Corsair AX1500i 1500w Power Supply Review and Unboxing
Unveiled at CES, the Corsair AX1500i is one of the first power supplies to really create a buzz. The flagship 1,500 watt power supply aims to deliver clean power even at insane power outputs.




clownkiller0629 says:

thank you but I have my 860i already 🙂 and vary happy with it too

iDC-El_CANGRY_V1 says:

Is good the you are talking i fan good video keep up…actually this power suplay bring 16 gauge cable?

JonnyBoyAdventures says:

im so connecting mah fridge to that thing

SirLazy13 says:

Damn that shit is brolic as fuck lol says:

Nice and thanks for sharing.

Vitor Ferreira says:

By the size of this thing Corsair could put a nuclear reactor inside… Diamond certificate! LOL

Harris Douglas says:

Bitcoin powerhouse?

Heavy D says:

What do you guys think about Thermaltake’s Toughpower 1500 Gold PSU?  How does it compare versus the Corsair?

Digital Storm says:

Another question, how was this review compared to our older ones? Better?

Frost Zemun says:

buggati veyron of psu’s

deef0000dragon1 says:

would this be usable with a dual cpu board? i want to make an insane rig, but i cant chore the right psu

magickrokie says:

This would probably be nice for some bitcoin miners.

Play GT says:

corsair and seasonic, both are the best marcs what i’ve meat

buckeyes05055 says:

Great video

Axel King says:

Hi everyone,
I am planing to run quadfire r9 295×2 and wanted to know if this psu will do the job?

Biotob says:

Still waiting for the day everyone will need a 10k watt psu for a sli or crossfire setup

slipknot2k4 says:

This power supply would be great for my 25W FM2 Cpu with onboard graphics.

Charles Inman says:

that is a powerful power supply O.o but guess ill never see one its only really for people with the top end graphics… im not getting titans any time soon xD

Outer Beast says:

extremely powerful

6Intuition says:

Lemme get that.

Ameer Mahmood says:

That feel when just picked up this PSU for £270 for my 4790k and 980… Both running at stock.

Overkill? I THINK SO MATE.

Villeum says:

Is 1500watt really necessary ?

Mannimedia says:

Got mine today! A great replacement to the LEPA 1600

Jose Acevedo says:

That is a long ass PSU

Im Moofin says:

My digitalstorm vanquish comes tomorrow 🙂

st0rm says:

Damn 80+ titanium

TheGuyWhoGamesAlot says:

Would be nice to have if I had 4 GPUs. I barely have one.

Deathhybr1ds says:

Thanks for the review!

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