Corsair CX550M – $60 Modular 80+ Bronze Power Supply – Review

Great Deal on a quality PSU for a $600 to $1,200 Build, OEM System Upgrade, or Replacing a Failed Power Supply!
Corsair CX550M — @Amazon — @Newegg
Full Playlist of All Power Supply Reviews on YouTube —

The above link is to the Power Supply shown in this video, the modular unit. For the non-modular model, click here:
Corsair CX550 — @Amazon — @NewEgg

For a system over $1,200, you might want to consider the Corsair RMx line, it comes with a longer warranty and better power delivery

Corsair RM650x — @Amazon — @NewEgg


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Nizon says:

nyc video try to look some times away from the camera. it looks like you are watching soul of the viewer

Markinpuff says:

Tech Deals, how would you rate these power supplies up against EVGA?

chief chris says:

Does it have a 6pin conector?

gamamew says:

I got one similar sometime ago, a CX750M refurbished (for the coil whine thing) for cheap.
Nice PSU, no problems at the moment.

Mindaugas Kaminskas says:

How’s coil whine? I had CX750M and it was emitting very loud coil whine.

westnylefx says:

I like this PSU I use one on a friends ryzen 5 build.

Im curious if you got a threadripper from AMD…? I know you have the skylake x machine. Figured AMD would send you a threadripper too?

In short is a EVGA 750w SuperNOVA G3 a good pick for a Threadripper build?
I think thats the cheapest psu thats gold 80+ and has 2 eps connectors. (139.99 locally) If there is a better pick pls let me know!

Tony Mendoza says:

Cost $60 but I have a brand new unboxed CX550M for $40 right now! Hmu

Lenin Mapping says:

Can you make a review about the new corsair coolers? The H115I PRO both the 360 and 280 one?

Some Austrian Dude says:

Finally a recent review of this psu since I needed one cuz Imma replace my time bomb of a vs550

Vivek Samantaray says:

I just updated mine from VS650 to CX650M…….

Van Hammersly says:

The Corsair CX series has quality issues with it’s cable sleeves. That’s been my experience anyway. I highly recommend the B3’s from EVGA.

Zeniax says:

I got a rm650x for my new build, waiting for it, great video as always.

StanicEnemy says:

Dont get me wrong Tech Deals i respect and love your videos but its one of worst psu out there,keep in mind corsair just rebrand oem psus.

DTooown says:

Heehe, running this exact power supply with a 1070 and i7 7700k

junaid arshad says:

I Like the way you explain everything in your videos, really really helpful for the viewers.

Dillon Carpenter says:

I wish I would have gotten this one instead of my EVGA. Guess I’ll get this beautiful, simple thing for when i upgrade my gpu and need more watts.

Axel Foley says:

I have the Corsair Vengeance 650m what is basicly a upgraded and relabeled CX650m. It even uses some of the same preview pics.
I have a GTX 1060 and a i5-6500.

Digi Aotearoa says:

Hi I have a Q? im building a Ryzen 1800X / 1070 and all its bits my Q? is would aye EVGA supernova 80+ gold 750 do?

jonbemerkin says:

Can you maybe do a computer chair review?

25baam says:

What about corsair tx750m

StafondOW says:

I run this PSU along with my Ryzen 7 1700 and GTX 1070Ti, works pretty fine

rob060 says:

got this PSU for my ryzen 1600x gtx 1060 build. been great so far

TheeAdeptBranch says:

I bought this very psu after an EVGA psu exploded on me.
cool seeing a review on it.

Eric Ryan says:

It should be noted that some motherboards have 14 pin motherboard connectors so you may need an adaptor.

HolyMoly Times2 says:

Hi can you show how to replace the old psu with the new one?

trocify says:

There’s actually a rosewill 650 modular 80 plus bronze for $60 on Newegg I’m using it with my pc build it’s basically completely silent until I turned the gpu fan up by default on msi afterburner and it’s still pretty quiet

Onur Gunduz says:

I love it when Tech Deals features one of my components. It gives me confirmation. lol

Kryptonaaayt says:

Will this be ok with an oc ryzen 5 1600 @4ghz and a 1070ti ? I currently have a 1050ti and would upgrade to 1070ti after the gpu prices calms down.

Ed z says:

Corsair as a brand is shit. I’m not blaming you Tech Deals Man but I bought many of their products coz you said their customer service was excellent. The 10 yr warranty PSU remember?

Well I bought a LNP 3 months ago and 1 LED strip failed on me. I asked them to replace it and the rma process was approved but they told me I had to send the entire LNP package back which would cost me 25 bucks from where I’m staying. I asked them if they could just do me a favor and send me 1 led strip to save the shipping since i gave them videos of the strip and all the proof.

Their response was basically tough luck pal. I was considering to buy a K95 platinum just before the LED shat out on me. Good thing it did before I spent the near 200 bucks on the keyboard.

merrick ipapo says:

Love your vids! would like to request a review for the Corsair Vs series specially VS450 and above

mahi hossain says:

which is best r5 1600 with 1070 or i5 8400 with 1070

Eugene says:

Is a Silverstone Strider Essential 500W a good PSU? Or should I upgrade in the future

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