Building a PC in the Corsair 570X Tempered Glass Case

Building a PC in the Corsair Crystal Series 570X Tempered Glass Case
Intel Core i7 5930K CPU –
Corsair Hydro H110 liquid CPU Cooler –
MSI X99 Gaming Pro Carbon Mobo –
MSI GTX 1080 Gaming Z GPU – (Watch for overpriced resellers)
G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 32GB (4 x 8GB) DDR4-3000 Memory –
HyperX Savage 240GB SSD –
EVGA SuperNOVA 750 G2 750W PSU –
Corsair 570X Case –

Corsair 570X Product Page:

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► Edited by Joe Aguilar – ShaostylePostProductions

Music by Kevin MacLeod
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A ChildofGod says:

no optical drive space?

Владислав Тищенко says:

Hello, In this case fit NZXT Kraken X62 or Corsair H115i PRO !!! TOP !!! ????

Angelo B says:

I got it for $130 like new at AZN, downgrading from Corsair Obsidian Series 800D Full tower so I can have it on my desk.

StateRock48 says:

Can i do a air cooled build on this case

Can a cooler master Hyper 212 Evo

Alfh92 says:

If im not totally mistaken here i think that “led hub”, as you so nicely called it, actually does have fan control, but that is a corsair software. Just FYI 🙂

hans says:

Take a shot every time he says tempered.

Lilly Kaaos says:

Ooooo this is the case I’ve been planning to get!

Ajay Patel says:


okdan goos says:

can the RGB light be set on OFF?

TeflonPimp says:

I have the Corsair spec 02. I don’t have alot of experience with ATX cases. My case allows top fans but can’t figure out if it should be for Intake or Exhaust fans.

Rohan Damle says:

This exact build is the inspiration for mine. Mine is more of a budget conscious build but very similar looking with a MSI motherboard, Graphics card, Corsair AIO cooler and RAM. So thank you. Subbed indeed.

Carlos Quittner says:

No at least USB 3.0 on top?, come on, this is from 2017.

isak says:

Moount it in the froont

iAM Batman says:

I can’t find the MSI GTX 1080 anywhere!!!!!! will the 1070 be just as good? thats the only one i seem to find… or should I just hold out until I can find a 1080?

callum ward says:

sorry im a bit of a noob. will the NZXT Kraken X62 rad fit strait to the front of the case without having to remove the rgb fans

John B says:

no provision for an internal optical drive, we still have CDs.

Michael Stocks says:

sexy cace

JoshPlaysRb says:

Did the gaming case come with all of that stuff?

Rob the Romanian says:


Sjipos says:

320mm fans daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam

Etheric Bladeworks says:

all dat glass doh 0_0

Scorehound says:

I’ve had this case for over a year now, and although it is a nice case, it is a dust magnet. The glass panels are constantly in need of cleaning and the dust filters are always dirty. Nice case, but is a pain in the ass to keep clean.

kjkatzmarek says:


Drkill3rX says:

Does it stay cool enough without a back fan?

Civildeadzone1 says:

I know I’m super mega late but can u tell me where u put the HDD LED on that motherboard, this is one of the very few builds I’ve seen where I’m using the same case and mobo

porcelain jester says:

temper temper

Afiq Daddy says:

Can i fit a 280mm rad in front together w the 3 included fans or do i need to swap them out for 2 140mm fans?

Fiasco says:

I got the case and I have these 3 connectors hole pieces I have no clue where to put them on my motherboard HELP

Stephen McAllister says:

no rear 120mm exhaust fan?

Valkurie Gamer says:

just bought this case… about to start my build!! great video! thank you! love the nice touch of the puppy dog sleeping in the background ! very adorable ! just a quick note, it took me a bit to realize that there is no drive bay for my Blu-Ray Writer 🙁 so only thing that I will have to deal with…

james rose says:

Nice case and build I think it’s awesome!!

Laser Dolphin says:

Quick question: I just became the proud owner of a Corsair crystal 570x case but I noticed that it only came with 3 intake fans and no exhaust fans. Should I be worried or is my pc going to be fine without any exhaust fans?

The Creator says:

I like this case but the dust filter on the front is so freaking disgusting, am I able to take it off and use it without the filter?

Im_Godly says:

Will i lose my data windows 10 ect. If i unplug my hard drive ?

Kyezie131 says:

I need help badly!!!! I want this case. The motherboard im planning on getting is an Asus Z370-E, with Trident g skill ram, and a corsair H110i V2 for my cpu cooler. Anyway, the motherboard has that stupid heat sink thing at the top and Im scared for clearance issues with the rad. In total (rad+fan height) I need 5.5cm of space. It’s a 240mm rad of course but length doesn’t matter. What im asking is can I fit this??? I dont think my ram will be in the way because if it is, the heat sink will for sure be in the way lmao. Any help is appreciated!!!!!

Vaclav Jarosek says:

hi have rgb color Corsair Hydro Series ? sry my eng 🙂

Kevin Knight says:

Do you need an adapter for your power button cord? My ASUS Maximuss VIII Hero’s front panel would hook up. THanks!

CroSs xD says:

Got this case for free

David Arroyo says:

I was so fixated on the your comments regarding the RGB that your dogs scared the shit out of me when they started barking! I never even saw them there hahaha…..

Colin Myers says:

ah man thats looks wonderful


Alix Man says:

11:06 he sleep very well

Kenneth Passey says:

just bought this case….looks amazing a good investment in my opinion. I’m glad they listened and put a cable management grommet at the bottom of the MOBO through the power supply. Very happy for my first PC build.

iAM Batman says:

I’m also having a hard time find the MSI X99 gaming pro… it is “temporarily out of stock” everywhere I go.. should I go with the MSI X99 godlike or should I wait until the gaming pro is available?

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