Choosing the Right PC Power Supply (PSU) as Fast As Possible

Picking the perfect power supply for your computer isn’t that simple, but with this guide you’ll be way ahead of the competition!

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dumplaktungtung says:

now you can visit coolermaster psu calculator on

David Santarelli says:

I am a day trader and looking to buy a new PC. I use 6 screens for one brain PC. I have at least 20 windows open on google chrome at a single time AND a trading platform opened. I also run my business which is a trading website from this same PC. I know NOTHING about computers and was wondering if you can tell me what I need and would be best. I need it to run fast with many things open and able to save many things as I make a lot of videos and save charts and word documents to share with my subscribers. Your help would be GREATLY appreciated. What are the specs I should look for?

drmax zigi says:

I have a problem with my PC..i have gtx 780 amd x4 750k and 600w power supply and all my games randomly crash(high settings) it because of s*it power supply or its someother problem

mira arix says:

And i have just noticed that the acronym of Fast As Possible is F.A.P….:|

Pat rice says:

sales guy sold me 4 pin instead of one with 5 pin

Clambo says:

i have an radeon r9 fury nitro and a 300 watt power supply

SpikeTheBear says:

I actually have a glolden psu like in the thumbnail XD

Dinklepuffus says:


Zereko Gaming says:

I thought that computers burning down was just a joke. A friend told me that he had another friend who burnt his PC. I though nothing of it. I guess I’ll think again…

MetinCrafter says:

Just use 2000 potatos that equals to 1000w about.

Darkzouls says:

if my build take around 200-300W can i use 500w?

Astraldymensions says:

I just bought a 850 Watt and I wasn’t planning on SLI, but now I guess I have the option to. I don’t think my system even pulls 500 watts atm. More like 450 :/

Sean C says:

Thanks I am about to get a gtx 1080 ti and overclock the hell out of it, I listed my specs on that calculator and it told me that 750 watts is perfect

Debargha Biswas says:

I have a core i3 2120 with h61 chipset will it support crosair vs450w pls reply I’m in confusion

Aljosa g says:

i have
i5 7600k
gtx 1070 8gb
16gb ddr4
1tb hdd
250gb ssd

WHAT SHOULD I GET?? im so confused..

CookieMarkus says:

Is a 450w powersupply enough for a normal asus pc?

Pablo Silva says:

so… my evga 430w 80plus silver supports 1060?

Fox says:

My PSU is starting to die. Need to replace.
here is what I got and the results of the calculator.

AMD FX-8370
MSI 970 gaming MoBo
2x 4gb ddr3 ram (8gb)
1-Asus RX 470 8gb
1- hybrid HDD
1-gaming KB
1-gaming mouse
3-120mm fans
3-140mm fans

comes out too
Load Wattage: 388 W

Recommended UPS rating: 750 VA

Recommended PSU Wattage: 438 W

I’m looking at 2 PSU’s an EVGA SuperNOVA 650 GQ 650W 80PLUS Gold Semi Modular and a EVGA SuperNOVA 750 B2 80 Plus Bronze Certified Power Supply.

What would any of you fine fokes recommend?
suggestions welcome
I have a $140cnd limit in petty cash, maybe $150cnd. Remember Canadian sale taxes.

Gucky says:

I wanted to inform about my Watt usage from a new build in 2017.
To get an Picture what kind of PSU you might need.

I use an i7-7700k. On Stock it uses at 100% about 70 Watts.
1x M.2 SSD 512GB for System
1x SATA SSD 500GB for Gaming
1x HDD 7200U/min 4TB for Storage
1x AIO Watercooling
4x 140mm Fans in Total
NO RGB Lighting.

That all is connected to an old 660W Seasonic-X 80+ Gold.
I some test it could get upto 90% efficiancy at 50% load.

While surfing or watching Movies I can see an Watt usage of 100W or
Battlefield on Ultra with 4k Downsampling I can see an MAX Watt use of
While using Realbench form ASUS I had 385W max Powerdraw.
Meaning my PC uses about 350W at max load.

Of cause I can still OC my PC,
in which it pulls about 30-40W more from CPU @5GHz.
The GPU might pull upto 100W more.
So the Powerusage @100% with OC might be about 500W, although i didn’t
test it.

With this or similar Systems I can recommend an 650W/750W Silver/Gold

I wouldnt go with an 500W since its over its peak efficiany when Gaming
and there is no headroom for OC.
But that doesn’t mean you can’t use an 500W PSU, just don’t overclock
that hard XD

If you want 2 Graphiccard’s I recommend at least 250-300W more Power.
Since the GTX 1080 Ti’s use ~200W or up to ~300W with OC. In this Case
go for an 850W or 1000W.

When my PC is off it draws less then 1 Watt XD.
Measured with an ELV Energy Master Basic 2.

