CableMod C-Series Individually Sleeved Cables – Sexy and Simple

Are ridiculously expensive custom sleeved cables or mass-produced, pre-packaged, imperfect sleeved cables your only two options when purchasing a sexy cable set for your PC? CableMod says no…

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Zero The One says:

Linus = Brony

Malik Williams says:

Do you have to have a modular power supply to use these

hof8231 says:

As someone who loves orange, mainly based on my favorite hockey team (Go Flyers!) I really want a set of those orange ones. Must acquire.

SoLo Mid says:

did work with NON Modular …?

hof8231 says:

As someone who loves orange, mainly based on my favorite hockey team (Go Flyers!) I really want a set of those orange ones. Must acquire.

BrokenParadox says:

i got two PCI-E sleeved cables for 12 bucks

Justin Fivash says:

Hey Linus, what was up with that 5:30 minute ad in the beginning of the video?

Jeff B says:

my feelings are more complicated than any of this

KaizoKuoni says:

Can someone explain me the difference between: mod mesh and mod flex.? From the cablemod website I can’t read something about .. thanks a lot

Murray Jamieson says:

What coffee do you drink? I want some!

Jett A Angeles says:

I was just e-mailing a guy named ‘Thomas’ from them. Pretty good customer support and I just ordered my own custom cables!

jimi lowe says:

does anybody know where to get a corsair SINGLE sata power cable for the corsair hx750i??

irayder13 says:

do The cabels come sleved

Zap Actionsdower says:

i tried individually resleeving my entire semi-modular PSU one time with nylon sleeves, i made it through 2 molex harnesses before coming to the conclusion that its not something i wanted to continue doing, it was a nightmare. it was like trying to put toothpaste back in the tube but in order to get the tube cap off you needed a special tool that didnt always work and damaged a few things in the process.

SwissCow85 says:

blow something up plss !!

Chaotic Geek says:

oh cablemod why not ship to norway ):

Cayenne Pepper says:

I love the cable mods!!!

ElZamo92 says:

These look expensive….

VE SACÉ says:

can you please do an updated/revisit of cablemod’s product pleeeeeeeease

CartoonBeast says:

I am from Vancouver

Vancouver bc

James Muslu says:

This is “simple” but the places you can buy it are seedy at best

Dan says:

If you buy extensions will they decrease performance, I have semi modular.

DamageIncM says:


hNord _Z says:

Are these cables compatible with a lepa g1000m max gold psu?

MrTimmsy1986 says:

i want single molex cables as i only need it for the case power nothing else uses molex really anymore on my system.

RebelForce8 says:

For what purpose

Josh Hust says:

i really need to get a set of those for my rig. corsair 900D case has a YUGE window on it

Jimmy Lee says:

Hi, I have 1 question please. Corsair has PSU’s in the RM series, RMi & RMx series too. The RM uses type 3 cables, but the other 2 uses newer type 4 cables. Do these cables C-series fit these Corsair PSU? Or which one? I’m thinking only the RM PSU’s but I hope its all 3. any help appreciated

Eye Hates You says:

Ass vs. tits as fast as possible plz.

Haze 481 says: is the best shop for that stuff

muj rahman says:

how flexible are they.i have a corsair atx 24 pin and it’s stiff as ought. are these more flexible

Dolphinyte says:

because you should spend $69 on cables

Andy Nelson says:

I was going to order a set for my PSU. $20 shipping in the US. What? Sorry but that’s way too much for 3 cables.

Senax says:

I want to get custom cables for my build this is it here what one should I get?

richarizard says:

could anyone tell me if this would work on the RMi series psu?

Zilch71 says:

I️ ordered from them and they are taking forever to get to arrive, idk if they are on their way or not because they have no way to track them

TEAM911_The Real OG says:

Trolling cable mod

Underage Like Me says:

What’s he mean “resistance against every wire”

Hugo Nobre says:

why are sleeved cables so expensive ?

Dennis Garvey says:

Ensourced cable review?

S. Decker says:

つ ◕_◕ ༽つ WE WANT SCRAPYARD WARS!!! ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

sara calais says:

1500 wat

Nasus says:

Getting custom cablemods for my HTPC build (using same psu that you put link to a review of by coincidence) so that I can get them VERY short and make them tidy and nice looking even though I am going to be hiding my PC behind my desk where it will never be seen.

Walter Blanco says:

buy extensions instead of this shit

Sean Lutzke says:

They only sent him some of all of the different colors. #firstworldproblems

Charisma says:

I’m not an expert with PC’s, but isn’t the fan for the PSU meant to be facing downwards @ 4:38?

bradley morgan says:


jedimaster jesse says:

I have a non modular PSU but I’m upgrading later to a Modular just so I can get cables like that for my build

Nikita Shybayev says:


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