be quiet! Power Zone Power Supply Unboxing & Overview

This power supply fills a bit of a void. It’s got a modular interface, and some very premium features, but at an aggressive price point.

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Sid Sloth says:

I think I’m goin to get the 750 watt model, my l8 530 is struggling since upgrading to a 280x

RevoltTrain says:

Should I go with the 850W of this or the Corsair RM850?

Dylan Corcoran says:

Should be a 750w or 850w I’d get it but I need over 850w for my PC but cool I wanted to hear how quiet it is

Junky Smurf says:

I live in Belgium and we use those powercords so if you can’t use that PSU please feel free to send it to me XD

Dwayne Stimpson says:

I love Bequiet, but those cables are terrible.

acnfanmanin says:

This thing is actually pretty much 80+ Gold qualified if you look at reviews and at worst an 80+ SIlver

Dontcallmeshirley says:

I’ve ordered the 750W version for 37000 HUF (120 Euros), it will be delivered tomorrow. It will replace my aging 400W FSP psu to power some better VGA than my current HD5850… (R9 280x / R9 290)

Cool Moo5e says:

cool PSU

Zeph Ng says:

+Smoking Crop Nah, I have a good one

It’s still running great, but I don’t need as much performance as 750W

Thinking of going for a low power build next time, as I barely use that much power with my style of image editing (illustrating @less than 10000×10000 300DPI canvas, most CPU bound, rarely game)

No One says:

Anyone know if this can run 2 gtx 770s

Jyka says:

I hope you meant desert 😀 says:

This one or the Straight Power 10? I CAN’T DECIDE

SneakyPancake17 says:

the bag is more for the modular cables than the PSU itself

The Specific ReviewerTM says:

linus have you ever gone to New Zealand

Mike Zamayias says:

OK, Silent Wings, the Fan continues to work when the PC is turned off, but is it actually as silent as the RMs or AXs from Crosair? Thanks for the replies 🙂

Jess Breheret says:

Dear Be Quiet , i recently bought a new computer throught french retailer TOPACHAT but it seems i have a problem with my BeQuiet PowerZone 650W (haswell) the power supply makes a loud & stressing eletrical noise ( definitely not the fan ) like there’s a connection/tension problem , everything else is working fine . I need help please someone 

DrWiwey says:

i like it because, 650w is plenty for many systems and its inly like $100

Iorveth says:

I wanna hear how quiet it is!

Mineav says:

Use that cloth pouch to hold the extra modular power cables that you don’t need when you first build the computer, but might need later for upgrades, or even in another build. Looks like a nice PSU. It’s “only” a ‘Bronze’ certification, but that’s actually still pretty good, as it means that the PSU is at least 85% efficient under load, which is plenty efficient. Very nice.

mjod almjod says:

can I do GTX 770 sli with that ?


yes its good,i have one

r3toun says:

thank you for the video linus now im sure that i will use this unit 🙂

Leandro Valdez says:

Linus! When are you going to make a review on Seasonic?

Salvatore Vitale says:

liked the video and review

spookanide says:

I like the amount of interior design snobs in this comment section.

Sharif Sircar says:

i never thought power supply’s could look so good

Bartosz Olszewski says:

one thing missing is the ultimate zone with all the features..

Niko L says:

+Andrew Wrublesky a 12v rail is basically just a single cable with multiple outputs that provides a 12 volt supply

adavis89 says:

Just ordered the 850W Power Zone from NCIX for $99 CAD. Looking forward to it! 🙂 

B0bariaN says:

I’d rather go with RM650 from Corsair.

– 80+ Gold
– Good looking ( I see that as an advantage)
– C-link

For me the Be quiet Power zone 650w is less for more…

KingOguzhan12 says:

My Be quiet! pure power l7 530w died while playing a game ! Now I have the be quiet! Power zone 650w and it’s perfectly stable now since 2 months ! Really nice power supply for it’s price (99Euro).

ZynchronizeHD says:

BeQuiet PSU’s are fairly cheap for the quality they give, the most 760N lightning is a budget-ish card. They show us quality products, if you are looking for budget components look at older videos. There aren’t many new release budget oriented components.

meow meoww says:

650WATTS COST $325 on amazon helllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll no.

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