Corsair Builder Series CX600 80PLUS Bronze 600W Power Supply Review
Nicolas11x12 reviewing and testing the Corsair Builder Series CX600 80PLUS Bronze 600W Power Supply.

Manufacturer: Corsair
Model: CP-9020048-EU

Full Specifications:

My Hardware Unboxing Channel:

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David van Wyhe says:

Those are sata cables? 😛

morgan da king says:

rated to run at 30 celcius, these are quite mediocre units…

Zupez says:

Will this work with:
GPU – Sapphire R9 270X 4GB 1020MHz GDDR 5 PCI
CPU – AMD A10-5800K 

JarzkaCodes says:

I love to watch this at 60fps.

Worst Vayne Antartic says:

Can I oc i5 6600k and GTX 1060 with this PSU?

Zurc 愛 says:

would this work g4560 + 750 ti??


does this one be good for my gtx 1070 with fx 8350 ?
what about corsair vs650 watt which one is good ? please reply fast i have to buy new psu but confused

aneep shyl says:

can this handle an i5 7500 and a gtx 1080

Jason Pate says:


saud dleem says:

can this power supply apply to instal on phantom 210 case

Zipping Basher says:

Could I use this with a AMD FX-8320, GTX 960 4GB, 2TB HHD, and 2 extra fans and a DVD drive?

SoftyDeveloper3D says:

I’m considering to buy this psu but I have a question is this going to work on motherboard Asus F2A55-M LK Plus?

DaCuddleBugg says:

fucking great review! gj m8!

CobraL0rd says:

A professional video. My thanks and congrats friend. By the way this power supply is great even for a gaming PC.

12 btw haHAA says:

How will this run xfx 280x with AMD fx-8320 and 8GB RAM? I just ordered the parts and I’m pretty worried ’cause apparently this PSU isn’t too good :/

What Are Thooose!!! says:

Will this support a gigabyte fx 990 motherboard with an Amd 8350 cpu overclocked with a nvidia 970 graphics, cause I plan on over locking my cpu in the future

Jacob Österling says:

who uploads a 480p video?

Maxalexander33 says:

will this work with
sapphire nitro r9 380x 4g d5
i7 2600
8 gb ram

Hallucinogenichusky says:

The CX600 is supposed to have 1 ATX and 1 EPS connector…

pvtrick empire says:

will this psu work?
i5 6600k
sapphire nitor r9 390
8gb ram

Dan says:

Are the gloves necessary?

RavenBoy99 says:

i got a question, when a power supply says its haswell compatible does it mean it only works with intel processors or it just saying that? i dont know and i want to make sure.

Reggie Sanchez says:

I have CX600 watts right now. My current specs as follows:

16gb RAM 1600MHZ
Corsair h55 CPU cooler
4X 120mm static fan

My question is CX600 still handle gtx 780? I’m worrying about GPU Damage after I test it.

tenshi7angel says:

If you have barely any money, this PSU will do just fine. If it dies, at least it won’t take the rest of you computer with it.

1805connor says:

Thank you this is very informative.I don’t usually get a lot of spending money so I didn’t want to mess up my purchase.

Manuel Quintanilla says:

Will this run a GTX 970 sc with a AMD FX 8320 8 core cpu with 8 gb of ram?

MaroulakosFTW says:

so is it only for atx motherboards??no m-atx?

MrFender032 says:

Is this Power Supply good for a Gtx 980 and FX 8350 ?

HollowVirus , says:

i am getting a pc and all the weird names of the ‘components’ are like a new launguage to me

GauravNikoBellic says:

Is this good enough for gtx 970 guys ???

ThermalPredator X says:

I bought a pre built computer, Intel i7 4790, 8GB RAM and a GTX 750Ti mini. It had this power supply and I was worried that it didn’t have 8 pin and 6 pin connectors (I needed them because I bought an MSI GTX 970) because the company I bought it from (FreshTechSolutions) just balled the wires up and shoved them in the bottom corner of my PC where I can barely get to them without taking parts out and couldn’t find jack shit. So this video took a weight of my shoulders because I was worried I wouldn’t be able to connect the 970, so thanks 😀

Gavin Shortall says:

will this power an AMD radeon 6970 GPU. and does it matter what motherboard I have?

Chili Tomato says:

will this PSU WORK?
I5 4460
R9 380 4GB

CosmicSphere says:

Will this work?
Intel I7 6700k
GTX 1060 G1 Gaming
16 Gigs of DDR4 Hyper X Ram
Ifmit doesnt well i might need to ship it back lol

StealthyGremlin says:

Would this work for a gtx 970?

Alex Boom says:


iHunter GTX says:

This PSU can handle a gtx 1070, i5 6600, 16gb ram, ssd, hdd?

DurrR says:

would this work with a gtx 960 ssc 8 pin?

elias lollonen says:

i have msi 980 and i5 6600k and 600cx +80 good or bad???

bill 123 says:

Can this handle a fx6300 and R9 fury nitro?


would this work with gtx 970 (oc)

chubbyeuan76 says:

i have an r9 280 which require a 6 pin pcie and 8 pin will this suffice if not what is good option?

OneTipzy says:

Will this Run Intel i5 4460, 8gb ddr3, Asus Nvidia gtx 750i 2gb graphics card that has a 6 pin conector?

Skyberry Symphony says:

Great review 🙂 Love your voice. I’ll be using the 750W version of this in my build 🙂

Agent-.-47 says:

I have 4 pin cable in my board it’s Asus h-81m would it work with my board ??

smashingpumpkinsxD says:

Good review

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