About Efficiancy:
Good Gold PSU’s can hit over 90% efficiancy at 50% Load, meaning with my
system at 100% load the PSU “wastes” only about 30-35W.
While bad Bronze PSUs can waste over 100W in this Case.
And Titanium (the best and most expensive ones) would waste only 5% or
about 15-20W @50% load.
Yes only 15W less for 100$-150$ more cost for the PSU. That may only be
10$ per year savings.
But Titanium PSU’s are more durable have “cleaner” (stable) power and
have a longer warrenty. ^^

I recommend a good 80+ Silver or Gold PSU for 100-150$. From Seasonic for example.

The Aliens says:

Linus is looking back thinking


toontownlegomaster says:

I’m so confused. I went to cooler Master and it said I needed a 550 watt and on neweggg it said I needed like a 400 watt

Jakeulous says:

my pc has an ac adapter at 65w, is it possible to add a power supply or should i use a stronger ac adapter? im aiming at 300w

Kaliss says:

PSU calculator recommends I use a 650W PSU but I have a 750W PSU that auto shuts off when I try to run a small Ark server and Ark the game on medium settings. Not sure if the calculator is accurate.

// -Xtreme Robz- \ says:

I use a 550W Fractal Design Integra M 80+Bronze Modular power supply. It’s only 550w and it does amazing for gaming.

Karim Moukaouame says:

Sois the CoolerMaster GM series a reliable psu. I’m trying to decide what psu for my gaming build, here are the components:
FX-8320 CPU
MSI 970 Motherboard
2x 4GB of RAM
MSI Radeon R9 380

DreamGamut says:

intel pentium g4560
gtx 1060 6gb oc1
msi h110 pro-vh
3x120mm fans
2x8GB HyperX fury ram
corsair spec-01
some led light strips

i will upgrade to core i5 7600 will corsair VS550 enough to power my system and keep it on for years?

Chris Jukes says:

the beginning was so correct….bitches

Niamul Hasan says:

is thermaltake 550w psu ok for gtx 760?

- Insert Harambe Meme - says:

How about a 600w eyy?

Patterson Beard says:

PSU’s the wives of PC gamers

GTIP productions says:

Does corsair make good power supply’s

Jeff Rabbit says:

Okay, I need exactly 217 Watts, but there are none below 300 Watts! Is this Okay to use?

Jaime Garcia says:

i have a 500w power supply and my gtx 1070 takes up most of it kms

Chrome4fan says:

I’ve been using a logisys for like 3 months now and im shitting myself buying the evga 500 watt psu asap so I dont burn my house down ;L

Jolo Cox says:

is aerocool a solid brand?

Mr Madox says:

is Zalman tx500 series 500WATT Bronze+ a good psu for this build? i7 6700 gtx 1060 3gb

Master Xehanort says:

Jack tech is a real company

Felenov-offical says:

Dude, I have no choice other than a 1200W power supply. I have Intel Xeon servers

Sm00thJAzzer says:

Ok so I have
i5 6500 (no plans to overclock)
GA H110 A Motherboard
Corsair Vengeance DDR4 16 GB ram
GTX 1060 6 GB
1 Samsung 250gb ssd
1 WD blue 1 tb hdd
Corsair H100i v2
And 2 led 120mm fans
what psu should I get. I want it modular.
I was thinking the Corsair Hxi 750W modular

Cool Moo5e says:

so with a 6700k at 4.4 (stock voltage) and a 1060 6gb a EVGA 500w 80+B is that good enough?

Jeff Rabbit says:

Is “SeaSonic” a good PSU Brand?

Tân Phùng Phan says:

One question Linus….How can i check the amount of watts my PSU is making?

the grinch says:

this video is scary

ciaranlikessocks says:

I have a group of friends who game on PC, and one of our newer friends is building a rig that comes to 520w, but the rest of my friends think a 550w PSU will be fine whereas I’m sweating at that thought a bit. Is it ok? The last thing I want is for my friend to be building a a ticking time bomb when I could’ve said something and stopped him.


can i run a gtx 1080 mini with a 410w power supply?

Astraldymensions says:

Ooops… I just bought a 850 Watt and I wasn’t planning on SLI, but now I guess I have the option to. I don’t think my system even pulls 500 watts atm. More like 450 :/

Chris says:

are power supply compatible with all motherboards?

Paul Williams says:

Interesting and helpful video but what about the amps. According to the coolermaster tool my rig needs a 600W psu. I have one. But my graphics card is a gtx 780 and the manufactures talks in terms of amps and wants 42 amps on the 12v rail. Well there are 600w psu that dont make that.

zabriel velazquez says:

ok so i built a ryzen 7 1700 (stock cooler) 16gb(8×2) ram , xfx rx 480 8gb black edition, m.2 ssd 1tb , evga 650w +80 gold psu, asus optical drive, asus b350m-a motherboard, matx case with 1 80mm and 1 120mm fan, while gaming on high -ultra settings everything runs fine, but if i crank it up to 4k ultra settings though performace doesn’t drop at all i get this loud continuous beep from the mobo speaker , until i stop the game or pause and lower the resolution to 1080 where i can carry on for hours with the gameplay, is my issue the 650w psu or could it be overheating?

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