Common PC Building Mistake #1: Choosing A Cheap Low-Quality Power Supply

For the full written list of Common PC Building Mistakes to avoid, check out this guide:

For more resources on choosing a quality power supply:

1. EGC’s PSU Buyer’s Guide:

2. Outer Vision’s PSU Calculator:

3. Jonny Guru PSU Reviews:

4. Hardware Secrets PSU Reviews:

If you’re building a single-GPU setup with a GTX 1070 or lower, the Corsair CX550M featured in this video is a quality budget-friendly unit that will give you more than enough power for your system. You can get it on Amazon here:

(We do earn a commission from Amazon if you do purchase products through our links, which supports the channel and allows us to run more giveaways.)

**Re-uploaded for louder audio. Still learning the ropes with audio editing and getting clearer, better-sounding vocals.


Frederick Thompson says:

Great video. Keep up the great videos

Gwen Coonen says:

OK, love this..title! Finally someone who tells what’s ‘budgetbuilding’ is all about…budgetbuilding is to invest on the long term and stay in the hobby, not to get your wallet slapped after 2y and get an instable system in the first place!
Get a decent start with quality basics, going for a decent ‘quality’ case and PSU are the first things to look for!

Many budgetbuild-videos also commend on corsair vengeance led/rgb memory etc and talking about ‘overclocking abilities’ , while commending on a cheap 350/400w supply with crap quality, which will result in instability problems or even real damage.
Better to go for fe. cheaper kingston valueram and a decent psu, which stays stable and doesn’t break the bank.
And recommending firstbuilders to overclock is for me a true nogo! It’s good enough when these people learn how to build a decent pc, do cable management etc and keep them happy with their first build without getting smoke out of the back of it after trying to overclock it or get real on the cooling end! First builders often are bombarded with info but don’t get the point of stability and balance of a build.

De Bandi 3n0cky says:

Do what you do I wanna build a computer

scruff says:

much better

Lance3a says:

Cant wait to see whos the winner is tommorow

xLoozii says:

Have a 1050 ti and an intel i5 2400. The intel i5 2400 needs 75W. How many watts power supple should i get

N3M3S1S says:

Much much better. 🙂 Good stuff.

Nikola Tesla says:

Well would this be a low quality psu?

Bokulus Hpal says:

Ok, but you never actually explain what is a “decent quality power supply”. I know you say do some research but if you’re gonna make the video, at least explain what makes makes a PSU good or bad..

Wolf Crown says:

Honestly can’t wait to see the channel grow. EGC will be there when I build my first true gaming comp lolol

Ryan Roberts says:

Glad to see someone covering this issue!

FrosticalGamer says:

This video is very good I’ve made that mistake once

Kilam HD says:

Loving this channel, and community! I cant wait to see who wins tomorrow!! Keep up the great work man! Ik it must be hard being just you, but your doing freaking amazing!

Hassan Ibrahim says:

amazing man, you are The beast of Elite Computers 🙂 Love your reviews 🙂

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