Corsair RM 850x – 850 Watt 80+ Gold Power Supply – Review

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Prices were accurate at the time of filming, they do vary over time however. Please check both Amazon and NewEgg, both have the lower price from time to time.

Check each power level, sometimes they are only $10 apart in price, then the higher units are a nice choice even if you don’t really need that much today.


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Artificial Existence says:

You know I have no reason or want to get a new power supply but I just loved this video. Keep it up! Your videos are great and you keep my attention. You are so well spoken with great preparation skills.

Bambam says:

Hey guys,

So i am planning to upgrade my gaming pc because i want more fps on games and i am planning to buy cod WW2.
And i am scared i cant play it witch 60 fps 1080P on medium.
So i want to upgrade my video card. I currently have an gtx960 and an i5 processor
So what gpu should i buy and i dont know how to check if it can be used in my pc case and if it can connect to my motherboard please help
(Sorry for my english it is not so good)

Pancho Pantera says:

+Tech Deals do you consider this power supply is better than Evga 850 G3 ???

DeltaForce Gaming says:

I miss these videos

xuddish p says:

he said premium power supply and then said it was middle of the road in efficiency……
i thought premium was platinum efficiency and the rm series was mainstream.
i never had a gold rated psu but this rm 850x sure looks like a excellent value for money 🙂

i can recommend the corsair ones i have owned: hx850i and ax 860. with 120watts cpu and 200watts gpu under full load i never had one of my psu turn on their fan 🙂

Mapuia Hnamte says:

i have been using the TX650M PSU for the last 5 years…its still wowrking fine. Corsair PSU’s are so good. loved the video.
can you do a simple review of the ASUS ROG STRIX B350-F GAMING motherboard, or similar in the near future. i am planning to upgrade to the Ryzen processors, and which ram would be good value for the money…Thanks

Sheriff Hosni says:

Thanks for this review .. I hope you review the G3 SuperNova PSU from EVGA and a little comparison between it and this one will be much appreciated

Soheil Star says:

i dont like this brand but i give like just because that you give so good information

Dave-ish says:

Ive got one of their slight older HX850 80+ gold PSU and it’s been fantastic! Solid product from a solid company.

LOCO MAN says:

A Thicc manual is a good manual.

95A1140 says:

7:28 T H I C C ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

King Ahmad says:

I have a question.
Can I achieve 4.0Ghz with Ryzen 1700?

Chan chee hou says:

7700k powered by this psu here.. But why I remember my psu only come with 7 year warranty?

Dangerousfox says:

I don’t know why but I’m finding this power supply review more interesting than most graphics card reviews. Nice job man.

Sensible Systems says:

Great review, thanks. I got this on sale recently via Amazon for my current build project, really keen to fire it up. (Watching the video I was waiting to see if you’d mention how long this is – you don’t miss a trick!)

Irish Giant says:

Thoughts on the TX gold rated line?

David Diaz says:

@ TechDeals. What happens if your psu takes out another component? Does Corsair or Evga replace the component? Maybe I have bad luck but, I’m in the process of sending in my Evga SuperNova 1000 Watt P2 Platinum Power Supply. I woke up my desktop from sleep and a few minutes later I heard a loud pop. I’m using half the wattage currently with plans to get another 1080 ti graphics card soon. I don’t know if another component is gone at the moment but I’ll check when I get the new psu. I looked at at my motherboard and none of the capacitors are burnt. VRM is good too. I tested the psu with the jumper/adapter that came in the bag of my cables. I plugged the adapter in and the fan or psu doesn’t turn on. Eco mode is off for the test. Next time I’m going with Seasonic or another company that makes all the components in house. Power supply is only two years old. I expected maybe 5 more years until I start to have problems. Maybe I got a refurb from Amazon when I bought it but the posting said brand new. Can’t trust any etail store. For anyone wondering, desktop is connected to a UPS that has power surge protection integrated. CyberPower Gx1325U Sinewave. UPS still works perfect.

