Corsair AX1500i Titanium Power Supply Review

Corsairs latest and greatest PSU gets abused the OC3D way…. Two AMD 295X2’s even make an appearance!

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3970xRocks says:

At 31:18 – 701W in, 636W out. Approx 10% makes 90% efficiency in my view. Less than advertised but still good. But it says 55% efficiency? I don’t understand these figures at all – if its 94% efficient, why 55% in Corsair Link?

ArmedWarhead says:

dat laugh at 40:46


40:45 lool
keep repeating it

mortisha allagebordo says:

sleep come on tom its not like your work is hard plug this in unplug that you act like you got to build a bridge in the morning so just pull 72 hour shifts like a beast be the tech beast tom not the tech dweeb 

d34n1097 says:

40:46 that laugh XDD

Mk Trilog Tbar says:

а какая у вас модель корпуса?

วงศธร อารมณ์ says:

what your’s case is?

KosovarMods says:

Sleeving original ca bles do not void the waranty aswell TTL 😉
Asuming the powersupply is fully modular.

Nils Klitgaard says:

If only they made a 1000 watt version of this…

michaellee213 says:

If you disable ULPS, then will the second video card (the AMD 290X) provide a temperature in Corsair Link?  I have been meaning to try this.

General Specs says:

Great video, the content and coverage make for a well rounded professional package – outstanding. I get the feeling that you are a man that is going places i.e. and only as an example – for a tech company; from what I have seen; I would say that you are “a good catch,” so to speak.  

Michael Lazarus says:

my fx system with 2 r9 290x msi lightning cards pulls over 1050watts

Rhea Silhouette says:

the red looks orange lol

FireChickenPlays says:

this AX1500i is not 80 Plus Titanium because  80 Plus Titanium Efficiency level for 230V at 10%,20%, 50%,100% must be  90%,94%,96%,91%. in your measurement the Efficiency at 50% was only 94%. Which make it 80 Plus Platinum.

Christian Jensen says:

40:44 best laugh ever! 

Amfamora says:

i just installed a R9 295×2 and with a i5-3570k at 4.4ghz and 1 SSD… my Silverstone 1000w is struggling albeit years old. Ran 7970’s xfired fine, but these days you cant do a simple GPU upgrade without the rest…… My Carbon Footprint increased lol.

I went for the AX1200i… Love your channel!

plad plad says:

Hi, which cable did you use to connect this psu to the wall in the uk? As it seems to require 15A ac input, i cant seem to find any power cord for it in the uk.. help please?

Justfilloutthe111111 says:

Awesome PSU. Perfect ten from JonnyGuru…

Jamey Hamilton says:

i just ordered this for my asus rampage 5 extreme motherboard,i7-5820.corsair 100i cooler

carlos bom says:

Hi to everyone!!

In the 900D in the bottom would fit this psu, a 480mm rad with thickness and a 240mm rad with 40mm thickness?

Keep with the good work!!!!

Bradley Jones says:

50% Efficiency?  It should be like 90%, is the software really that wrong, or is your PSU defective?  Something is wrong here.

Stellar lupus says:

Best PSU review… very helpful thanks!

traingp7 says:

I wish he did the “ULTIMATE AMD” build with a overclocked FX 9590 on custom water cooled setup with 32 GB’s of 2133 MHz ram and sound card just to see if that power supply could handle it.

mattdiscus says:

Hey awesome video. i have rampage 5 extreme, 5960x @ 4.4ghz and two amd 295×2 but with the same test im only pulling 910w max!!! Is that normal?

deinemuddaisdoof says:

The AX1200i can run 3x R9 290/290x and this AX1500i should do 4x R9 290/290x for mining.
At about 31:45 min the efficiency is not 55% though, 636/701 > 0.55 ….

Enes Alkovic says:

Can it run 4 TITAN BLACKS or 4 Evga 780Ti kIngpIn edition gpu`s



oNoiseo says:

Whats that in front panel slots? ;o

fabyt68 says:

great review, thanks and keep on

Myron Black says:

wat I hate is this guys voice

Fonso Maroni says:

50 Minutes is way too long for this kind of review.

CheekymonkeyGaming says:

My AX 1500i blew up yesterday! 😐

wtf Corsair -_-
I have to contact Corsair in America but the time difference is such a pain to contact them. stupid thing just blew up!! what do you think could have caused that? I wasn’t even doing anything heavey on my pc.

DaxHamel says:

As heat increases so does resistance and the efficiency drops.

General Specs says:

When are you going to do a full review of the EVGA Classified 780ti Kingpin addition? Enjoying your videos, this particular one is something I am very interested in. No doubt, the Kingpin would go lovely with the psu, well, two Kingpins’, to use up a good measure of its juice and thus, do it a little justice.

Play GT says:

corsair and seasonic, both are the best marcs right now

Dinu Razvan says:

This is a very good video m8…Very good ex there with r9 295×2 in crossfire…But I wonder what is the rest of the setup how much ram…What cpu 2011/1150,oc/not oc?How many ssd/hdd….Cuz if you have i7 4960x with raid 0 ssd+1-3 hdd over 2tb would the psu still handle it?Also what mobo ….
Also you should make a video of an overkill pc with asrock x79 extreme i7 4960x,32-64gb of ram 2400+,those 2 r9 295 and ofc raid 0 ssd 512gb +raid 1 seagate enterprise 128mb buff…And see if the psu can handle all over a nice stress test…That would be gr8…
P.S:After you do that and test them give it away to
<-----This guy

chris jones says:

my 860i keeps redlighting me is this normal

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