Dirt-Cheap PSU in a Super-Expensive Computer

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‘The Awakening’ by Aeon


Leks says:

I’m using a 9.60 USD PSU on a 384 USD build

bandbgamesroom says:

Zalman isn’t even that bad

Romick Vieira says:

When people talk to me i always wonder if they really talk like that or if their just making fun of me, using expensive words and stuff… because im super simple, i dont use those words.

HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul says:

Zalman used to be a top of the line cooler manufacturer some years back. Nowadays they are stuck in mediocrity. But they are still not down to the level of these dodgy chinese PSUs that just explode and take everything with them.
But about PSUs, I would recommend nothing below 40 in any major currency. That usually works out for 450-550W non-modular units. (Enough for basically all single GPU gaming builds) Modular PSUs would start around 60-70.

Foxbyday says:

Still better than mine

Dominic Rivers says:

How have you never heard of Zalman, the flower coolers they used to do are part of overclocking folklore, made plenty of stuff, one of the bastions of PC hardware

UNKNOWN404 says:

Check Mars Gaming PSU’s damn those are cheap

John Paul Bacon says:

Interesting video for sure. Glad it didn’t fry your system or any part in it. How much Overclocking have you done to your system? Maybe if the CPU – Both videos cards and the ram was
all overclocked to the max for each , the psu might of been more likely to give out.

ElkkuGamer 360 says:

1.00 Looks legit!

Aftermath Music says:

Zalman is not so bad.
You can get even worse for cheaper.

Lazy Sloth says:

I had a £20 PSU for years and the only issue I noticed was that eventually one of the wires with a hard plastic shell started hitting the fan making an insanely loud irritating noise.

Yea the cheap ones are certainly not ideal but they are nowhere near as bad as some make out. I’d probably only use them as a replacement for a dead one in an average family sort of computer mind.

Chad Unnering says:

i cant ever buy that psu

Chris Ayres says:

You sound a lot like Doug Demuro

Max Skill says:

I would take that psu to my second PC. Its so cheap that its not big lose but ofc I hate killing good stuff.

Marko Bratković says:

i am using 250 W PSU….

Venelin Savof says:

Good PSU 🙂

Yiğit Doğan says:

The hair of Greg looks kind of a glitch

TheSURGEofTech tech says:

opening with i3 makes u look shallow not everyone has 2500 dollars

Markus Alanen says:

Asus Rog crosshair VI hero bios (beta) 5.2Ghz on r7 1700 watercooled and strange coilwhine… will it fry?

aliancegfx says:

It is rated for 80+ it just doesnt show it because its 80+ semen

killercat268 says:

I almost bought 3 of these at 20$ each. I cancelled the order pretty quickly though. Pretty glad I didn’t.

Suicidal Forest says:

the artist ini your song is atlyss not aeon. aeon is a death metal band.

Eric Higinbotham says:

Turning that pc on with the power supply switch on 230 wouldn’t of have done anything to your pc. It just wouldn’t of turned on

dombrox says:

Zalman is not ‘somewhat’ manufacturer, it is quite decent company for budget gaming tech and that’s budget power supply XD but yeah I would still buy something 50+ at least for system like that

Zakaria Bouchbaat says:

Bitch no one told you to buy it

HW2800 says:

I buy the cheapest power supply with the highest wattage all the time! My PC cost $3,000 and my power supply cost $45 and has 900 watts! It loud but what you expect for $45?

Santtu Krouvi says:

Efficiency Max 82% @220VAC, Typical load

SourceCodePhil says:

Had a “Combat Power” PSU in a cheap pre-built PC from Ebay once…. It actually worked quite well but it started smelling like a plastic barbecue.

PBMS123 says:

You are confusing no 80+ certification as not being efficient.

hc 20 says:

Your seal of approval means absolutely nothing because you know absolutely nothing.

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