Swapnil Chopade says:

What are the advantages of getting Modular PSU than a normal one.

Corsair VS650 vs RM650

DirtyMisfit says:

I’ve got this psu and never had a hiccup with it! Great review!

Chuck says:

I purchased this last year and it came dead on arrival. Got a replacement from Amazon without any problems (sent it overnight). After about 9 months, it is starting to get voltage problems. I have had abnormal VDDA, +12V and +5V abnormal readings through the ASUS Probe II utility. Corsair is now sending me a new one. Hopefully this one lasts a lot longer time.

Fack Brah says:

Yo mang, is there a mad difference between a RM 750x and a HX 750i, aside price?

Johan Van den berg says:

This video was exactly what I was looking for and then tech deals uploads one!

sekketsu gr says:

cant wait for your coverage of vega

samuel says:

i just sold my rm850x, it really was a fantastic power supply and i really love corsair warranty and tech support. great review keep up these good psu review!

idiot42 says:

I’m sorry, but I’d never recommend ANY CX PSU unless it’s one of the grey labelled versions

señor yol says:

who is better for 500w corsair or evga?
i love you :^*)

myhybrid09 says:

Many have been telling me to go with EVGA’s supernova or seasonic but I happen to love Corsair’s PSUs. The one I have presently in my system is 10 yrs old. I plan to do a new build in the coming weeks. Love your long explanations and detailed “unboxing.”

Kasrowi says:

yeah.. i have exactly this one for my pc.. and btw sir u might wanna check this awesome game, u play world of warships a lot, so i tought u might like it as well 🙂 its called Dreadnought

AgentX44 Gaming says:

I have a 4790k at 4.6ghz and 1080ti, this will be a better upgrade old psu 750w bronZe?

Haji L says:

i hope you make video should buy cooler master 1200w

Abhyuday Singh says:

Can you plaease review Corsair RM850i

AluminiumTech Gaming says:

I have an RM850i in my main rig. and I can confirm that Corsair makes QUALITY PSUs.

Tonio64286 says:

I’m making a build with an i7-7700K & GTX 1080 (Planning on overclocking both) with 16 GB of DDR4-3200 RAM. Will I survive with a 750 Watt power supply or should I spend the extra $20 for the 850 Watt?

Michael says:

I own this PSU it’s awesome. powering a 6700k 4.8ghz OC and a Strix GTX1080ti OC @2050mhz. Also have a NZXT Kraken x62 and 3 140mm Masterfan pros ”Air Pressure” getting positive air flow in a Mastercase maker5.

Jason Lim Chin Hoong says:

i think tech deals is upgrading his pc.

Castalence says:

Does this work for the 720$ Cyberpower PC? Also do you recommend a different power supply for it at all? I saw a review saying it’s default is not that great.

Knoa says:

What about the RM 550x?

bill stithem says:

I am so sick of you youtubers look at me look at all this stuff i get for free ,when there some of us with no money for stuff like that . I HATE YOU ALL

Sebastian Bernal says:

Can you please do a video comparing the G4560 to other Pentium processors while taking into consideration that the G4560 is currently retailing for $80, and that the difference between that and the G4620 is only $20 and whether you think whether or not it is worth the difference. Thank you, keep up the great vids!

Mang0s says:

Not sure if I should go with thermal takes V series or the corsair Rmx series at about the 650/750 watts?

Anthony Williams says:

Pfft! Everybody knows you can download more watts.

Georgi Nedyalkov says:

This PSU costs 50 euro more than the RM750x so I went for the 750W. 100 more watts does not cost 50 euro when the 750W costs 125 euro 🙂

Emir Ramic says:

I have a doubt Tech Deal
I am planning to buy a ryzen7 1700 and I am curious is this processor worth of combining with gtx 1060 6gb. If I get a ryzen 5 CPU in a couple of years i’ll probably have to replace them both. But if I get 1700 then is it to expected that I’ll only need to upgrade my graphics card.

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