Corsair RM Series Power Supply Unboxing & Overview

Corsair’s RM series delivers strong 80PLUS Gold efficiency, great aesthetics, and truly silent operation.

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Michael Butler says:

A lot of times, I don’t mind the fan’s loudness (In fact, I actually like the sound of fans). The only time I don’t like it is when I use the PC for a media PC in my room.

GameArt Stuff says:

I have an RM 750, and yeah, the fan never spins. Its nice cause of the noise, but the back of the power supply gets REALLY hot sometimes, and I’m afraid its going to harm the components inside. Should I have gone with something less, like 500 watt, so that the fan spins?

Stale Meme says:

Pc specs (some) i7 6700K, GTX 970, 8GBx2 hyperxfury ram. Which power supply should I get? (Im new to pc)

Amit Sabat says:

I am building my first pc and the parts i am going for is
i7 6700k
Asus z170 pro gaming motherboard
Corsair vengeance 16gb ram
And msi gtx1070 gaming Z
So should i buy this power supply ??

Tulta says:

This PSU would be great because the only thing I do that would load it would be when I’m playing games, and I usually have headphones on while doing so.

KnockCZ says:

so im thinking about getting a new psu because of noise problems, and i cant decide between the RM650, or the be quiet! Straight power 10 700W… flat cables are nice but i can live without them… i was thinking about the be quiet! one just to try a different brand but if the Corsair is just better then i would buy that one… any suggestions?

Raffica says:

Can I be lazy and use my old cables that I got with a CX750M psu?

Ryderagnan says:

So… does Corsair Link aloud you to change some spects of the power supply?

Mr NikZ says:

Hi I have an intel core i5-6600k cpu and a msi gtx 1060 gaming x 6gb video card.. Will the corsair rm650x be enough?

Astig_mo_william says:

my rm850 died on me after a year and half, what should i do?

WhisperfyASMR says:

Will deffs be trying to get my hands on the RMi series for my recording computer, I hate fan whine in videos.

Sumi Chau says:

I’ve had my RM 1000 power supply for several years and I’m sooo happy with it. x3 Also yes I do very much love a silent power supply – in my last setup, the power supply was literally the only audible component most of the time and it was so annoying.

Saul Rocha says:

i bought a corsair rm850x and it does not have corsair link

Shayan Mondal says:

how to check the fan of psu

MWB Gaming says:

and here i thought the fan was broken in mine
i have the RM750 and the fan has never turned on since i installed it despite the australian summer heat

sometimes it worries me that one day i might wake up to a blown up computer

Javed Ahmed says:

there is 2 pin power cable for corsair rm 750x how can i use

Billy Toulas says:

Corsairs suck. Buy a Seasonic! I bought a Corsair after watching every PC building channel out there using them, and it sounded like a tractor! Never before did I have such a noisy PSU. I will never again choose a Corsair.

Dexter Taylor says:

Update with review of new RMx Series replacement?

RobTapps88 says:

just picked this up (hesitantly) to replace my underpowered tr500w, ive had trouble with corsair.. my h100i gtx doesnt light up nor does the corsair link work.. hope this psu is better quality than there coolers.. says:

Rm 650W or be quiet! Straight Power 10 600W?
what should I choose

Salvis says:

worth buying?

MrSeweryn747 says:

Will Rm 850 fit in Noctis 450?

Wa͟l̀ho͞r says:

My 750i coilwhines

421 says:

Corsair CX850M 850W or EVGA SuperNOVA 850W G2 for a r9 390x

C N/A says:

Would have been nice to see you plug it into some system and tell us your impression, if it works as advertised.

Jackie Tan says:

I think it should have two CPU wire.

Duc Hoang says:

I’m using RM850 but the fan doesn’t spin when Power Up. Is it normal ?
Does it spin then stop or doesn’t spin at all ?
I5 4460
1 ssd 1 hdd
2 fans

Richard Hobson says:

anything out there to tell me that power consumption of my pc?

Matthew Kettle says:

the RM750 psu has the same feature right with the fan not spinning till it has a high load?

Oliver Trịnh says:

What PSU should i get with my ddr2 low-ends:
-E6750( upgrade to Q6600 soon)
-4GB RAM(upgrade to 6 or 8 with the Q6600)
-GT610 (this is trash for 50$, so i’m going to upgrade to a GT730-OC,GT740-OC,GT-750TI, depends on the bottle-neck on the Q6600)
-1TB Blue HDD
-1 Asus Blue-ray
Please help me pick the right card and the right PSU, thanks for and comments and sorry for any grammar mistake, i’m Asian.

playerone says:

I know this is old news but I’ve had my hx 850 for over 5 years and that thing is dead silent to this day.

Skylar Harris says:

Would this fit in a Corsair 380t

BeastMediaGaming says:

What do you reccommend for price Corsair CSM Series ultra quiet for 36 dollars or 600 power suplly same company for negative 36 dollarsd

RobTapps88 says:

to everyone posting specs and asking if “xxxxxxxxxxx” power supply will work.. why not do the math of what all your components will require.. then add like 100W for a buffer…

poxcr says:

As always, very well done, detailed and helpful. Thanks, Linus!

Jonathan Albert says:

Where i can find it ??

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