Charsoon Antimatter 30a 1000w Charge Discharger powered by an old computer power supply to lab power

I no longer recommend the Antimatter’s there have been several failures mine included after only a few weeks of light to moderate use

Starting to enjoy editing again, Banggood were kind enough to send me another item for review. This time it was a Charsoon Antimatter 30a 1000w charger/discharger. This isn’t your average IMAX unit, it holds much more cool tricks than I even understand. All the usual stuff – good cables and stuff blah blah, BUT now I can discharge test every ‘cell’ I have both in use and in production for AH and build a more balanced battery! Really am excited by this and trust me #Cell5 will be getting the full treatment. I know I said I’d stop but you know what… WHY THE HECK NOT! let us test some more.

Also I needed more grunt than the variable power supply on the Sunkko 787 could give so modified a 550watt computer power supply to power my Antimatter charge discharger

Charsoon Antimatter 1000W 30A Balance Charger Discharger —
More Battery and Chargers —

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Adam Webb says:

volume so high on this video it burst my ear drums lol.

Vega says:

Use the hp 1200w units.. 30 bucks use, 1200w 12v output

Andrew Gervais says:

Nice vid dig the music. What is the circuit board you are removing at 3:40?

Al Hale says:

Outstanding, I will be building one

KingOfKYA says:

Not that i haven’t done it but you might want to reconsider thouse cheap banana terminals, i honestly would not trust em past 5amp I have had em melt before. Your better off with a traceabel part when dealing with high amprage. There likely steel plated nicel or something like that you relly want something with a brass or copper core. and even them most of the good ones are rated for 15amp max.
Possible same for wire, the ones you have however look decent at a glace.

Mellow Yellow says:

You live in Brissy/ Logan?

James stranger says:

snippy is back? have I missed a video?

Andy says:

Looks like a contant power discharge test and not a constant current (current went up as voltage dropped).

One Up The Sleeve Customs says:

Wicked video buddy

James stranger says:

I wish there was a shop local to buy stuff like that here . we don’t even have a radio shack! there would be more tinkerers about. if it was more common. its a shame . the only doing younger ppl seem to do. is play … video games they should be learning how to do things. and how this GS work
to be able to help their self’s in life. when things break. great video. looks to be a nice charger. if the price is right. looks like what I need..

Maciej Buczak says:

Soldering iron-no
New tip- Definiatley yes

Gregg Bond says:

Oh god YES!

BubbLeT says:

Great video.

old time engineer says:


Mike EL says:

I dare someone to push the right skip button. You will be pleasantly assaulted by some moobs

NeutronPCXT says:

Holy shit!
And I thought my 110W battery tester that I ordered was overkill…
And with that small thickness, it must be quite loud, is it? As the small fans probably have to ramp up quite a bit.

dtec30 says:

not sure why but everytime i see the title i keep saying to myself “antminer” am i delusional?

MrBugsier5 says:

No! lol, you need a new tip on dat iron! lol
in that case , Yess!!!!!!!

Richard H Williams says:

Great video. What is the amperage for the 12v section of your diy power supply? Searched for the manual and no luck…

pufferfish0101 says:

Am I watching an Indian how to fit video?

Defiro2k8 says:

This thing is a Junsi 3010b clone
I guess you can even update it with the Junsi firmware
Like the Turnigy “Reaktor” I have
Nice product names xD

Phizicks says:

Man, if that was antimatter, half of australia would be gone by now.
haha Jaycar, I miss those stores.. All I got now in the US is and others.

NERDVille says:

DUUUUUUDE! That was Awesome! By any chance, what did you think the capacity was if that cell pack? Will you test your powerwall for it’s true battery test? AND what if you tested the whole cell pack at 1A?
Loved this new episode.

Diy in the Ghetto says:

Very nice test Pete. Also nice power supply rig. I did mine the same one too.But sense my power supply is over 2500w i don’t dare to do that far LOL

OffGrid Aussie Prepper™ says:

oi oi oi pete, this is one of ur best video productions I seen from u yet… hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee thumbs up to ya…. I like watching u in superman mode…. I see AVERAGE Joe has influenced ur video making skills, unless joe did it for ya ….lmfao :)~

Joe V says:

I just made a bench power supply using a spare computer power supply… then, you release this and make mine look like trash! lol

weasel rodent says:

Great video bud. I made one of them just sits here know may have saved you the trip to jaycar but then, no good video so work out fine in the end. I use DC to DC chargers know most things with a 240v plug I try work out to turn it into DC or if any thing dies in 240v I look for 12v gear if the cost is right ($ cheap $) some people think I’m not all there…. just I had 3 inverters blow up and one of them 2 times know… I know the cost a lot to fix them or get new ones when they go and the size of my battery bank on AC its nuts ,as years go on to save the cost of lots of batteries to cut the power use down is best way to go and most DC gear you save big on amps in the bank….

tbbw says:

Oh just read on the specs it can mesure the internal resistance of the “pack” so i’m pritty sure it could mesure the entire packs internal resistance ( not cell by cell ofc ) which would be interesting whent comparing a good pack vs a pack like “cell5” just to see if there is any diffrance what so ever ( for curiosites sake ).

Going Off Grid says:

No Mine is much much worst lol almost no tip at all 😀

pufferfish0101 says:

Made me think of antminer, could you dump the energy into a ASIC crypto miner

Kev Carp says:

Time to add a label machine to your tools, Nice 12v & 5v labels on the power supply cab.
Great Videos i have just recently discovered your Tube channel and subscribed with thumbs up 🙂

njfulwider5 says:

Got to get my hands on one of those!!

ABritInNY says:

I have the same charsoon charger with a similar setup. I use 2 diff HP server power supplies for it, (the 1200w PS has much noisier fans than the 600w one,) so depending on how much power I need, I select the appropriate one.

ElectricBike says:

Yeaaaahh… really cool “voiceless” video mate hahha… when you told me you’re making a video with no voice I was a bit like “hummm how’s going to work?”
It didn’t even feel like 7 minutes, you nailed it very very well entertaining us haha
LOTS of likes =]

James White says:

Thumbs up button smashed. Nice test.

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