Building A Silent Computer

Building A Silent Computer
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How to choose the right parts for a silent — or as near silent as possible — computer build. Also, what to do to quiet a new build by adjusting fan speed.

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Fright Foo says:

HDDs do not make much noise at all. The only thing that noticeably makes noise are FANS, FANS, FANS!

Stony Tark says:

my cpu fan is driving me insane

DanielDOESgaming says:

Can you guys help me to put together a list of pc components to buikd a silent pc? Here are some of the pc parts I’ve alreary choosen

KirkeGaming says:

How about avoiding case noise. Such as warping pops and cracks due to heating and cooling of the cases metal?

Revolutions88 says:

Is there such a thing as a silent computer ??

I4NI DezAster says:

i am new to this but what is overclocking?

pertis says:

Very much useful video even after almost two years

RoxCrax says:

My computer got 3 fans. One in the back, One on the cpu and one on the gpu, Its loud af…


Are there more modern pc cases with sound dampening foam inside such as this one? Which is a bit bulky and well ugly?

Mike says:

I bought the Antec Truequiet 140’s about a year ago. They are incredible, they are so quiet. ^_^

Several thousand Bees says:

by far the loudest component in both of the computers i’ve built are the hard drives. I’m running WD blues in both. Is it worth the performance dip and extra price of greens? or does anybody else have experience in building quieter computers?

Jonodude0 says:

I’ve been slowly working on making my computer more quiet. At this point, the hard drives are by far the noisiest component. Annoying cause storage SSD’s are still relatively expensive. Blech

murph1329 says:

Smart fan PSUs make a HUGE difference. Must have if you’re doing a silent build

pavichokche says:

I knew most of the things you said in this video, but I still really enjoyed it! Good job.

NickCorsair YT says:

How to build a sponsored quiet pc.

MD Taseen says:

Great informative video. Learned alot

Raxacoricofallapatorian says:

Nah, I have 3TB WD Green drive. It’s 5400RPM but ramps up to 7200 when it needs to. IT’S THE LOUDEST FUCKING THING IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE.


Excellent video Paul. Cheers Holmes.

Dj Ravix says:

Nice one Paul
However A Noiseless PC would Be interesting
Will we one day see your take on that ?

xz86 says:

what is the quietest fan on the market? I have H115i and fans are running kinda loud

Cool Moo5e says:

I have 2 fans in my case 1 is with the water cooler should I move it?

Bitch im Global says:

Wie viel watt Netzteil brauche ich für i5 6400 16gb rx570 4gb hdd und ssd. Bitte helfen ich kenne mich nicht aus und will mein pc selber bauen

ndreww says:

The ACX cooler on my GTX 770 SC is anything but silent, even after dusting. I guess the thermal paste is going?

Abhigyan Pandey says:

why a 3 year old video in suggested?

That one guy says:

1984… good choice

Lennart Michel says:

Is it the evil guy for the chipmunks?

Hawk101 says:

i have cooler Master haf 912 and its loud asf how to lower noise in the case ? btw iam using 2 corsair af 120 quiet edition fans for intake + 2 antec true quiet 120 fans for exhaust , thanks you 🙂

Ruccane says:

that computer is almost like mine only different cpu!!!

The_Commie says:

1:05 “The number one reason is fan”
Yep can’t agree more
“Case fan”
so true
“motherboard fan”
must be the reason
“fan fiction”

Jeff says:

Are there any other brands using a feature like ASUS’s Auto-Fan Stop? I’m looking for a Z170 board with this feature and don’t want to be brand limited. I love the idea of having the non critical fans turned off and only turned back on when reaching a select temp! I’m looking to have them gradually ramp up to a per-selected max RPM to help control noise.

Taylor Starcevic says:

New more recent silent build?

Scott Watschke says:


Hacer says:

God, this is basically my build!

NotEvenDeathCanSaveYouFromMe says:

Let me correct ya.. Magnetic bearings are the shit.. Sure it sounds super dead silent from the looks of it, but its not.. Mostly I am talking about the ML120/140 by corsair and their implementation is piece of premium junk.. Sure its quiet at 23% thru speedfan.. But once you put 2 of those at 23% its like worse than even 3 fluid dynamic/hydro dynamic or hydraulic fans at the same RPM.. Stay away from that trash
Also there is a nice possibility (mostly if you buy the right fan size) to change the PSU fan if you make a wrong move in choosing one.. At my dead-silent build it was the last fucking part I could really hear to make the kind of annoying sound, being a rifle bearing fan on that thing.. Cut the cables, get a silent (in my case 120mm) fan, cut those cables as well, smolder them together properly and really tightly screw the fan back on.. The result was huge in my case, glad I did that.. Saved me a ton of money

Excellable says:

Mostly fanboys make my pc loud

Lupin says:

are there any semi-quiet mice?

NickCorsair YT says:

My gpu is coil whining!What do i do?

Enju says:

1.5 years later, i built my first pc, half a year later, i’m doing what i can to silence it 😀

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