Best Power Supply Under $100 – July 2016

If you’re building a new PC be sure to check out this overview of best power supplies under $100 as power supply is of the most important component in your PC

▼ Calculate your power supply need ▼

▼ List of power supplies (price, product information) ▼

● Antec EA-750 Platinum

● Antec High Current Gamer

● Antec Edge

● Antec True Power Classic

● Cooler Master VSM

● Cooler Master GM

● Corsair CXM (Refresh)

● Corsair CX

● Corsair RM

● Corsair RMx


● EVGA SuperNova B2

● EVGA SuperNova GS

● EVGA SuperNova G2

● EVGA SuperNova NEX G

● EVGA SuperNova Platinum P2

● FSP Raider S

● FSP Hydro G

● Rosewill Capstone G

● Rosewill Glacier

● Roswill Hive S

● Seasonic M12II (Evo Edition is his successor)

● Seasonic S12II

● Seasonic M12II Evo Edition

● SilverStone Strider Plus

● Thermaltake Smart Series

● XFX TS Gold

● XFX XTR Series

▼Honourable mention▼
Seasonic SS-KM3 “X Series”

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iramike says:

cx850m psu is a bad psu for gaming is for a i5 7400 and gtx1060 but i heard are dangerous is real ?

Artas1984 says:

Criteria: 650W PSU with a 5 year warranty, supporting 4X PCI-E cables, DC-DC converter, single 12V rail, modular, 80+ gold, all Japanese capacitors, great inside build logic, lot of heatsink, quality Aluminium.
Having that in mind i bought Enermax Revolution Xt II 650W 80+ gold. Evga power supplies were grabbed my fucking miners, XFX XTR 650W was grabbed by fucking miners, Corsair RM650 is way worse in terms of quality, and even RM650x is somewhat worse. Cooler Master, Silverstone, Be Quiet quality analogues were significantly more expensive. Other two great choices you can not go wrong with are Thermaltake Toughpower 650W and Fractal Design Edison 650W.

Baska Biceps says:

Sharkoon 600 watt 60 euro and modular

savecityofheroes savecityofheroes says:

I got bad news. CORSAIR is crap. in my build too me 3 years  This is the worst build ever.15 ASUS X99 RAMPAGE V EXTREME WITH FAKE CPU SOCKET! along with that CORSAIR AX1200i power supply like I had to go though 5 of them. ALL FAKE DOA! I am TOTAL PUCKED OVER IT! All I ask corsair is to have a fair deal for the fair amount of money that I paid for. So Corsair send my sales slip to there Civil law suit department. Amazon made that sales slip. It was fake. All it said I paid CORSAIR X amount and where to send to while dose not report what I paid for. I took a photo before Amazon account got killed.That Brand New Corsair AX1200i went in the trash can out side. No repair service No replacement no service. why is this got to continue? Now that I am not buying that crap any more. Who is the next customer that is going to be phucked? Where is law and order?When is the congress is going to wake up and do something about internet black market fraud? IRS was filed criminal charges against Amazon on tax fraud. How come the IRS did not arrest any one if that criminal charge? I got a lot of questions on this maters. There is no law and order to protect customers. its not good for USA and its not good for CANADA Both nations need law and order. Customers deserve better service then this.

Darius Samp says:

I still have 30$ psu, so still thinking to upgrade it to EVGA or Seasonic ones.

Clorox bleach bottle 500ml says:

I found an 1 dollar psu XDDDDDD

Mystic Bardock LSSGSS says:

if you are using active pfc power supply and if you are using ups, make sure the ups is pure sine wave ups.

Mother's Youtube Account says:

wow! You have 45 likes 0 dislikes! I’m gonna dislike this video just because I can hehe xd

Isaac Feinberg says:

Do these power supply units come with extra cables or do I have to purchase them myself?

Németh Dani says:

For i5-2400 ,nVIDIA GT1030 2 gb and 8 gb ram what do you recommend for about 50-75$?

Brannan DI says:

My favorite psu manufacturers are seasonic and evga.

yaÐite says:

Can you tell me a good power supply for my PC that im gonna build? Cuz i’m gonna have a GTX 1080 Xtreme Gaming i7 7700k

the arctic gamer says:


Akihisa Matsushina says:

What about Corsair TX650M 80+ Gold?

Νικος Σταυριδης says:

seasonic s12ii 620 vs corsair cx650m…..which one??(i hate coil whine,i dont care about modular)pls help me

Zobrut says:

antec edge 650 or evga supernova 650 g2 or new g3. Im looking for silence and quality performance/energy efficient

taief miah says:

Yh that XFX pro series bronze set of power supplies are gold for their price

Neisor says:

This video was bullfuckingshit. Nearly every supply was shit…

juliangst says:

Can i use Cablemod Cables with the new Corsair cxm?

Martin Dzigi says:

I’m downloading Forza thanks to you 🙂 I didn’t know it was free… As for the power supply I have Cooler Master G450M. It does the job. I have rx 470 Nitro 8gb and OC Amd 7850K @ 4.5Ghz, from the wall on full load it pulls ~300 watts. They make pc hardware so efficient these days

Barron B. says:

would a 450 watt PSU be good for a system that needs about 182 watts? I like the 450w because its future proof

d3ad6ull says:

my one is a 100w witch is bearly enough to run my pc and the thing is it is a pre built so idfk why its so low the pc constantly cuts out but the power supply is good enough to cut out when it gets overloaded instead of burning is a ev3a 500w power supply good or is it unsafe

Linkin Park says:

How about Antec VP650P ?

Sheamus says:

Any suggestion for an overclocked ryzen 1700 and a gtx 1080? 3 case-fans

Bitch im Global says:

I Need one for 20$

Toto Geenen says:

thanks, saved me a lot of time. good luck with your channel. +1 sub 😉

Dylan Mcintyre says:

I am building a ryzen 5 1600 and a gtx 1060 6gb and need a power supply please help me thanks

antonio stefan gabriel says:

you are good at project cars xd

ya says:

Have been using Seasonic PSU for ages for PC builds, although they are a bit overpriced, the build quality is… amazing to say the least.

hisgr8nessmadzak says:

Seasonic S12II
affordable/reliable components for gaming

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