Corsair RM750X Power Supply Unboxing & First Look!

Corsair RM750X Power Supply Unboxing & First Look!
Pricing & Availability:

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Haralds Pāps says:

+Tech Of Tomorrow I might pick one up for my next year’s build.

Bruno Amaro says:

Love Corsair power supplies, i have one AX 760 and HX 750 and it is very silent. I like alot your unboxings are so funny. Great video Elric.

abarb says:

Will this fit in a NZXT H440, in the bottom power supply room?

Angelo Matheus says:

The image of the video is excelent ! And the audio too.

ni cu says:

Nice review! The RM 750i is going to be my next psu. Can ‘ t wait 😀

lawn loom says:

140 dollars… wtf is corsair thinking -_- well priced my pass, my raidmax 800watt 80+ gold semi modular power supply was like 70 dollars and i know the extra fully modular is worth a a bit more but seriously, thats fucking ridiculous.

Dragos Lucian says:

“Certified for the X-men” .LMAO !!! Good one, Elric. Happy holidays !

Minecraft ÖZGÜRLÜĞÜ says:


scarface11385 says:

Do it have a hard driver cables?

squall1822 says:

Oh Elric I am loving these old school style unboxing videos!!! I have been subbed for years and I miss these videos. Keep them going and merry Christmas!

White Shadows says:

Merry Christmas Elric.

spray says:

skip at 1:50

Tim vanhees says:

Lke it

MadOliveGaming says:

Has anyone opened this psu up? I’d like to take of the fan shroud and paint it according to my colorscheme because it will be mounted sideways. Im just worried ill undo important components :/

Aamir Husain says:

My Rig Processor AMD FX 8370 4.0GHZ, Motherboard MSI 970 Gaming , Cabinet Corsair CC 9011050-WW Carbide Series SPEC-01 Can I Use This Psu?

big S says:

What kind of warranty do you get?

mariodrv says:

I got this one! Yay for me! 🙂

Supakorn Srisuwan says:

haha nice review

Fr4mbo says:

Merry Christmas! Free Stuff?

Saptarshi Barat says:

+Tech of Tomorrow is this a tier 1 psu…? P. S I love ur channel a lot…

Rik Dusk says:

I like how they out those Silica/Desiccant packets in the boxes and ” DO NOT EAT ” is printed on them!! LOL Damn i was going to eat one as a snack!! I thought wow, it’s kind of them to include a snack!! i guess they figure dogs and cats and 1-4 year old children can read.

Minecraft ÖZGÜRLÜĞÜ says:

yok abicim ben türküm

boOya says:

Power supply, really? Nothing better to unbox?
C’mon man, its a freakin box with couple of coils inside, what has changed in the last 10 years about them? Nothing! few extra different ports and that’s it, dont make a holywood movie about it, all right…

Ludde says:

hey! I need some help. I’m getting the 750x for my first build (yay), BUT BUT BUT, I wanna get corsair’s 24pin sleeved cable, which works for the “RM” series, but I am told that it wont work on the RM750x because it’s called “RMX series”. Will the sleeved cable work with this psu?

Tom Crowder says:
Thoughts? Anything I can change to make it better?
Thanks 🙂

Zeroplanetz says:

@ZioGamers Bing or google psu tier list. Choose something out of tier 1 or 2 that fits budget. Then be happy.

SteF says:

can this psu hold 2 r9 390 with an i7 4790k??

Dominic says:

Can anyone recommend me a PSU which is ‘future proof’ and not breaking the bank?

The pc specs I will be having with this PSU:

i5 4690k @ 3.5Ghz
8/16 GB 1600mhz RAM
R9 390/R9 380X
MSI Z97 PC Mate
Ask me if you need anything else and thanks in advance :** Merry christmas and a happy new years everyone

Sakke337 says:

Which one would be better this one or the EVGA G2 750w?


where are the FURY x crossfire benchmarks Men xD we need that in our life 😀

Arekku Kun says:

I like those black bags… I kinda have a few, most from headphones tho.

TekTick says:

I actually had a chance to try this model a month or so ago, as you said, it does it job, it’s decently packed feature wise, I wish only for it to have a bit lower price.

Manuel F. Almeida says:

I have a problem I need another connector for the CPU (4 pin) and i noticed that my rm 750x doesnt come with it. Just one! 🙁

JohnLTech says:

Nice vid!

LJH08Ralith says:

Bought the RMi 1k this year. Been running great. Only difference I know of is the RMx lacks the USB controller to monitor PSU in windows. Otherwise it is likely the same unit. Mine’s running great and quieter than the 1200 platinum EVGA unit I had tried before it.

revolcane gaming says:

Just bought a refurb of this for $70

Anirban Banerjee says:

He’s really an exception from all, I MEAN ALL so called verified, narcissist YouTuber. Actually people love to read what’s on the box in videos. Deosn’t matter when they get their hands on it. He focused each side of the box. Really read our mind.

GnarlyCharly says:

How do you get all these brands you ship you stuff? +Tech of Tomorrow

ReaConHD I says:

Can i run a second MSI GTX 980 4G in my build?
System :
MSI X99a Raider
i7 5820k
MSI GTX 980 4G
16 GB Quad Channel DDR4 2666 Hyper X
Dark Rock 3 cooler
1x Samsung 850 EVO
1x Seagate 1 TB
1x DVD Writer
3x Silent Wing 2 Fans

Sainex says:

Are cables long enough to use in Corsair 760t?

Andre Plays says:

does this work with skylake build?
love your vids btw!!!!

0000Quanta says:

Drop it like its hot

julian23561 says:

Happy Christmas ToT!

Geekzter Media says:

Bequiet is <3

Richard Jacobs says:

1:50 Jurassic Park XD

Guzz says:

Dat scream tho, wasn´t looking at the screen. I thought you were Choking xD happy holidays!

HawkEyesMihawk1 says:

I have this power supply and the thing that i can say for this cutie is that it rocks!!you wont need more power than that and done hes job!i had an bronze plus 650Watt from corsair the CS model if i remember well and it was bad…many times burned even the new ones and one time also my motherboard destroyed hoppefully this gold plus X-men Power Supply will do the job for us 🙂

Greatest Ever says:

im not a giant fan of those cables, im going to get red and black sleeved cables for my RM650

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