Computer Components Explained: Power Supplies

Wanna understand the various components inside your PC? Well look no further as we go over them all one by one in this series! Today’s topic? Power Supplies


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Marcus Avery says:

This game looks dope ima cop

Revvilo says:

The first time I dealt with a molex plug, I was having doubts about whether it can actually be unplugged once plugged in… this was back when I first started dealing with pc parts tho.

Eric Does Stuff says:

I was watching the part about the molex and laughed quietly and then released a somewhat long fart. Lol

ツMedcor says:

5:40 – The moment i took a sip of my drink and proceeded to spit it all over my monitor and keyboard.

C_U_C_C ed says:

can u make a video for memory pls?

RockSteadyJDub says:

the non modular power supply you exampled is the same one i have in my pc right now…

Nova says:

The first minute of the video is about how the PSU is the slash in AC/DC

Revvilo says:

Wait… if you touch the capacitors, you die?

Moi says:

That I outro was terrible

Scooty789 says:

PSU is my city

SNEK says:

Hey barry, can you make a list on pc part picker for me? (price range less than $340)

MrEagle says:

Why do you hate molex, it powers fans and lights which sure is a little bit useless but I also don’t see how it’s a problem, I’m not disagreeing I’m just asking

Unregistered66 says:

Hail Molex!

ryan says:

quick question, if I were to upgrade my psu to the ryzen 5 and my gpu to a gigabyte gtx 1050ti, would everything run fine? I’m new to pc building. (ps great video)

Lucky C4t says:

Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

Ambrose Killpack says:

Uh barry, why did you show an image of a 1200 watt power supply and not a 1000 watt power supply and actually label it a 1000 watt power supply?

Yvl Yvl says:

How to trouble shoot a computer?

MGE Dawn says:

Molex is designed by Satan, eh? Now THAT’S a story I’d pay good money to hear…

mitzapper2 says:

The power supply actually wouldn’t be the stomach; the stomach doesn’t digest as much as you might think. Its actually the small intestine that does most of the digesting and nutrient absorption

Jaiden Ratliff says:

dislike for that shit pun

jack eskridge says:

I think I should switch to non-modular power supply, so how do I properly install one?

MrCatFace 8885 says:

Is a 500 watt psu ok for Bitcoin mining?

Zodee says:

This helped a lot, thank you so much senpai <3333

galahad38 says:

good lord, the puns

Prince Hans says:

I haven’t heard of a brand called Satan- … oh.

COSMIC says:

This series is extremely helpful. I have just recently got into PC gaming and building PCs e.c.t. This series really helps me as it shows me how components work which is obviously helpful to someone like me that is new to this stuff. You seriously deserve all of my gratitude for helping me in my journey to become a “complete PC gamer”. Thank you!

Can't think of a name says:

Does anyone know what the game in the background is?

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