CyberPowerPC Or ibuypower Please dont buy you have other options (revised) Best cheap gaming PC

CyberPowerPC Or ibuypower, CyberpowerPC Review and Should I buy? Why to build your own Gaming PC. Please dont buy CyberpowerPC you have other options. Best cheap gaming PC Please watch this before you buy your next gaming PC.
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Instagram: EliteGamingHQ
Twitter: EliteGamingHQ1
Twitch: EliteGamingHQstream

My PC:
Corsair 460x Crystal RGB tempered glass Case
Intel I7 7700k 8 Thread CPU Over clocked to 4.5Ghz
Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO CPU cooler
Asus ROG Z270XP-SLI Motherboard
Asus Strix GTX 1080 8gb Graphics Card
16GB of EVGA SC 3200Mhz DDR4
Intel 540s Series 240GB SATA M.2 (boot drive)
Corsair 240GB SSD (Gaming drive)
Kingston 120BD SSD (Gaming Drive)
Kingston 240GB SSD (Gaming Drive)
WD BLack 3TB 7200rpm drive (Storage Drive)
Corsair cx750m Power Supply


EliteGamingHQ says:

Hope you guys enjoy the Video. I made this video so everyone can make a more Informed decision when they buy their next gaming PC. Hope this helps. If anyone needs to talk to me or If you have any questions email me at: thanks for watching enjoy the holidays, you guys are awesome!

Mr_Beezlebub says:

So glad I also know how to build PCs. I’m buying parts and putting it together my damn self

Presley Costa says:

I want to try to find a nice Gaming PC for under $700

Eric Tande says:

What would be the best company to buy a pc from?

SmokeStack says:

The site uses the parts you specify. If you ordered the wrong part. Thats what you will get. I got a cyberpower 13 years ago. Still runs. The only thing that failed was the default fans.

WalnutCS says:

I don’t know much about PCs by I’m trying to get into pc gaming so do u have any ideas what to do because I have no idea how to build one either

DecliningShip 420 says:

does this still happen???

loo lewek says:

I Hear You. I Bought A Laptop From Them Years Ago. Dead HD On Arrival. Sent It Back 3 Times On My Dime ( No Apology Either). Finally Took It To A Local Repair Shop. They Fixed It All Told, It Was An Added $530 To Cost. Never Again. Still Looking For A Pre-Built Gaming Machine..

Plixel _ says:

Damnit I bought one!

SupremeSh0tzz says:

Lol was just thinking of buying it

Tassadar says:

alright, if you really think that it’s better to build a PC well do it, give me a 1000 $ config cheaper than a pre built PC

ChickenGames says:


grim x says:

this is a 40 minute video of you simply telling people to not buy from a company because youre assuming they dont know how to read. i cant tell if youre trying to insult the viewer or the company.

Phinox_Rules2 says:

This is funny because I just saw a cyberpowerpc box in my garafe and my birthday is comeing up

ok ay says:

but what about building rn? (with inflated prices)

rjjr eiej says:

You build pcs for people?

John Bard says:

What’s your discord

Ned Muller says:

Bro year, fuck these companies. You can get an Alienware for a similar price with better customer service.

MayBergx 7 says:

Ha lol I got the faxe censor cyberpower PC video recommend right after this video

Joe S says:

Get to the point

Xillity says:

Elite can you help me i don’t know what to do i bought a skytech pc and on amazon it said it had a gtx 1050 ti in it and they only gave me a 980 and i payed money for the 1050 what should i do

Chaos95 says:

With gpu now days prebuilts aren’t that bad

Justin Timm says:

Just curious, what are your thoughts on the BLD service from NZXT?

