (for the LED)
shrinking tubes (2 – 10mm)


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Dimo Kolev says:

Can you use 3v 5v and 12 v at the same time

محمود عبد الناصر says:

Even though the pieces are not available, I loved him very much
Greetings from Egypt

Marius Mihut says:

are u a roman ?P:
mama mea 🙂

Alexzai89 says:

Since the Ground are shared among each other, why need 3 Black binding post instead of 1?? any reason for it?

KEEDLife says:

are you from romania?

Pavan Kumar says:

I made it.Thanks

KillSwitch says:

what happens if you connect the sense wire with the regular orange wire

DKF22 says:

awesome vid and tutorial. the only thing wrong here is the shitty PSU you used…delux…sounds like a cat brand.

Steven Arango says:

awesome video ty

Ning Daomi says:

Very nice video!body.What is the maximum current of the band switch? What about carry a 120 watt vacuum cleaner?My power supply out put 12V 30A.

Saugat Paudel says:

my PSU gives less than 1amp when I use 12V(yellow wire) which is supposed to give 10Amps. Can you please solve this problem.

Ronald Stevenson says:

Awesome job!

Khamsao Namsavanh says:

I need help! my cat refused to go! what should I do?!?

Barry Kery says:

Nice job. Very creative.


Please make a variable one please please please

Targaryen House says:

I’ve been rewiring a few old power supplies i have to use as inverters for car audio and house power. admittedly typing this before watching the vid but i do think this will make things much cleaner

Mike Studmuffin says:

Isn’t it you shouldn’t combine the two 12V rails since they may not be exactly 12volts and a current will be induced from one rail to the other?

Frenchie says:

Too bad it doesn’t have an adjustable voltage control.

Cheslin Van Niekerk says:

High isit possible to adjust the current amps on each voltage setting aswel? And not have a fixed current for each voltage. Also what is the maximum current supported on each voltage if possible with this DIY

Camino says:

Great tutorial, hope cat it’s still ok.thanks

Cory Knipe says:

Very nice video. Is it possible to use multiple power supplies together to increase the voltage and amperage? I am looking for adjustable 32 volts and adjustable 50 amps for electroplating. Your unit is very tidy and I would like to combine a couple if possible to achieve my targets. Thanks in advance and keep up the great videos


How many time have you need for the edition of your cat crossing de plane?

blendraphi says:

Clean work!

Nguyên Trần says:

Good job men. Very useful video!

Angelo Miranda says:

Is there a way to increase the 12v output to lets say 13,8v so that it can be used as a power supply for ham radios?

Junior Ellis says:

my power supply dropping voltage to 11.5 under load,would a 10W 47ohm solve this issue 🙂

pratik bhagat says:

it was really awesome sir

Cobb Butterscorn says:

This is a really cool build and I enjoyed the video, but honestly it seems like a lot of work when I could just connect whatever I’m powering directly to the wires and not have to rip apart a functional PSU.

Cole DeSantis says:

I appreciate the level of detail you go into.

osama lios says:

thats not DIY .. thats just a rich kid with unlimited supplies haaha if i had that iam probably building a whole mecha by now not simple stuff
… keep it up we want better harder projects <3

zband says:

Man, I gave you a thumbs up in the first 5 seconds! That is one sweet PSU mod.

millsticks says:

I don’t like the music (This is the problem in every tutorial 🙂 ), but it’s a very interesting video. I have to do one for me. There are many ideas (the USB port for exple). thanx.

klannstyle says:

Well nice to see good quality content from one of my “people” 😉


Faiq Ramli says:

hi sorin

NADET CENTER น้าเด็จ เซ็นเตอร์ says:

# ครับ สวัสดีครับผม น้าเด็จเซ็นเตอร์มาแลกเปลี่ยนให้กำลังใจคนทำช่องยุทูปนะครับ กริ๊งๆๆครับ

joszPuch says:


IZ0JUB says:

Low cost way to build a bench PSU great stuff. Thanks for uploading. Having watched several of these conversion videos this one looks very professional in its appearance,

Lucas K Chung says:

Great video. One question, why are there two rocker power switches?

Luis Pedro Goncalves says:

Just subscrived
Thanks for your video

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