Corsair CX550M PSU with Black Cables!- OW#1

-Corsair CXM PSU unboxing! Best Semi-Modular, all black sleeved cables power Supply. CX550M
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Benjamin Morey says:

Silicon Gel made me giggle. Thanks for that.

nguyen manh says:

i have a i5 6600k and a gtx 1070 still wonder will this be enough them ?

SnowBallYT says:

Do you think i could sell mine vs550 psu and add some money to buy this or do people not buy used power supplies ?

FoxeyPlayz says:

Umm but unboxing isnt spelt with 2 owes

Andrei Cosma says:

Will it work for Kaby Lake i57600 ?

fishfoodgaming says:

Can I use this for the EVGA gtx 1060 sc

Jan Nejman says:

anyone has issue with random vibrations???

Karam Wadi says:

just built my first PC ever and used this psu, nice build quality and the modular cables make it easy but I am encountering random rattle noises, other than being annoying as hell do u think a fan rattle from the psu is harmful?

Chuck Bartowski says:

Are the supplied data cables (those not connected to the power supply from the beginning) long enough? I have a lite5 masterbox

Ken the Eagle says:

FUCK Corsair.. If your power supply dies before warranty is up, good luck. They will simply ignore you or go in circles with bullshit like, and I quote “As per checking again on the invoice it I think it did not attached.” Wonderful grammar.

SiCKMYDuCK says:

Are Psu’s cables long enough for cable management in a midi tower?

Lord Satanlover says:

does this have a 8 pin pci?

Jason Rafael Donato Dayrit says:

With this world with the MSI B150M Motherboard, Intel Core i5 6500 3.20 and the Sapphire NITRO+ RX 480 8GB/Gigabyte GTX 1060 Windforce 6GB OC??? Thanks!!

Bgm says:

i have a 4 pin cpu power would this psu be compatable with my mother board ?

Tiaan Strauss says:

ag nee man

Coding Barber says:

OW! that hurt

Guy Person says:

What’s the song that starts playing at 0:23? Been looking for it all over.

Jordan Rage says:

When did this PSU come out? Also awesome vid man!

TechnoCat says:

Will the CX550m be a good choice for this pc:
AMD Ryzen 5 160
Gigabyte AB350N-Gaming WIFI
DDR4 16GB 2133Mhz Ram
Seagate 1TB 7200Rpm HDD
Kingston SSD UV400 480GB
Gigabyte GTX 1060 G1
Fractal Design Define Nano S

NovaTech Zx says:

Love the intro bro

tuah cool says:

did i get 5v output? which port?

Santtu says:

Omg yes it doesn’t have ketchup and mustard cables :0

Eazy Cheeze 1978 says:

One question about the flexibility of the 24-pin ATX cable: Is it flexible? I ask because the routing of my current PSU’s ATX cable, to assist airflow and access, goes through a little compartment that’s open on both sides, which was probably accomplished by folding the connector parallel to the cable and pushing it through; I will have to reverse that process to take it out. Can I do the same with this PSU? If not, I suppose it’d be no big deal to leave it out; it’d be nice to be able to secure it out of the way, though. From the looks of the connector/cable and how far that consolidation band is from the connector, it doesn’t look like routing it in the way I’ve mentioned will be possible, so I will be looking for ways to secure it, if at all possible. It would be optimal to keep it out of the way of my hard drive bay area, because I’ll be putting another one in in April. 🙂

Shawn Rodis says:

Those monitor stands though lol

MARKAMEN X04 says:

OW!! The cringe…

Ryan Sherratt says:

few finally found a PSU with black cables
thanks so much m99999999

Milana Muliarchik says:

хули этот долбак на английском базарит?

Nikolas Divenyi says:

I’m building a pc soon how’s this build?
Ryzen 5 1600
B350 Tomahawk Mobo
NZXT S340 white Case
1tb HDD WD
120gb SSD SanDisc
KINGSTON Fury 2×4 8gb DDR4 ram

Bailey Banks says:

since the 650watt is the same, could i use two pcie 8 pin extensions to power a sapphire r9 fury nitro card?

Abel Music says:

Is the corsair safe? People have been saying it dangerous and they said it would be better to go for seasonic

Jorens Minats says:

This helped me so much, I wanted to buy an RX 480 8 GB with uses a 8 pin connector, and I need a 8 pin for my CPU and I only saw one on the PSU, so I thought I needed an entirely different one, but now I know I don’t! Thanks!

Supertin says:

is the power supply quite?

Cxru says:

Will it work with ryzen 5 1600 and msi gtx 1060 6gb?

Brendan Mccloskey says:

would i be able to have 3 hdds and a dvd drive connected to this psu. and also a fan controller?

009 Dreamscape says:

Got one for 38 bucks new!

Arxhend says:

Wow dude thanks a lot!!

Isus Bog says:

Is this good for rx580 8gb

Ashen One says:

Those two 8 pin connectors are the pci cables for the video card?

Wobbufet says:

This psu support a rx 580 8gb and a r5 2200g?

Pd: and i can overclock de cpu?

Brad Majors says:

You’d think a guy with autism would be more knowledgeable.

Josh Styles says:

im starting to get parts to do a build. so far i only got this psu (mine is a 650w). i plan on getting a 1060 6gb, and an i-5 6600. will it be good?

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