Corsair AX850 Power Supply Review

This time I step back from the software end for a bit to focus on hardware again. For this weeks review, I will focus on a upgrade I am doing to my own computer, a power supply unit upgrade. I am upgrading from the Thermaltake Toughpower 700w (W0106-RU) to a Corsair Professional Series Gold 850w (AX850). This PSU is 80 Plus Gold certified, currently the most efficient class on the market.

I made the switch over a week ago now, and am posting the video, and have a few extras to add. First, the fan rarely kicks on. I have not done a whole lot of gaming lately, but will post when I do as to the noise level.

The cablels themselves are much better, longer, and seem more durable than the Thermaltake. As of this moment, I am sold on Corsair technology, and my next review will continue with it.

Computer Specs:
Antec Nine Hundred Case
Gigabyte GS-EX58-UD5 Motherboard
Intel Core i7 920 CPU
Cooler Master V8 CPU Cooler
12gb (3x4gb) Corsair Vengence Ram
EVGA GTX-275 Graphics Card
2x 500gb Western Digital Caviar Green (Raid 0)
4x 1.5tb Western Digital Caviar Green (2x Raid 1 array’s)
Asus Bluray Combo Drive (BC-08B1ST)
Sony DVD Burner IDE (Crap…next to replace)


Nate X Freeman says:



@techgooch euh is that regular atx-size ? I need this for a small project i’m building on !

Mudux says:

@techgooch the fan definitively sucks air, and exhausts it at the rear of the psu

Kevin Stampe says:

you should buy a Corsair Carbide 500R case, its really stunning, and you can do some serious cable management! plus, if you want a even more quiet pc, buy the h100 watercooling from corsair too 🙂

Tobex128 says:

@WJReviews I actually have noticed that, good thing I’ve got a wall behind the comp.

talobassprog says:

i still using this power supply for 5 years… my best choice buying something XD

2007vitaly says:

Well i figured it out! My cpu use top 350watt and videocard use 300, so that is only 650w with Oc. So a 850watt is even an overkill for ma rig . The rest barely use some wattage. Thanks for the help guys


he can’t there is no hole and filter for the psu to suck in air from lol

BuckeyeBlitzTV says:

@MrBassla Yes it does.

kevin cutajar says:

hey does any one know if it has a 6pin pci e connector

Laurin Keul says:

Are all those cables also included with the AX 650 and 750?

balkan93ful says:

should I get LC POWER 600W OR THERMALTAKE 600W

Zak Super says:

Very nice video . Helped a lot. Thank you .

Pasemak says:

this or Ocz Zx Series 850w ?

Magnus Fegri says:

This. 100% modular.

DJ WEZ says:

@Tobex128 thanks for replying i have a wall aswell but i was just worried =D faired dinkum someone has the same problem as me oh well =D another question does your fan spin ive been gaming for 2 weeks now and hasnt even started up yet thanks =D

wackibacki says:

I feel your pain man – you had your nose broken and you cant’t breath freely trough it.

Harleymansgarage says:

Need to blow your nose

Tobex128 says:

@WJReviews just tilted the case, a veryvery faint flow.

Ralph Wiggum says:

I think this PSU is designed for cases that have the PSU on the bottom of the case… Mine’s at the top, and the cables for SATA power are backwards for me. XD

Still, I found a way around it, and everything’s working good. Great PSU.

DJ WEZ says:

@Tobex128 I think because my case antec 1200 is too cold to start the fan

JaCieKochams2 says:

I just want to change the fan because I have this power supply for over 2 years now

Tybok C says:

Corsair use Seasonic parts in some of their PSU’s.. as does XFX..

Buster Bloodvessel says:

I think a camera that fits on a band around your head would be best – then you’d have two hands free and, probably, could monitor the recording on a screen. I just built a desktop – with the Corsair AX850 – but I couldn’t handle doing it one-handed.

Zach Dyer says:

@2007vitaly LOL your cpu does not use 350 watts.

djxput says:

Nice clear review!

Tybok C says:

Looks like it’s a good PSU.. would the cables be long enough in a Coolermaster HAF-X case? I currently use a Antec Truepower Quattro 850watt.. I’m changing PSU cos my system is 6 yrs old.. so makes sense to put a new PSU in it.. I had considered the Corsair HX1050.. I think the AX850 will be ok..

cfcGreg D says:

No offense but it is torture listening to you. Take a whiff of your inhaler or get some oxygen. It sounds like you are going into a asthmatic fit

kax79 says:

doesn’t look as a review…rather as a simple unboxing and showoff o your new purchase

Tybok C says:

A fake? It’s an Antec 900 as the reviewer sad so and it says Antec stamped on the bottom..

Nicholas Mumola says:

Thanks for mentioning the issue about the Fan not running when you power up…. I thought my unit was defective too until you mentioned that the fan works based on the load and shuts off when there is no load or very little load to save power and reduce noise (even though when the fan in the AX850 is running it’s very quiet)..

Bash Ologist says:

Great, thank you!

DJ WEZ says:

hey does anyone find the cable of this power supply going into the powerpoint loose at the back of the psu? thanks

theonly1nr1 says:

Clarifying review! And don’t get me started on that lovely, deep red beard! :]

Liam Goodison says:

change your camera angle, it feels creepy

Justin Belliard says:

does anyone know the dimensions of this thing?

2007vitaly says:

Yea, it can if u oc that thing at over 4 ghz, it get madd. LoL

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