Peter The Pug says:

well, I am going to buy a gaming pc somewhere after my birthday, I think that the gpu prices are extremly overprised but anyways thank you for warning me, I was gonna buy a pc from that site

Tatsuhiro Satou says:

I almost bought a cyberpower but opted to build my own last minute so glad i did. My $450 build destroyed the $550 cyberpower no problem.

oDieseLz says:

Even though pre-built’s cost more, to some people paying that extra money is worth it because it’s convenient. They don’t have to spend an entire day building it,doing cable management and installing windows. So there are some legit reasons to get a pre built over building a computer yourself and that’s where I think you lost some people. I myself like building my own because I find it fun and rewarding, but some people are different.

gasdorfic muncher says:

knock cyber power because they had alot order to fill not enough parts inventory , come on man get real your videos are misleading ..i still have the cyberpower computer from 2011 ..playing just cause 3 high settings only replaced the cpu water cooler year ago

Sarah Games says:

See, I don’t trust any of these YouTube reviews. U should make a video of what your specs are aka proof then when u get it record it and see if they match the lack proof. I can literally do the exact same thing they are doing without have a computer and lying. Why would they lie Idk humans have their ways. I will stick to cyberpc. I’ll record when I buy it the specs. I will record when I get it. If I was wrong it’s my fault. So if you guys want to know proof wait a little longer I’m saving up rn. My custom cyberpower pc costs. $887 I think. I have $770 rn. I’m still a teen saving up.

M̶o̶d̶ d̶e̶d̶ says:

Buy a digital storm pc

David Garino says:

Bought 2 of these systems. One from the site, one off amazon. BOTH are still running strong. Never a hiccup. Never. Both have been upgraded.
Besides, you will pay 2-4 hundred more building your own right now than a prebuilt. Crypto/data mining bullshit is the cause. Something needs to be done about those assholes.

Omnipotent Saiyan says:

I highly recommend building your own PC. I bought a CyberPowerPC from Walmart and the darn thing kept crashing after the first few hours luckily I got a refund.

Atlas Revenge221 says:

I have a cyberpower pc

Its pretty good but it cant run beam ng

But it can run gta v perfectly…


Also i got what i saw in thumbnail.

Divergent Droid says:

I didn’t get a cheap price ($888,00 with tax Best Buy) My CyberPower GMA2800BST (Best Buy’s Model otherwise it’s a GMA2800) has a Ryzen 5 1600 (6 core processor) and an RX 580 (4 gigs video ram) – So far no problems, it plays Far Cry 5 on Ultra at 1080p with over 60 FPS – what more do you need? Sure I built my own PC’s years ago but today, don’t have the time so it was a trade off I was willing to make. All your folks at the end saying Never to buy this PC is full of Crap. So they had bad experiences where many folks have had great experiences. You shouldn’t listen to someones advice just because they had a problem, that does not reflect the majority.

Nathaniel Hayslett says:

They ripped me off, i ordered it with windows and they gave a formatted hardrive


I was gonna buy one, and I’m doing research if it’s worth my miney, and so far it isn’t, It seems like im better off taking the risk and building it on my own. Thanks so much for this video

Alan says:

Bought my Cyberpower PC 1 1/2 years ago, chose all name brand parts after researching the parts, and haven’t had a minutes problem with it. Wiring was fine. Never buy generic parts. Cyberpower also had the most choices for each component. It’s my second computer from them, and the first one was also problem free.

Vertigo101 says:

Buy a console can’t be mined on.

Brandon Klehm says:

i bought a cyberpower pc and my hard drive failed in 3/4 a year. and now I build my rigs. PLEASE IF YOUR GOING TO PLAY PC LEARN WHAT STUFF DOES AND BUILD IT OR PLAY CONSOLE (plz im trying to help you)

Minkahgetsbucks says:

Hey i want to play on PC because i’m tired of console it’s trash. What PC should i buy i don’t know too much about them and i definitely don’t know how to build one, if u could show me one to buy that would help

Exoty says:

I was 12 when my mom ordered me my first gaming pc. I didn’t know anything about pc parts but I liked pc gaming. We got it setup and nothing worked. Didn’t even turn on. So we returned it and never got another. I’m currently 14, starting to make my own money. I have $1000 and am looking to build my own pc. Don’t buy cyberpower pc.

Just A guy here says:

I’m getting a fierce pc

myles anderson says:

How would I reach you if I would want you to build me a pc

The Mexi-Kage says:

I bought an ibuypower pc because the data mining is making it so hard to build. I got an i7 8700k with a gtx 1060 6gb, 16 gb of ram, 250gb ssd its nicely built and i paid 1100$ for it. It seems like a great deal and so far so good but i really havent done much with it so im hoping that everything stays well.

Peridium says:

i got my pc it had a problem sent it for repairs got it back 8 days later my problem was fixed guess i got lucky

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