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Other Useful Sources:
Tiered Power Supply List from NewEgg
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Single Vs. Multiple Rails from JohnnyGuru:
80 Plus Official Site:
Page I wrote last year on the Cost to Run Your Gaming PC
An Interesting Review on the Antec VP 450 from Hardwaresecrets


Walid Ramoul says:

best power supply for asus r9 290 directcu ii oc 4gb

chris twoodyhussar says:


Pussydestroyer 69 s says:

Buying the following :
Gtx 1060
I7 6700k
5 120mm fans
What power supply should I get ?

ACiD_ ReinX says:

How about the “Platinum” rating?

xero spacious says:

Is the xfx xxx 750 a good PSU. I know it is tier one but if anyone has ever used it please tell me if its good and how long it lasted. This is my first PC build so I don’t want to make any poor decisions. Thanks :3

DES PRO says:

im searching a good psu that isn’t gonna have problems in the future under 100 pls

Intel Core i5-6600K – Boxed

gpu: r9 390 8gb

case: Sharkoon BW9000-W – Window Zwart

cpu cooler: CRYORIG H5 Universal

mobo: MSI Z170A Gaming M3

ssd: Samsung 850 EVO – 500GB

ram: HyperX Fury – DDR4-2400 – 8GB

Saurabh Sethi says:

Can you please suggest a 450 or 430 watt psu for gtx 960 except evga

Li a m says:

Good power supply for 1060 and i5 6500

Abdul Qadeer says:

Which power supply do you suggest for GTX 980ti?

Tony Proia says:

Great video!

BenGTheGreat says:

Anyone know a good 500W Power supply for $40 or lower(without including stuff like rebates) that isnt EVGA(I have had a bad experience with evga power supply’s)
My Build Once I finish It without including power supply:
btw I have the apu and built in power supply but im planning ahead for when I get the graphics card.

karan patil says:

i have coolermaster thunder 600w powersupply will it go with msi gtx 980ti and i7 6700k? btw right now am using this psu with gtx980ti paired with i5 3470 n its working fine?

SaurIMX says:

Duck Dynasty?

GoodWithHands27 says:

suggestions for the new gtx 1070?

MW.SIEGE says:

can you reccomnd a psu for a MSI – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 4GB GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 Graphics Card – Multi

Empress00 says:

I just bought an EVGA Supernova 650G1 its pretty awesome

Bman_Playz is DEAD says:

im poor

ICYtea1 says:

Is that you Lester?

Peter Nguyen says:

what tier would a corsair vs 650 psu be?

Fernando Cavallari says:

Super nova ? come on !!!

xamy butt says:

what about corsair vs550, it is not 80plus certified, I’ve check it in 80 Plus Official Site
I want to put it in the following system what do you recommend
mobo H170
core i3 6100
2 x 8GB DDR4
gtx 1060[currently I’ve gigabyte 760(1x 8pin & 1x6pin)]

Criat says:


DrTrice says:

you have any ideas for a good psu 50 bucks (400watt) that is kind of good quality and not loud as hell? best regards from germany

Rejan Rahman says:

My crap case power supply marked at 400 watt, there is no any 6 pin pcie supplementary cable, but I calculate my total usage of wattage. It below at 250 watt ( with out a video card). So, in theory I can run gtx 650 ti (1gb 0c edition) on my system with my crappy case power supply. I put my 650 ti into the system ( I use molex pcie power connector converter). Successfully I got video on my monitor. I played couple of videos but when I try to play game my system just shut down. Again I checked my total usage power and the card also marked that it withdraw maximum 110 watt. At this point my total wattage is around 350 or 380. Not over 400 watt. Now my question is, do I need a power supply which deliver more wattage or purchase a brand power supply such cooler master, corsair, antech etc.? I have faced a lot of problem to run this card. Please I need an argent solution. Please guys help me.

YB STARS says:

I watched the full video, i learned a lot more about what i need to do to get a better pc so thank you!

Numinous123 says:

Duck Dynasty? Seriously?

