Corsair Builder Series CX500 V2 Power Supply Review
Nicolas11x12 reviewing and benchmarking the Corsair Builder Series CX500 V2 Power Supply.

Manufacturer: Corsair
Model: CX500 V2

Full Specifications:

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Andrew24wow says:


Gazump ! says:

I also found this review, really helpful thanks a bunch 😀

EXLR says:

can I use this too for the hd 7950? I believe it can because of the 34 amp on the 12 v rail but sure? processor i5 2400, using like 78 watts.
one hdd, one stick of 4gb memory , using a gtx 560 oc @950mhz now at 1.075 voltage. Is this cx500 enough?

Starscreamious says:

So………no actual testing.

jose1041996 says:

i use an evga 650w for 2x 660ti and never had a problem 😛

Trogdor8freebird says:

POS? What do you mean buy POS? And what other better options are available?

Henrath says:

How is this benchmarking, it has no tests.

Trogdor8freebird says:

Can this PSU handle a GTX 560? (CPU isn’t difficult to handle) I’m wanting to know if it has the right cables for a GTX 560. Someone please respond. 🙂

Le Icedragon says:

will this work for alienware x51?

hassan78659 says:


Koen van den Berg says:

anyone who has this, is this a good PSU?

Jone Østråt says:

most high-end gpu’s require 600 watts or more these days. for a budged computer I agree with you though =)

LLB LLB says:

Yea, 650w is a lot more PSU than people give it credit for, as long as they stay away from crap PSU’s.

Some of the no name 750w psu’s are lucky to put out 400w, but, a good named 80 rated 500w psu is more likely to handle more like 550 – 600w.

TheRosswise says:

I feel like I just got fussed at.

Gyunay Kadirov says:

will dis work whith xfx 7850 2 gb i need 2x 6 pinPCIe?

Mark Taylor says:

Brill review man straight to point no spending ages looking at the box, very clear well spoken will be subscribing. Good job 🙂

Sandman says:

can i use this in the corsair obsidian 800d

Johann De Ulm says:

The m version is modular.

WertzOne says:

Way more than what you need. You need like 320w to power such build.

Stellar lupus says:

This was very helpful! Just wanted to make sure I was buying the right power supply for a Maximus VI Hero motherboard.

Sudeepto Dutta says:

Thanks for the reply 🙂

Alex Boom says:

thnx for the info

Serge Dexter says:

i just bought a Asus Strix RX 470 OC and this PSU , will it handle i5 4460 8gb RAM and the GPU pls ?

Faith 24/7 says:

That’s funny because my power supply is the same one as yours and I’ve got 456 Watts on the single 12-volt rail so I don’t get that… is yours a version 2 because mine is…

McCarthy Noah says:

This is stupid but does it come with the poerd by corsier sticker for my case ?

noahman1234 says:

Is it loud

Dev Mehta says:

hey i jus wanted to know if it is good for the following:
Corsair Carbide 200R Series (Case that is so that you know)
Gigabyte GT640 2048 MB GPU
Intel Core i5 3470
Gigabyte GA H77M D3H MotherBoard
SeaGate 1TB HDD
Samsung 160GB HDD

Glergsen says:

mebe if u can lern 2 spell proprely we can anser.

w0LDeRx says:

such a good review, thanks now i know what im buing 😉 keep the good work up bro

EXLR says:

ah, thanks for the quick response man! Buying the card next weekXD!

Francesco Barbieri says:

Yup, when I was 16 I was so stupid that I decided to use a 750W PSU to power an i7 860 and a couple HD 5750s 🙂 Man, the cpu was like 95W and the GPUs like 100W each!

LLB LLB says:

I bought the modular versions of this. Ugh, not only did I end up having to use every cord, but, the lack of sleeving with the modular version makes it a mess. I’d suggest that anyone stick with this version and not the modular unless you’re 100% that you won’t use every cord, but, even then with the difficult cable design, I’d skip on the modular for this one.

Poishhh says:

pls will this work on a M5A97 LE R2.0 motherboard and will power a MSI R9 270x gaming 2Gb???

Alex Boom says:

u mean 40 fans :D….3-4 hard drives, quad core and a quite good vga, around 120€ can work smooth with a 500w

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