DIY Computer Power Supply To Battery Charger

DIY Computer power supply to battery charger – make at home

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Things needed to make Battery Charger –
1. Computer SMPS
2. 12 Battery
3. Battery connector
4. Jumper Wire

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طبعي هادي says:

اتى اتنعي

Basile Ok says:

This needs 13,5 – 14,5 Volt to charge ! Ha, ha, ha !!!

Helvenir Santos says:

Thanks for this video, please what is the name of the background music?

Yuli Veles says:


wayne johnson says:

please stop with the music and explain

Majid Bherejo says:

Computer supply convert 100 Am betry charger Any solution bro

uni clara oficial says:

Muito bom.

Shivamsingh Sugurdipur says:

pagal mat banavo

Kashif Balouch says:

Bettery require 13.7 volt or 14 minimum for charg bettery less then 12 volt bettery does not hold charg.

malik asif says:


Roy Lucman says:

Wow! it’s works..I tried it by my self.. thank you.

Manish Rathore says:

12v supply is of how many amp.

ahmed ahmed says:

Il faut au moins 13.5 vous pour charger une batterie 12v .C’est du n’importe quoi

mekhaznia mustapha says:

bonne chose
pour les gents aime Electricité et la science

Bux Noor says:

very good

BD says:

Learn electronics before teaching others

Boga Srinivasu says:

very useful

murugaiyan M says:

waste video. Don’t see this

hanif ras says:

75 watt cajar ok

reb benius says:

it may work for a couple of minutes then it will shut down the PSU since it has a sensor for auto shut off when it has a short circuit due to battery’s resistance 🙂

Harmeet Dhaliwal says:

Bai ji 10 kitne amp de sakta ha je supply… Plz help

shamas nadeem says:

you fany

user1198 says:

You need about 14.4 V to charge the battery, so this project don’t work!

Hans Muff says:

Probably he meant 1,2V Akkus 😀

Chatak Mehta says:

I want to run a DC 12 V –5 amp motor. A rectifier will cost me 500/600 Rs.Please let me know if this is more cheaper than this

matteom2011 says:

no, 11.96V not is correct to charge 12V SLA battery. I need a 14.4V

เอกราช รามอินทรา says:

Yes 13-14 volt Charge


no te va a cargar la batería… al menos conectale un capacitor de 10.000 microfaradios x 25 voltios

Luis Toribio says:

Cargando,carga completa.(desconecte el cargador)

Andreas Hintermayr says:

Mit 12 V kann man keine 12V Batterie laden. Dafür braucht man 14,4V. Wenn er intern die Spannung einstellen könnte auf 14,4V dann klappt es. Aber das merkt er auch irgendwann

Willian Alves says:

Does not work !

Jakub Zahořík says:

SHIT video, you have too low voltage for charging the battery

Syed Mubbashir Hassan Gilani says:

Bro batry ko 15 16v mily charge hoti h is sy ni

Taylor Smith says:

Yay, yet another “how to” video where the dude doesn’t say shit and rather dubs shitty music (clicks the thumbs-down icon)

Rex Juggler says:

No audio other than music. Fix your youtube audio. It shouldn’t be that hard.

Philip Ger says:

Safty standards wanting

Bladimir A says:

it works for a 6v and 5Ah battery ..?

Aby Raj says:

This will not charge the battery. hack the voltage feedback to produce 14.4 or minimum 13.8
Otherwise combine voltages

naresh kumar says:


Ariel says:

hahaha 12v Battrey your charger 11,xx V ? 14.8 Please

Gambiarte says:

This is not a battery charger! This is a battery F*cker!
You need a current limiter to chage a battery and you need more voltage to full charge it!
This is completly wrong!

Дмитрий Крышнёв says:

Where 3,3 volt ? why do not you connect 3.3 v

jayne Hill says:

Hey how about this lets not calculate the correct voltage ,we can maybe have a flat battery ,or maybe even a little electrical fire.!!!!!!!

multiraj says:

are you a mad using 15 amp to charge 7.5 amp battery
charging source is double of battery

Ron Angel says:

All you have to do as shown is connect green wire to black earth wire which switches on the supply. The output between the yellow and black will be 12 volts.
A clever thing to have shown would be how to open Power supply and increase the constant voltage output to between 13.8 volts for sealed lead acid batteries and 14.4 for flooded lead acid car batteries by changing the voltage regulator components.This as it is total waste of time as batteries will never get to full charge without this being done. I cant be bothered to work out how to do and film! ( am electrical Eng)

eduardo Villagomez says:

lo que se puede explicar en 2 mins. ocupa 10. pinche vídeo mudo no sabe hablar. solo para cargar bateria de linterna. y la musica fastidia.

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