TEST S says:

What are your thoughts on the

I’m hope n to build a PC soon working out the parts I know it’s over kill on a PSU but I like the best so I think you know a lot more than I do lol any thoughts thank you!

damian uknown says:

just stay away from Chinese shit its crap Japaneses is better 

AgentNibbles V says:

weird that a Battlefield 4 posted is sitting next to a Duck Dynasty poster ._.

GREEN_Jack says:

I7 4790k
Gtx 980
Msi gaming3
Crucial ballistix 16gb
Sandisk 128gb ssd
Wd blue hdd
What 600/620/650 psu for about 60$.
Sorry for my bad english, i’m italian.

Mr Blank says:

This was very helpful, but you didn’t speak about the amps on the 12v rail, from what I have experienced it’s not only watts you need to account for but also the amps!

Homicidal Psychopath says:

Can you help me with choosing a Power Supply for GTX 1080?

DateMost says:

I am about to get a FSP Aurum S 600W for about 67 euros pretty good deal ain`t it?

Somna7h says:

Which should I chose Corsair VS450 or Antec VP450P ?
Antec cost 20% more than Corsair in my area.
Antec have 2 years warranty and Corsair 3 years.

Shwetank Pandey says:

Please help me out: while gaming my pc reboot sometimes, i already did CPU stress test, it seems good. Is that PSU problem? I got Corsair VS550 for given configuration:
CPU- AMD Phenom II X4 970 BE, GPU- GTX 970, Mobo- MSI 970 Gaming, 8GB HyperX Fury Ram, 250GB Samsung Evo SSD, 2TB Segate HDD.

Vlibyrr says:

Can someone suggest a good 300w PSU?

OMAowned says:

hey, what PSU do u recommend me with this build:
CPU: i7 4790k
CPU Cooler: kraken x61
MB: z97x ud5h bk
Ram: corsair vengeance pro 16GB 1866
Storage: samsung SSD 250GB, western digital caviar 1TB
GPU: Gigabyte GTX 970
OS: windows 8.1

Thanks in advance 🙂

Mladen Jovanovic says:

Nice video man . Did you saw Asus Gladius mouse maybe ? Similar shape to DA and even use the same sensor as latest DA . Can you take a look and maybe give some thoughts about it ? Asus Gladius is really something to consider right now for FPS gamers and comes with some new things like (2000hz polling rate ,replaceable omoron switches, spare mouse feet and its working with USB 2.0 cable you even get two of them braided and rubbe one and is using same sensor as latest DA) Good work bro keep it going .

Izaac Coffey says:

is the VP 600p good for gaming/possibly overclocking

austin baker says:

would a thermaltake tr2 430w power supply be able to power a. EVGA GeForce GTX 750 Ti FTW and if not what about a

 Antec VP-450 450W ATX 12V v2.3 Power Supply – Intel Haswell Fully Compatible

Anuradha Liyanage says:

Thanks a lot for the guide mate well made, got all i the info needed as my last component is a PSU

GameWare says:

Brilliant video. Really helped me decide. Thank you. 🙂

Frikandel Speciaal says:

I´m having a weird problem, when i play a heavy game (like gta V) my pc just random shuts down. My cpu is around 45 degrees and my gpu is just on it’s normal temperature but my PSU gets REALLY(!) hot so i guess this is the problem of the random shutdown… it’s the cooler master b700. Is it normal that a PSU gets so hot? Hope there are some fixes..

Admin-i strator says:

Seriously? Duck Dynasty?

Jeff.x.Drips says:

I’m a little confused. Did you mean Japanese or Chinese? Cause you said both. Great video this helped me a lot! New subscriber, sir! Thank you!

jarrett cole says:

Nice video im am looking forward to upgrading my pc and I was looking at a EVGA – 600B 600W Active PFC Power Supply for $55 and was wondering if this would be worth it with a 3 year warranty

Mise Sapphire says:

Gigabyte GTX960IX -OC with Antec VP450P-EC ?

unknown says:

is 80plus certified a seal of quality??can I see modular and 750 watt and take from a new brand with 80plus gold certificate
it’s warranty is 3 years.

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