Corsair VS450 Power Supply Unboxing And Review

What’s up guys, today I have an unboxing and review of the corsair vs450 power supply

So let’s begin with a quick look at the box, at the front we see the power supply and it’s features, so it has a 120mm fan, it is up to 85% efficient and you get a warranty of 3 years. And on the back we find all the connections, 2 graphs about the fan noice and efficiency and a table with the ac input and output rates.

So in the box we have a warranty guide, a safety information booklet, a power cable the power supply and some screws to mount the power supply with.

So here is the power supply itself, it has nice sleeved cables and is non modular. We have vs450 branding on both sides,It’s written the other way around on the other side, so when you install your power supply at the top or at the bottom of the case it will still show the branding correctly, on the top we have a 120mm fan and a power on and off switch on the back.

So let’s take a look at the cables, so this power supply has Two cables with a 6+2 pin connector for you graphics card, so this power supply supports a crossfire or sli configuration.

– One cable with 2 sata power connectors,
– Two cables with 1 sata, 2 molex and 1 floppy connector. ( this is the second cable, with exactly the same connectors )
And finally One cable with a 20+4 pin connector for the motherboard.

So I’ve test this power supply and I got to say, it is very quit, even when I was gaming for a long period it was fairly quit, so here we have a great low cost power supply without being bad and loud.

Anyway thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed this quick video, like the video, don’t forget to subscribe and I see you in the next video.

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GoldVillage says:

Worse psu ever, avoid this crap! it gonna start making horrible noises after a while, the fan will drive you nuts…

Wizard says:

I’ve got Load wattage of : 287-295Watts in this rig
Intel i5 6400
8gb ddr4 2133 2×4 RAM
2x HDD @ 7.2kRPM

do you think this PSU is enough? i dont plan on overclocking my CPU

Rishit Bhardwaj says:

Guys can the grill at the back be replaced if broken? How can we get it repaired at what price?

The Transporter says:

I’m gonna pair up an RX 580(185W) and a G4560. Would this be safe for my build??

Hadi Abdallah Abdallah says:

i have gtx 1050ti
8 gb ram ddr4
gigabyte motherboard
is corsair are best for this bulding

TrolleyMC says:

Is this psu enough for my pc?

Intel core i5 7400

gtx 1050 ti

Shaney Vape says:

CPU connecter u for got to say if it will fit a in a 4 way connecter socket

gregor Kosak says:

I have this PSU and with DDR4 2400 8 GB,RX 570 4GB, Ryzen 1600 im getting sometimes crashes and it keep restarting. it could be cuz of PSU im not sure

NezoR. says:

i Have a

Motherboard : Gigabyte GA 970 Gaming
Processor : FX 8320E
Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 960 2GB

Majboor Gamer says:

my spec
i7 3770
gtx 1060
ram 8gb
128gb ssd
1tb hdd

enough to run 1060?
i have 550w psu random brand but i want Crosair

oSCAR-H says:

Work with gtx 950 ? (i5 2400)

Hadi Abdallah Abdallah says:

and i3 6100

Game Mecanix says:

don’t give fake ascent

Yukine says:

what gpu do you use?

vignesh rockzz says:

Can I use i3 6100+gtx 730 +motherboard asus h110 c dd4 ??????????? Please answer, i need help.

Jude Albino says:

How’s the psu now? Is it still working? Have you ever encountered any issues whatsoever? Anyways, nice review dude! Hoping you’d reply to this 😀

Ruthless Cockerino says:

tier 6 trash

RiGiD RooKieS says:

does it have a 8 pin connector ?

Kon says:

6+2 connectors means that it works well with 8 pin graphics card ?

Gilligan says:

gud luck going Crossfire/SLI with 450W

Vikrant Singh says:

What is the cost of this smps?

Ahmad Mardzuqie says:

Is it compatible with intel haswell processor?
Im currently using i3-4170 running on Asrock H81m-HDS with GTX 550 Ti on.
Is it sufficient power for my rig? Thanks in advance

Fatih Modasoka says:

it will work with a z170a mb, gtx 960 and a i5 6500 ? thanks

GameX TV says:

how can I connect gpus that uses 6 pins connectors, it doesnt have 6 pins it has 2 8pins ? Please help I want to use it with gtx 1060 3GB

Muhammad Aqil says:

I have this power supply, and I suggest not to buy it as it made really loud noises

Debjeet Adhikary says:

what about it’s compatibility with skylake CPUs?

sixdean tutorials says:

This is not a review!!! You should change the label and tags as this gives me no indication of what the product is actually like.

Obama says:

will this PSU work well with a i7-7700k, gtx 1050 and an lga 1155 mobo?

Sam Cruz says:

I have this PSU can it handle GTX 660?
DDR4 2×4

Ernest Ty says:

Does this have 80 plus rating? What type?

vinay divecha says:

will this power supply fit in any case

EmiloBrothers says:

will it go together with gtx 1050?

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