be quiet! Straight Power 10 | 600W Overview

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brego129 says:

Glad to see Albert! Great video.

T.E.D. de Medici says:



“Made in Germany” *WHAT?!*

It’s made in China!

Leeroy Richmond says:

i regret not viewing it earlier. I could…

Something Random Inc. says:

Is the Be Quiet site down? Can’t get on.

deinemuddaisdoof says:

More videos like this please 🙂

Mike Bruschke says:

Although be quite has a huge market share in Germany and other parts of Europe, their reputation among enthusiats is not really the greatest.

But you all should still buy be quite PSUs! And fans and anything else they’re selling. And I’m not saying that because it would help our economy. 🙂

Bames Jond says:

“Fan is silent”
Meanwhile, my RM750 ‘s fan simply is not spinning, even while the PC is stress testing.

shmickist says:

Nice review, love this channel. ps. you guys need to “crush the blacks” and your videos will look way better.

overkill46254 says:

Dat intro though.

Deon Spates says:

I thought be quiet was popular?

DizzzyKipper says:

Sweet,Love Z Germans

Mark Debs says:

Finally videos with Albert!!!!

Lars Moritz says:

Is this a good powersuply for a newb who wants to try overclock a litle? (grafic, cpu)? I know 600w will be enought for my system.

Martin Kubicek says:

>the capacitors are extremely silent
Well, of course they are. Because it’s not the capacitors that make noise, it’s the coils. That’s why it’s called a coil whine.
[in some very rare cases, it is possible for a capacitor to make a noise, but it’s usualy a very high pitch noise that most humans can’t hear (around 50khz). source: my field of work is electrical engineering, also you can probably google it].
Enjoyed the video btw, seems like the camera loves that guy. More videos w/ him please 🙂

Gorbaz The Dragon says:

When it comes to really high quality caps, Teapo is not the first thing that comes to mind…

Static csgo-derby says:

FYI the Dark Power Pro 10 “Key” is a little switch that mounts in an open PCI back plate.

theboringuy says:

dont tell people to kill themselves. even if youre just joking, its not funny

The Fluffy Ducks says:

hey what’s wrong with floppy, you can make cool music with it. 

Garry Perkins says:

Massive Teapo on the primary side??? No thank you. Better than Chinese, but not Japanese. I may be old school, but I want all Japanese capacitors, especially the big ones on the primary

JanPlaysStrategic says:

1:46 99.NINE NEIN NEIN %

Alex Kelly says:

If this was fully modular & CableMod made a sleeved kit for it, I’d buy it. 

theoncomingchicken says:

i have a pretty small motherboard. will a 1000w powering a 970 and the other basic things in a pc ie. optical drive hardrive ssd. do i have an unsafe amount of power?

I'm Batman says:

So I’m kind of a noob when it comes to power supplies but what’s the difference between having multiple vs single 12v rails? I hear that single is better?

Mark Davenport Jr says:

Very nice looks like i found my next psu update need to get rid of my noisy cooler master psu ugh 🙁 

sonofkikkoman says:

I don’t like to vouch for consumer products much, but I still have the same 750w be quiet in my rig from the times of core 2 duo, lga775 to my lga1155 core i5 rig. And lol for thinking that floppy power is only for floppy drives… I have an older creative e-mu 1820 sound card that requires floppy power…

Harry Baker says:

I’ve got the Straight Power 600W running an i5 and 2 gtx 760 ACX, it’s dead silent, beautiful, and has performed flawlessly. Didn’t realise you didn’t have them in the US, makes sense why I’ve not seen many reviews. Highly recommend them over all other PSU’s.

KnockCZ says:

im deciding between this PSU (the 700W version) and the Corsair RM650, any suggestions? i wanted to give this one a shot just to try a different brand but if the corsair is better then i would get that one… btw flat cables dont matter to me that much…

schmudge says:

Made In Germany ?? you sure ??

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