CORSAIR HX850 Power Supply Review | DIY Gaming PC Build
The PSU, short for power supply unit, is a device on the computer that converts the standard AC power from the computer to low voltage regulated DC powers for devices inside the computer. This CORSAIR Professional Series HX850 power supply can power your basic computer build and is more than enough to power anything.

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BritishGamingNerd BGN says:

HEY!!!! you can never watch TOO MUCH porn!!!!!!

Brent M says:

itsa power supply

enki iq says:

i had this psu and its died after 11 months

Paul Mathews says:

Can you tell me what the differfence of the blue and black sockets are ???

Lost the manal, I am using all the black slots for everything.


MostYourBase says:

Fuck this video and its misleading title.  This is an unboxing, not a review.  Why do people care about watching some asshole take something out of a box?  I wanna know whether or not I should buy the damn thing. Say no to unboxings! Disliked.

BoneMVP says:


D .Davies says:

Is that powersupply good? Does it sounds much?

Sam Burns says:

You sound like me when I’m tweaking.

Mtaalas says:

So where’s the review?

ToxicTuga says:

will it be macos or windows?

BritishGamingNerd BGN says:

doing that only makes it better …..

Daniel Colato says:

That Corsair bag is sexy! 🙂

LogicLounge says:

Yes, I wonder how you concluded that.

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