Can you Upgrade the Power Supply in an Old Computer?

So this is a follow up to the last video since a lot of you asked me “What are the possible upgrades you can make to a prebuilt computer system?”

I personally consider upgrading the Power Supply to be the biggest upgrade you can make so I decided to cover this one first. Why? Because if you upgrade your power supply, you can start using better graphics cards that require external power that you would get from a better power supply.

I will likely show more upgrades in the future!

I hope you enjoy this video! I know it doesn’t cover upgrading to an SSD or the possible CPU upgrades for the prebuilt systems I have discussed so far, but like I said I can potentially cover that later on.

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Let me know any videos you would like to see in the future!


brandon Hayes132 says:

Could you make a vid to show what graphics card you can put in a mini tower pc case with old systems

HowToTechnology says:

Are those EVGA Power Supplies one of the “better” supplies? I always see people using them when they’re building a pc.

027 - SpeedyRaceTeam - Noah says:

i thought hp uses their own plugs

Saifudin Khuzema says:

I have evga 500w 80+ white powering my gtx 780ti the only problem is it has sleeved ketchup and mustard cables

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